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Made for the same guy I know.  His 2004 has the current label, 2003 was the last year for this label? This suit, made by these guys.   Cool story, found an orphan shoe, assumed someone had stashed the other one.  A GW employee actually looked and found the match in the back room.
That 4U tag doesn't look right, isn't that a Swedish brand?
Lunch GV and rugger Sids are 38 pants, PRL linen shorts for me.
I assume you thrift with a box truck?  There's a service in Austin like Uber for moving a couch, super cheap http://getburro.com/  I've used it, bought a new office chair from a place north of town, delivered in less than an hour for less than the furniture company wanted to deliver the following week.
Blazer sz 50EUI realized that post purchase.  I thought all the newer Balmain Paris stuff was good.  Should have checked.
Woot! Congrats! Ok, bear with me.  Some fodder in here, but it is literally everything I've bought this weekend.  The BB linen pants are mint, and I wish they fit, they're a tan glen plaid linen.  The BB coat is a great example of a barn coat.  The blackwatch lining is a nice touch.The Etro coat is the first article in a while I've found that made me exclaim out loud.  Grabbed it and said "OH SHIT"  There was a guy down the aisle that looked at me like I'd lost my...
Yeah, sometimes people come across as dicks, then when you politely point out to them that they're wrong, they either clam up, or apologize.  I've seen it both ways, and of course, the third option is to continue to be a dick, which also occurs.
I pre-pack and number everything, store them on metro shelving. Put the inventory number in the "custom label" field of the listing and set it to print on the shipping label. There's less handling, easier storage.  When you're doing all bin as I am atm, your morning shipping routine takes no more than 5 minutes.
New Posts  All Forums: