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^I imagine it won't be any more susceptible to theft than any other package.  The ebay tape will indicate that whatever you're shipping is more likely to be second hand goods.
^^We were just watching this in the office when I checked SF.  Weird.  Also, apparently we're not too busy today.
Figured I'd throw this here because it worked like a champ.  Bought some dirt cheap AE lizard tassels today and the tassels were all crazy wonky.  Wrapped them in wet twine sprayed the bundle a couple times to make sure the tassels were wet.  They dried a couple hours later, unwrapped, and they're perfect.   wonk /wonk
Best find today, I can just see the person in the back taking this out of the box and throwing it out. At least this store doesn't put a pricing gun through it. AE vintage lizard and EZ A&B 3 piece light coat   Sure 346, and all stretch to boot, but all suits, some Regent and Fitzgerald, and all the same size (38S) for $7.99ea.     would this be Peccary? AE Tribeca #onestop just about $120 including some fodder not shown.
Saturday Silk/Linen   EZ tux jacket Reiss Midnight blue   BB BB for Audobon Society   JV/Converse EZ Bono blue tagged polo is Kit and Ace long sleeve cashco Second time on FSC and fits. 2x identical AEs
I did kop, but it looks like the guy did some DIY sleeve work on both of them, and it's amateur and botched.  Looks like they were great before that.  Was a quick lunch thrift so I didn't do my due diligence, fortunately they can be returned.Did find an interesting thing at the same store:
My favorite go-to coat, I have that exact color and weave.  Nice. Guise. These a thing?  on a Oxxford and PRL Italy.  
Great pattern, nice fit even.  Love that.  Glad I'm not the only one to thrift shop in a suit. (assuming you weren't just wearing a shirt and tie.)
FINE-A-LEE all zeroes.  Let's see how long I can make it last this time.
Just one today, pretty clean and my size too.
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