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I have an Isaia with that type of fabric in black/white check.  Don't wear it too much, but I like the fabric.I take that back, that doesn't actually have any pucker like seersucker, so nevermind.
I some have suggested putting in a bag with coffee beans.  I found with one coogi sweater that smelled like cologne, nothing worked until I put it out in the Texas sun on a rack for a day.  Sun and breeze worked better than I expected, I was ready to give up.
That's badass. Welcome!  Cool buttons! killer tie haul, congrats on the Kiton!
  Yes, but they can try to make you refund original shipping paid. I had a NAD case from Australia, sent Priority Express for $50, got the ebay rep to see that is was buyer's remorse (color was lighter/darker in person), had to do a refund through PP for just the item and call ebay back and get them to close the case in my favor.  So I'm out listing and FVF, just not any shipping. I've thought of doing that...
I'd say no, my fave is this one:http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Electric-Clothes-Lint-Pill-Fluff-Remover-Fabrics-Sweater-Fuzz-Shaver-US-Plug-/181788664468?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a5372e294But a lot of people prefer a safety razor.Use a lot, broke once and I opened it up and resoldered a wire that had come loose.  The breaking was probably from abuse, it lives on the end of my work bench and falls off occasionally.
That's a damn fine watch.
Your blocked bidder list has successfully been updated with the new information you submitted.   aint nobody got time for people like that.
Anything 38 waist and over pleats are the way to go. Nice haul!  Good catch on the ties, you can use the T&A keyword spam in the listing like people (myself included) use Kiton in the Bizzocchi listings.
I know we don't pay too much attention to the trad fad, but this used shirt is selling for more than new retail.  IDK why, but I'll take it. Ah, nevermind.  They're on sale from $92 AND they're fairly sold out if you're not a 2XL or a Small.
Thanks, yes, so far the only thing I've found is a Barbara Blank tie that said "hand made in new york"  will post to the labels thread.  That Blank sold for $31 though.  Looks like the keeper was maybe held on by 2 threads instead of 4 if that helps. Yes, self tipped, unlined?  The one I found this week is the nicest Borrelli I've ever had. -Have never had a Borrelli 7 fold. Just bought a new one from Nordies that was half off of half off of half off :) and had that label,...
New Posts  All Forums: