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Hi arahat,   Sorry I am late to the party, can I join in to play?   I will do the following:   1. Italian model 65 Old English II. size 39.5 U-last, museum plum, double taper to single leather soles + flush metal toe taps 2. U-Cap derby, size 39.5 U-last, antique cognac shell cordovan or whiskey shell cordovan, double taper to single leather soles + flush metal toe taps
Can't seem to get this code to work on the Herring Fiennes by Alfred Sargent. Anyone used this code successfully?
Long overdue pix of my Meermin.  
 Vass museum leather are lighter than Ilcea's, I've the John Lobb Camberly and Vass in museum gold, will take the side-by-side pics later. In the meantime, this is my Vass museum gold   
 Thank you Sir! Finally....after many attempts.More pix to come.
 Pictures still don't turn up on the screen.  Am I missing a trick somewhere?
Can someone help me with the links for photo bucket. I just can't get the pictures to display.
My new U-Cap Oxford in the new Museum Gold leather.  In U last. I like my shoes in double leather sole.    
 I couldn't help myself....ordered a pair of G&G Hove as well 
Thanks, got my Gable in espresso...gotta wait 3 months tho.
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