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  in korea.   story mfg time jacket (pink) story shore shirt (indigo) yaeca stripe shirt tender jeans doek natural indigo vans   sorry for the squint, it was sunny.
sorry for grimace :/     story mfg jacket and jeans (and glasses) yaeca shirt tender sweater hender scheme     sontaku stadium facetasm tee(tucked) story jeans doek shoes
damn ghostface     hender scheme hat yaeca shirt and coat tender sweater and jeans nike   next one is from a 'fit battle' with spacepope so it's intentionally over the top aha     hender scheme hat story mfg coat and scarf tender shirt yaeca shacket kolor pants layer-0 derbies
-____- Collar is kind of strange but it's pretty cool none the less. Who is it by bcd?
your house is incredible cantstyleace
nice pants spope.   not quite as fantastical as my last one, but     Story mfg time jacket and glasses yaeca shacket Muji oxford Tender jeans Hender Scheme gats
  more Yaeca   Hender scheme rain cap
yeah basically the 1LDK look is what I mean, thanks. not groundbreaking by any means but it suits me and my personality better than most other brands i've tried. I don't bake bread but i do like pickling though..! Yaeca shirts are GOAT
 It's kind of like the Japanese equivalent of Norse Projects or something. The fabrics are of a better quality than norse projects though, and they do a bit more interesting things. It appeals to me because they stick with a limited colour range (that I like) and they release lots of iterations of the same piece in different fabrics. There's a Japanese 'look' that I don't know the name of (someone inform me please) that heavily features Yaeca, Margaret Howell, New Balance,...
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