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I must have imagined Russia, there are still countries you can't buy postage for online. Cambodia is under Kampuchea but not listed separately. Not sure what that means. The List: Afars Ajman Alhucemas Armenia Astypalaia (Greece) Belarus Benin Buka Burkina Faso Cameroon Canton Island Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Chalki Congo (Brazzaville) Republic Of The Congo Republic Of The Island of Crete (I corrected a typo) Czech Republic Dahomey Dahomey (Benin) Danger...
Just to check, I went to reprint a priority express from a month ago to Mexico.  No problem.  Is it the country?  I have one to Russia, but it was more than 90 days ago, so I can't bring it up.  The other express I have are to Australia, Canada, and UK, all of which are normal tracking countries.
There hasn't been a label I can't buy online yet.  Even express to Russia I can buy online, did express to Mexico a couple weeks ago.  I ship through eBay if that makes a difference.
Yeah, a lot of one bid sales, a lot of stuff that didn't sell, no big upside surprises. Next week...
I'm running the cheapest Mac Mini I could find (new).  It's slower than any other computer I own, but it runs garage sale perfectly fine, and I don't use it for anything else.  $499
That blows, but I don't think replacing the lining is a big deal if the exterior is still good.
One of my designers called all excited after leaving a meeting today, and I assumed she closed the job.  Nope, she was just given 2 big storage boxes of shoes by a client who was cleaning out her closet. Here's a quick pic, most of these were unworn.  Those weird Gucci leather/knit boots still have the stickers on the bottom.   Manolo Blahnik Jimmy Choo Louis Vuitton YSL Prada -lots of prada Alexander McQueen
Firstly a big shout to my doppleganger for consigning some super sweet recent Isaia, and to  @Orgetorix for finding, buying, and selling to me.  Just have to get the pants hemmed, otherwise dead on.  If I didn't already have that third one, I would snag that too. Decent stuff: BB ancient madder, BB prescription glasses JV suit on half off day at an already cheap place, $8ish ethrift came in, my pic was about as good as the sellers pic. awesome sky blue chinolino...
you've been killing the denim section lately! gren  those shoes are awesome! out of town for a few days so no thrifting for me.  keep it up y'all!
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