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My first thought.  Like the rebirth of 38R Really? First day back from an all too short business trip to Switzerland and Germany, got to wake up to a view if the Swiss alps every morning (this is a bragging thread, right?)Best of a one hour run today, all but the Billy Reid NA: BB Lambswool cable knitBB Wool/cash in great colors and conditione-thrifted some black shoes in excellent condition  Shit yeah!  Size 6.5 - sup Japan?Awesome color/pattern Billy Reid, XL standard...
It was a BIN, correct?  I'd eat my mistake, but I would suspect a certain percentage of ebayers would not honor pricing on listing errors like that.
I vote shell, looks like the beginnings of roll vs creasing. All super solid finds, great haul!
In response to your question, that brand is mid level SW&D. I have come across a few in the thrifts, never too exciting. Haven't researched retail/following for the brand.Google knows my priorities:
Round out the day with a Brioni e-thrift.  Labelled a "Napoleon" brand sport coat.   PSA: any Austin Lurkers found a black Isaia orphan Aquaspider today, I have your pants.
Yup, welcome to the downward spiral, by the end of the year you will be dropping more on one pair of shoes than you did for a couple suits. Looking at your stuff - anchor much?
About FUCKING time something slipped past the clothing police.
To Canada from the US? Cheapest would be first class international (up to 4lbs), best would be legal flat rate envelope.
I have a hoarder relative who bought hot wheels.  As a kid we used to take them out of the boxes (boxes - not plastic).  As many as we played with, we nowhere near unboxed them all.  He's still around, I assume the closet full of hundreds and hundreds of hotwheels is still there. They're selling for $29 and up.
The man has a serious niche, and he's very successful with items that you or I may not think about trying to pick up.  It's a market I wouldn't even attempt. Odd e-thrift.  Listing was for a pair of Adam Derrick shoes and a belt.  No name, just a belt.  Shoes are great, and the belt...   It's identical to this one, legit? Bad pic, it's actually super clean.
New Posts  All Forums: