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http://www.ebay.com/itm/142231185028?rmvSB=true Doesn't look like BB, and tag has been reattached, it's a cool tie though.  would pick up at thrift pricing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/152391630969?rmvSB=true only slightly less cool, never seen an old unlined one, could be some repair/rework going on, would pick up at thrift pricing.   Both are way overpriced, unless you really like them.
^Just saw those at the rack last night for $159, size 13, and the only AEs in the store.
That's some next level douchebaggery. I hope someone isn't posting how much they  it at the same time as this post.
Monday was a holiday, so it won't be valid for a little while.
At $0.20/mo to relist, and several sold comps with very few active listings, I'd keep it up until it sells.
It's not super great, but if I had the time on my hands, I'd buy the lot.  You only have to list it once.
Keep meaning to post this. Never used, PPU 0.99 :)
Found my first Porsche Design @ the thrifts last week, my second at the rack, priced like some regular discounted Adidas. My size, but not my speed.
Houston for sure would be a worthwhile location.
FYI, if you had the same trouble with the bulk listing that I did, try shipping one item and checking the "print SKU on label" (something like that) on the purchase postage page.  I can't say definitively that this is what fixed it, but using the bulk tool again tonight, my SKUs are back.   PSA tomorrow is a postal holiday in the USA.
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