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For $700+? Hardly
I believe you'd be after the Blaxland model, which has the rubber outsole and a leather insole. 
My chestnut craftsmans are like that as well. Perhaps the variation can be explained by different leathers, whilst using the same 'chestnut' tanning method.
How right you were
Gonna see if I can pull off my RMs with shorts tomorrow... wish me luck fellas
Didn't dig the resole?
Do you sit at an office chair? If you do it could very well be due to your heels scraping on the wheels (in particular the little wheel housings) of the chair. Happened to me with my OSB trenches. Regardless, I did not know that black CXL does that when it gets abraded, can't say I dig that compared to natural CXL. Nice boots nonetheless.
My local store sends them to mr minute whom I don't really trust with my better quality shoes.
Gah I love the look of that storm welt! 
Didn't they just move?
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