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My experience with Saturdays is they run excessively small, so I don't know what he tried on. Maybe they came out with a "classic fit" doesn't help you here, but FYI.
I hate to ask this, but did you call?  I've never won a case, no matter how one sided, without a phone call.  I've uploaded pictures, then immediately called.  The person on the line has access to what you've uploaded.  There's probably a person who handles all the web only requests and hits a check box for thousands of cases at once that says "side with buyer"  It's total BS, and it will take more than one call, most likely, but they will give you your money back out of...
A 40L in Houston just upgraded his wardrobe.  Must be the new Kiton store that opened, or Hermes, Cartier, EZ, or Mashburn.  If I knew the area I bet full time thrifting would be nuts here. HF 130s w/ nice pewter buttons, RLBL, CT orphan The Coppley is amazing, the striped coats are suits, the striped lining is another LP fabric w/ pewter buttons, all right next to each other on the rack.  I thought for sure there would be shirts and ties to go with this haul, but no...
Stuff from the weekend.   Church's Tweed Antonio Maurizi AE More great New Balance, 15s this time. DSQUARED2         Pop on current label, no pants, but hopsack-ish weave will save it.       Had the whole fam do the Saturday run, about 6 hours.  They were DONE at the end, but troopers most of the day.
I hate it when I let these things ruin my day.
Now I feel a bit like a schmuck.  I messaged the tie guy, politely explaining that the return was no problem, but the reason was going to be an issue with ebay.  He cancelled the return, said he's going to return it anyways and I can charge him for any fees.  First time I've ever unblocked someone.
Shit. I think I won't get the FVF back with a defective product, I have to look into that.
^^But is it shell? I was blown away, if that was a real German bomber jacket, that would be amazing.
Haha, I can and will be forced to pay to have it sent back, I'm not even going to try to argue that.  I have to call ebay to remove the mark on my record.  They've revised the seller requirements, but I'm pretty sure this would count as a negative.  Plus I just got a note from a guy telling me I have to ship his ties in a tie box, and 3 messages from a guy who offered me 2x for a shirt I just sold, then managed to get his contact info past the ebay censor system and asked...
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