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Every once in awhile the subscription page stops me in my tracks.
Not all Lobbs come with trees, but I would have expected logo'd trees pictured in a listing to be included.  You should contact the seller first, if he's a pro, he'll try to work something out.   Now on to less reasonable buyers, block Mr. Quickwang here before he tries to scam you too.
42R, it's nothing I'd ever have occasion to wear if you want it, lmk.
Friday's Tradgasm:       All those BB and the J. Press fit like they were made for me. My fave of the BB, leather buttons but no suede elbows. Suit is a 42r with 32W pants?? right is just a jacket. The plaid pants are an identical fabric match to one of the BB coats, but is J. Press Bean flannels are amazing.   #onestop Not that I want a daily doggo derail.  But look at that face.
Boy's size L for sure.
Tradgasm.  First find was 2x Alden (one shell) and Loake, so I grabbed a cart.  Glad I did. All BB and J. Press with a couple Ludlows.  Red Wing suede chukkas on top. Deetz when I sort out tonight.
Late to the dog party. On my phone or I would quote as bunch of cool stuff. Love the Woolrich zipper. The tull tee. There's more but have dogs on the brain. My daughter sent me this pic of Fin one day: he had counter surfed and grabbed a bag of candy corn when he had thought we left for work. I hadn't. Also this: Good dog.
 inco ivorystone islandgrenPattern looked different, and it was cheap so rolled the dice.@Nataku or anyone else, anything you can tell me about this? [[SPOILER]]
“In Excellent, Happiness Condition!”Happiness is my favorite condition. STILL HAS THRIFT STORE SECURITY TAG[98729]
Haha, the I'll pay now part always gets me.  Of course you'll pay, that's how transactions work.  I am usually not bothered by lowball offers, but they're fun to bitch about.  I will always counter even the most redonk lowball, it's a 15 second operation, and I do entertain offers on stuff I don't have OBO.
New Posts  All Forums: