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That looks nice.  I still haven't stopped in the store in HOU, maybe this week.Cosby sweaters are such easy cash. Speaking of which, I forgot to mention my first score of decent $ in a jacket pocket.  Saw a wad of cash, thought for sure it'd be a few moldy stripper dollars, but it was a little more.
If you ship to a freight forwarder and the item is received by them, you're done.  I've never had problems with any freight forwarders I've shipped to, and since it's the forwarder who wins and buys the item, as well as receives it, I don't know how you're not covered.
Some ATX, some HOU, found the original receipt in the pocket on this BB toggle duffle                         That's a whole lotta button-fly Edit: a bespoke denim place in Atown, possibly a FORMERLY bespoke denim place, can't tell.        
I don't use ebay filters for that exact same reason.  Even better clothing websites I'll notice some things slip through the filters.  With ebay, it's a matter of not using their pull-down menu when listing they're just not going to get your stuff in a filter.  You would think they would have numerical sizing for coats and jackets though, it's not that uncommon.  Interestingly, I searched "dress pants" and the filter included both alpha and numerical sizing. In the...
Wow.  I don't know what to say.  That's a scary story.  I suppose one person could only do that so many times before even the CC company calls bullshit, but there's a lot of people and a lot of CC's out there.
So CC chargeback, he chose unauthorized payment and PP isn't covering you?  It was their system the payment went through.  If this gets normalized it'll be a cash machine for people.  I've had both not received and unauthorized payment cases sided in my favor.  The not received one is easy, the unauthorized one I just waited it out and they never took the money out.  What could you possibly have done to prevent the unauthorized payment??
I've never had PP or eBay take my money on an inauthentic claim.  If they open a return, even for not authentic, and don't return the item within 5 business days, call ebay, close the return and you're done.  What situations warrant someone getting the supposedly, or actually, fake item and their money back?
So much win tonight. H-Town is dry by the time I leave work. Some stuff from the ATX last week: In head conversation to justify a purchase: tigers, oh, they're new, oh, they're my size. FINE. Wishing I could have found the pants, but only one day to thrift. 100% Cash St.A for a big boy.   Styled by?  Looks like an EZ tag to me. Wearing both of these this week.   That is all, keep up the good work.
I need to start eThrifting just to find people like this.  That's so awesome. Everyone beat me to it.  Proxy.  I put the item #, why not?  Someone's not going to look up old ebay listings to figure out what to steal, imo. All my shirts magically weigh 8oz or less though.
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