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#onestop       What the fuck is the point of hiding one shoe?  Was this revenge for GW pricing this 2x what they usually price shoes at?  If you don't want to buy it, don't.  Hide them both next time, don't make me look for the other shoe you stuffed under the auction cabinet.  Asshole.  It was fucking maddening finding one Alden penny my size and not being able to find the other.
^^Wow damn, that's a quality haul!!   Frenchy, I love that statue.
Nice score!
Took a decent offer too. 
F'n security tags. I hate seeing that shit.  Usually can be massaged out.
The Rack giving up the goods cheap again. Including quindici. Phone/site not letting me upload pics, anyone else have trouble with android uploading pics here? No 1cent ties this time, but a couple rang up a fraction of what they should. Also, anyone who wears small in belstaff there was an insane purple leather bomber for 500. Again, no pics. Gotta figure this out.
              POP!   One stop, 21 ties, Bottega, RLPL, Sulka, T&A, Dolcepunta, Armani, RT hand sewn, Paul Smith, Burberry, Thomas Pink, Stefano Ricci
I left that for you, it had a hole.jk
Before I even read your post, I thought - holy shit, Zilli. Do you have a steamer?
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