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Vacation begins Monday.  Thrifting in the Norhteast for the next two weeks.
I like it.  Thanks for the tip.
Thank you sir.
First ever non-print Hermes, sorry for the bad pic. Feels like wool or cashmere, says silk.  
Figure this is a better place to post than the thrift thread, everyone who knows what the f they're talking about is here. Reality check: [[SPOILER]]
It's an L, sorry.  Plus, I'm already wearing it. :)  My wife got the Magnum PI reference almost right away.  My daughter guessed Ace Ventura.
Good Tuesday, Found.
Great job!  Band collar, bib front, french cuff, pop-over, beat me to it - but posted anyways to say- that's a very cool shirt.
Just figured out the make/name of this tie thanks to this website: http://piwigo.hermesscarf.com/tags.php Nice if you run across one in the field (tie or scarf)
New Posts  All Forums: