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Anyone that uses eBay bulk shipping tool have an issue when you go to purchase the labels it says it's having trouble with payment source?  I just had this happen with my first 50 labels, so I went back and bought them again, Then I find out it DID charge for the labels and create them, so I have 2x shipping labels (and charges) for my first 50 packages.  I had to make sure I printed 50 and voided 50 and that they weren't the same one.  The same thing happened with the...
The upside to shirts, as a non-consignment person: They're low hanging fruit, I can pick up 10 shirts at a store that I find zero suits/sport coats.  Finding zero suits and sport coats is happening more and more often.  They take me slightly less time to list than a sport coat, there's fewer sizes, they're a few dollars cheaper to ship.  Yeah, they are more prone to stains, but there's less to inspect, and there is less of a loss if you find a hole/stain you missed at the...
H&S 9ct gold buttons.  Still no solid gold.  Harvested from a well made hopsack blazer, really a shame, but the buttons are better on their own.   Massimo dutti reversible lambskin vest               Bunch o' shirts.  must have been following someone who cleared out everything else.
Ralphie trying to capitalize on the indian sweater that's so insanely popular.  Put this up last week, and found this today.  Still looking for the elusive actual indian head sweater, and RL flag sweater.
I just looked up a USA today article that estimated 1/3 of the new items on sale are fenced. There's a new tag, I saw several on consignment about a month ago.  They wanted $1000+ for each SC though.  Says "Highest Quality" on the tag. I'm assuming that's not just another level of Oxxford.
 No joke.  That's so recent.  Toronto is nuts.
No, but this came across my tumblr today.  I'm sure the pic was all about the shirt.
So, you're saying it's one of the newer houses in the neighborhood? I grew up across the street from Moog, they were in an old warehouse/glue factory.  The place was condemned, I think while they were still in it, and torn down shortly after.Yes, I grew up across the street from a glue factory.  It was a wide street. edit: those pics make it look so bleak.  It was a nice 'burb ,and completely gentrified now.      I've done worse for 30min of "work"
That's so sad, I'm very sorry for your loss.
Does it qualify as media mail?
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