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So this listing wa free shipping US, with your actual shipping below?  I don't have free shipping (except for my end-of-the-year clean up listings I have up for this week) so he couldn't have seen that and mistaken it. Thanks, I appreciate you both taking the time to show me this.  I think it was a complete NOOB error, the guy was new.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something completely effed up on my listings to mislead non US potential buyers. Thanks for the...
 ODANG!  Knew I could not possibly have been the only one to see the resemblance. If it's cheap, moods of norway is a young brand, kids will sport that coat. 1,2,3,4,5
I would force the return if it came to that, it's an amateur seller, so he probably bought them, they fit way loose on his 8.5 feet so he guestimated the size?  Hopefully an amateur will take some liability in the poor listing. Nothing really, you can probably agree to cancel the transaction.  You don't charge for international shipping?   Help me out, non US peeps - what exactly do you see when clicking on a listing that has calculated international shipping charges?  Do...
This is why I set my BIN listings at go/no go for offers.  Shit like this every day would really get on my nerves. Note the buyer's message, "but you got to ship it for free"  eBay wouldn't let me submit a $2399.99 counter offer in which I told him he needed to pick it up.
What he said.  Just had someone message me about something that should have showed up on the 13th, it's still in transit.WOW, great results from that setup.
My size and I love Saxxon, still going to resist the urge to go to Marshalls/Max because I know what utter SHITE I will find. Wow!
  Yes, but don't bother, just take back and block.  But wait... you got $65 for a Burberry novacheck shirt?  Holy crap!  That would make it harder to take back, because it's a hell of a sale (do it anyways).  I'm shipping out a pair of run of the mill BB wool pants for $76 this morning, sometimes eBay is so much fun.  Nope, that's weird.  You're saying they are paying for them?  I would assume that there's a scam there, but what one I can't really imagine.  Possibly...
shippiNg to /Austin? Congrats, great publicity!
This is the most recent, including the one above: [[SPOILER]]
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