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Also, does everyone's ebay look like this now?  No wonder I have people asking me for measurements.  eBay doesn't automatically show your listing anymore.  They have to click here to show, and it opens up in a tiny window.
  I've bought from them before, they're a store returns mega store.  I'm amazed that NM took that as a return then sold to that guy instead of reselling.
I thought you always had to put tagged sizing in the item details?
Quick survey - always put US approximate suit/sport coat sizing in listing?  I feel like I've had a few people returning for size because they think they're buying a US sized 54/54 etc...  Most recent one was mad, said I sold a "radically altered" suit.  Just got it back, it's a perfectly normal 52 EZ. Approximate US sizing in the title/body ok?  Been only putting tagged EU size in the info block, even leaving out US approximation in title, description, think I may change...
No pic of the back damage is sketchy, especially if the seller has a pic of every other back he's selling.As for the return, if you had chosen item not as described, ebay would have given you a label at the seller's expense, so I don't know what went wrong there, you should have had a return label, there's nothing on the sellers end there to act on, they can't issue you a return label through ebay.If ebay doesn't have the tracking # in their system (you shipped it...
What??? That didn't take long, and 100% WG.  That's a killer find.
Oh shit!  Those are nice!
Have a great 4th everyone!
Anyone recognize this?  Not my listing.  
Wow, I was looking at an Hermes tie on the bay and I scrolled down to where eBay lists other items you may be interested in, then below that where they usually have a bunch of random sellers, a sea of black background ties caught my eye:   It seems you have cornered the market on ties "other people are watching" Spoo. I checked another random listing to see if that was a fluke, and you still got 2 out of 8. Of the millions and millions of tie listings that could have...
New Posts  All Forums: