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Nice to know there are some true thrifts still out there.  Even my best store would have that at $20, other places $30-60
Seriously solid haul though. Even better posed in that wrinkled slouchy way.  Gonna bug you for the size of those too, those things are sex. That's uber fucked all the way around.  I passed on a Jack Victor suit until it hit half price week and bought for $10.  What are they thinking though with the slashing??  It has to be the work of one guy. One more marathon like this and I'll be caught up on shoes.  Spoilered, [[SPOILER]]
Those light brown buttons make me think sport coat.  What is the material?
Re: China: Might not have an equivalent in Austria, but I will ship to China Priority Mail Express only.  It's super expensive, but tracked and guaranteed.  China is on its way to being the richest country in the world, someone will pay for it.
You know where I live, come on down!
  Thanks! Working through the back log, about 40pr down, 40pr to go.  Sometimes forget the cool shit I've found.  I love those Ferragamo pebble grain, but they're a full size too small.
Catching up on shoes                  
The Chinos are a solid 38W, sorry. What size are both of these, seriously, I will wear them together. That BB corduroy suit is the bomb too.
Content tag maybe buried under the folds of the small end?
Had to run downtown today, so hit one store. Understated, but awesome cotton/linen BB made in italy, new, unhemmed   Absolutely Beautiful Pataloha.  Passed over by some rack squatters. L-R Asprey, Gucci, Come and Take it flag pattern by Texas maker, 5x VV, Charvet, tie made for Princeton alumni of Nantucket Close up on the Texas tie N/A Watched this suit for 4 weeks waiting to see if it would last to 1/2 price week.  About a week ago, the vest showed...
New Posts  All Forums: