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 Funny, noticed this for the first time today, but was assuming there were additional watchers from the previous listing (relist) 1 view, 5 watchersObviously misplaced decimal point.  I can't fucking imagine getting an item dispute 6 months after I sold it.  Pretty sure my head would explode. quote from the comments section of ecommercebytes article:"eBay should change the ''not as described'' terminology to ''not as imagined''."
Man that's amazing, my stash would not be that great if I decided to get out of the game, @rayxlui that must be liberating/frustrating to let it all go. Never heard of Custo Barcelona, that thing is very cool.  Those linen shorts?  Like those too.I want that VV belt for next summer... 36? Not 300 ties or 200lbs, but it's nice to walk into a store, spend less than 15 min and walk out with 6x pieces of minty, loud, RG XL.  Lunch thrifts can't be beat.
  Wow, treasure hunter is right, they guy has about 16 pairs of new vintage shoes.  All 9s. Estate auction?  Would be cool to come across that.
Actually, they'll keep squeezing until it costs them, and they have a long way to go, the're just going to continue to do so very slowly.  They get plenty of pushback, but that's nothing to the push from shareholders for ever higher margins.  They will be the only game in town until someone popularizes some sort of Peer to Peer thing that is safe that cuts out the ebay friction.
HARTZ-OAKLOOM CLOTHES, INC.    From the RN lookup: https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/textilern/wrnquery$.startup Different RN# from of the earlier one that was just Hartz & Co, post purchase of (by?) Oakloom..
Just too too much to quote, y'all are completely KILLING    @Nataku 300 ties?  Really?   When my normally perfectly adequate finds seem meager, including a decent cashmere blend Gianluca Isaia...  Not even going to bother, except for the jeans: Crispy new Billy Reid selvage, Bily Reid non-selv, and Etro On top of a pile of perfectly good fodder.
We are now Macy's without the markup.  Return whatever you want for whatever reason, whenever you want. I think it's up to 3 months starting in November, you have to accept a return of an item sold up to Christmas until the end of January. It's not great as a seller, but as a buyer I can seriously outfit myself with some holiday threads and return them mid January. We will be able to look back at this thread and reminisce on when our fees we're only about 14-15%.  eBay is...
Cool tie  My sentiments exactly.
Reporting back on this, don't know why I didn't do this before, but RN cross check is "Hartz & Co" http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?56649-Hartz-amp-Co-Going-Out-of-BusinessMaker for BB, J. Press and others according to AAAC
better be there earlier than the opening, gonna be ugly though, may scour the wimmenz after work Just to f w/u
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