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That picture looks like a thinly veiled threat. Did I brag about my weekend mediocrity?Was pretty happy about this, price was thrift steep, but not real steep.Drawstring leg, button fly chinos in safety orangeA.P.C blue ginghamPaul & Shark graph checkLand's End HT fedoraSwearing off all non-e-thrifting for a few weeks, keep me going fellas.
Nah, I think that's bullshit.  Someone living the life in a Manhattan high rise is AT LEAST if not more likely to try to screw you over for a couple bucks as someone living in a middle class house/apartment.  It's a matter of feeling privileged.
Those pics deserve one more posting.  Look how thick that metal is.  Original upholstery?  If not, put some black/white cowhide on that thing and use as occasional chair.  Too bad there isn't a whole set. Couple interesting items from this week.NWT DuPont Paris buckle w/ reversible belt Rodeo Cufflinks  - BIG
I'm quite certain that you will have a better day if you don't let this person buy from you:   chickcubed     That is all.
My contribution: NWT Orvis Why not. 2nd recentish Oxxford suit in a week. Gustin cotton shacket Vans Dennis Hopper project   Motherfuckin snacks on a motherfucking plane.
I love it when that happens.  Great finds! Bitchin' shirt, and a great haul! Quote:Congrats!!
34 days ago? I would say you can refuse the return. Always risking a neg, but you shouldn't have to put up with a guy arguing color a month after the item was sold, unless it took a month to get there. On that note, people want to share their best practices for requesting buyer feedback revision without shooting yourself in the foot when you later have to ask ebay to remove the neg? I know that you can get yourself in trouble offering a refund or otherwise trading...
I think I would have stopped by now if I saw 7-10 ppl doing what I do in the store.  I will almost always see someone sifting the tee shirts, I recognize a couple people on occasion, and one store has a practically live-in father/son duo (who fortunately are not focused on high end menswear - couldn't believe my luck going behind those two)  Sorry @Fueco, I don't mind the direction of the thread.  I'm glad there's less flaming of flip talk, as long as peeps are still...
Never too high.  There's gold in them thar hills. Sometimes literally. Noticed some Ikea stuff at GW today, once again priced higher than new at Ikea. I don't know why, but that just pisses me off. Nice! Left one GW completely empty handed today, lots of meh, tomorrow's another day.
Something I thought peeps here might be interested in:   https://paddle8.com/auction/gentlemensaccessories/   Opening prices are kinda goofy though.  Fun to look at.
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