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LMK what you think of it after you've used it, I've been eyeballing one. 
That's funny, I didn't even bother looking at the pics, I recognized it as one of the "standard" fakes you normally see.  The ones that don't even try actually being believable.  What got me is the bidding on it.  I guess the dork that wins deserves what he gets in this case, it's not like the really, really good fakes that you can only tell by some label aberration.
Why do the worst fakes in the world get bid up?  Description from the auction:   Burberry Tie, Handkerchief, and Cuff Links. Black and grey in box. Never used. 100% Polyester. Made in London.   Seriously, I will never understand that.
^Yeah, that makes no sense.  She may have mis-read something.
^If those pockets have flaps, you should untuck them. Edit: also, great jacket!
These are awesome, and will be replacing some old navy chinos ehh... but selvage and new. Not ehh.  Other Austin lurker, I hope you enjoy yours, glad I could make the trade. new Pleats convo, anyone need me to proxy?
  Yeah, assuming your communication didn't change the norm, it's 5 biz days.  Call up and close that out.
Wow spoo, good thing you have a crew to help shovel that haul into the bay.  That's going to pay for the women's section wing you have to build onto the store now. Congrats, couldn't have happened to a better hustler.
^Nope, all crap, if they're size 16, I need some size 16 dust rags, send them to me.
Sounds like feedback extortion, if you hadn't responded (once you offer something like a return/refund, ebay can't/won't do anything) and just called ebay to open a case that probably would have been the end of it.  I think you're straight up being scammed. Maybe NAD is different, but I think international, buyer always pays return shipping which is why ebay won't give her a label for the return. Someone want to back me up on this, I'm not 100% on international stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: