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Battistoni uses great fabrics, I have a few. Would not have passed on that Versace at that price, assuming condition was right.
Had an associate from the UK over, he was rocking Mont Blanc cufflinks on patterned shirt and a Ted Baker suit.  Was so regretting not having the pen on hand.Crazy dry here too, @Koala-T you back in town?
That's a baller first car, congrats!
Yep, low end, don't expect quality. Style is nice though, and people that don't expect quality and like style are making the owners of H&M some of the richest people on the planet, so you have company.
  In all seriousness, they're about 7" square, I'm sure some of the new ones are wireless.Unless you have a dual paper printer with labels in one tray and regular paper on another, you're having to switch to print regular stuff anyways.
Two giant thumbs up to that. Laser for international express, label printer for everything else.  Can't imagine having to deal with ink, ever. 
Are you finding this killer furniture in thrift stores???Awesome haul, really amazing.
Google fiber called one day, said we were in the service area, I got all excited, FINALLY decent speeds!  Turns out they had my old office address, oh sorry 
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