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Didn't they just move?
Where do you get those innersoles? Are they comparable to the comfort innersoles?
Is it possible to buy the comfort innersole to put in another pair of boots?
Why would it always be cheap leather? If you use a shit leather, you're still going to get loose grain creasing and ugly creasing and it will be obvious that it's bad quality leather. Regardless, you can distress a leather post-tanning by immersing it in water, stretching and contorting the leather, etc. Perhaps you meant that RMW's distressed leather is achieved by tanning?
I suppose you could call nubuck a distressed leather being as it's just leather that has been sanded, but I'm not sure why they wouldn't just call it nubuck. 
Are they perchance made from nubuck leather? Do you have photos?
I love it :D
Do RMW process their own leather? If they do, then I wonder what the use the other side of the hide for. Their boots are full grain right?
I'd love to see them :)
Are there any photos of the Mocha roughout service boots in the wild? 
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