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Yeah, that show, thankfully, sucks. Love that, picked up 2x NWT Hilburn chinos on Friday, just assumed they had to sell for $$, but they're giving them away on the bay :/ .They fit, and are in my closet, one of those few times I pull off tags to keep something.  SO long story short... WANT.  deetz? Oh and 2x NWT EG?  Spec-fucking-tacular.  Assuming thrift pricing?
Well, I'm probably wrong about the label, but I would pass based on the $65.  Not on the same level, but I found a 70s/80s (pure guess) Brooks Brothers NWT a couple weeks ago, so stuff like that happens.  I've found buttons extremely similar to that on a old Brioni "Roman Style" blazer a good year ago, if I remember correctlyl though, they only had a script B on the back.
Huh, ok.  Sport coats at $65 would make my blood boil, takes all the fun out of the game when the margins get tight.  Bought a bunch of JAB Gold suits last night at $25 and thought that was too much.
That label looks WAY off.  Do the buttons have a script B on the back of them?
Love quick hits like that.  Gems are usually in the same place anyways and if you only have a couple minutes you know where they will be.  Sure you're missing one or 2 hidden items, but those will take another hour to find. Sorry I missed you last week, I'll be in your neck of the woods at the end of the month so, hide yo kids thrift, hide yo wife's thrift, cause I be rapin' errybody's thrift up in here.  Too lazy to take more pics, so here's the Prps HEIRLOOM (not...
First time thrifting in 4 days, walk to the fresh rack and find Prps Heritage selvage straight off.  That adrenaline... then almost nothing, well some nice FF Incotex, @Koala-T has been keeping things cleaned out in my absence. Pics at 11.
Hell yeah, I live this minutiae shit.
Legal flat rate priority envelope is cheaper than non flat rate in my experience.  If the pants were less than 13oz it could've gone first class, but I'm not into weighing every pair of pants to see which ones qualify.  Unless it's a noob seller, I would not suggest they change their shipping methods.  They are business people who have standardized methods, might not always be the cheapest, but works within their system of selling.  If the cost + shipping is too much, buy...
New Posts  All Forums: