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s w e e e e e t.
Today @Koala-T is in Hawaii, I'm cleaning out his spots.  Actually only the Oxxford is from his fave store, the rest are from mine. AE Fairgate caps, AE "Polo" saddles This BR tweed waistcoat NWT Versace J. Lindeberg Orphan JV by Lardini navy SC Phone refused to focus today, J. Crew Ludlow linen sc J Lindeberg suit EZ Cloth, says Tindari, but is made by EZ.  Suit   These 4 minty PRL Italy sport coats (they are now anyways) great feel, working...
I know it's not your modus operandi, but you might want to include that fit pic in the listing, especially if it has no name brand.  It's a good pic.
Those are badass, but if like the 2 i've found, crazy oversized like an overcoat+I think I need to find a S and I'm a M/L
Surprised I'm in the minority on this, can't imagine handling an item once again to pack it after handling it to measure and inspect.  I could see using some sort of prepack bag for those of you that have multiple-multiple item buyers every week, but even for those I typically take the items that are prepacked and put them in a larger box as-is.  Sold 3 jackets tonight, took about a minute and a half to print the labels and put them on the packages, 1 minute of that was...
Back from Stuttgart, rented an Audi A7 TDI which was fun.  No time for thrift shopping, but did hit the outlet stores just outside the city,  Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna stores were fun, BOSS was the big draw, the store was the size of a Nordstroms + they had a outlet to the outlet.   Still couldn't pull the trigger on anything.  EZ was nice, but nothing exciting enough, or cheap enough to drop big coin on.  Was very tempted by some LP cashmere blankets with lambskin...
Yeah, that show, thankfully, sucks. Love that, picked up 2x NWT Hilburn chinos on Friday, just assumed they had to sell for $$, but they're giving them away on the bay :/ .They fit, and are in my closet, one of those few times I pull off tags to keep something.  SO long story short... WANT.  deetz? Oh and 2x NWT EG?  Spec-fucking-tacular.  Assuming thrift pricing?
Well, I'm probably wrong about the label, but I would pass based on the $65.  Not on the same level, but I found a 70s/80s (pure guess) Brooks Brothers NWT a couple weeks ago, so stuff like that happens.  I've found buttons extremely similar to that on a old Brioni "Roman Style" blazer a good year ago, if I remember correctlyl though, they only had a script B on the back.
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