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I've never seen a kitty silk tie that wasn't 7 fold.  I'd be concerned I have a fake if it wasn't. Kids these days.  Amazon same day shipping is destroying shipping expectations.  Got a (positive) feedback about slow shipping.  Went first class, Monday to PO - Saturday to customer.  We're spoiled.
My PO said I'm required to hand deliver any express to them at the counter. I can drop everything else off. Re: sales, my listing has been so sketchy lately because of my other company that I can't say exactly, but even with that I'm on par with last year. I also sold 3 things I listed late last night, which just makes me think I priced them too low.
^What is the reason for the chargeback?
I had this one taped to my wall for a couple of us has our priorities screwed up.
Couple bad trunk pics.  H-town was good to me last night, here's the highlights: Pretty sure a pop on mainline vs CJ made for  XX   Didn't someone find these exact shoes?  Holy shit on that retail. supermega POP! Knew it was something special as soon as my hand hit it. Another pop That plus some good stuff not pictured.  My sincere apologies to the locals, but I'm already figuring out where to go/not go and when. ALL YOUR STORES ARE BASE jk
 Damn! it's been forever never since I've had a solid haul like that.
There's no way this isn't real: 322411488341 almost 2 months after the sale an authenticity claim.  On hold w/ the bay right now, going to work the buyer's remorse angle.  If it fails, give me some talking points to get the CSR past script to escalating and closing in my favor. for the blocked list.   Closed in my favor, but not on the merits of the case, just because of the age of the transaction.  Almost lost the first round.  We'll see if this goes to PP.   Bad...
Church's for sure.
It's yours to do as you wish, but I wouldn't shine the brass, the patina is perfect.
No clue either, but that's a very good looking system.
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