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amazing kekekekai,       tender woad dyed pullover shirt tender woad dyed trews hope hemp socks docs     apc shirt tee shirt dana lee jeans vans
good deal on these yohji pants. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/061310000595/   really hope they don't show up on bst for a 500% markup cause that sucks.
That APC store is not an outlet, just a regular one. The SAs are nicer than usual there though. The only IT conglomerate outlet worth going to is the one in TST silvercord. From what I can recall, APC never goes below 60% off anywhere.
  actually most things I like could go in this thread
Hi Will,   Would you be willing to get into why you decided to produce your own OTHER line in addition to the brands you are carrying? Did you feel like something was missing, or did you want to focus more on doing British made products? Really like that seersucker shirt.   kudos you guys as well for sticking with a specific look for Other shop and not just stocking whatever brands are popular that season *cough* mr porter *cough*
definitely going to give it a shot   holla
don't they have it in the "CDG" store in central anyway?
I'm a big fan of his (kind of) signature shape. Either more fitted top with loose pants or tight pants with loose top. I like his more recent collections compared to the earlier ones. Great colours and patterns.   this is crazy:   looking to pick up some jeans and a jacket maybe.
 hmm, well the jeans are "size 28" so i don't think they are too big. the style is called dad jeans so 'ugliness' is pretty much inherent in them. in terms of the shirt it's more like an overshirt so i'm okay with it being oversized. I was definitely going for something a little odd (as seen by the trainers) and given that people have said it looks 90's and computer nerdy i guess to some extent i succeeded. hmm, how I like to wear my clothes is clearly not popular with a...
90s baby.Was not expecting this outfit to be so controversial.
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