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I wouldn't trust my natty cxls with deep snow, they've soaked through in rain before. That being said, I live very far away from snow so I don't know how good it is at penetrating materials...
Yeah I can't say I'm a fan of denim stains on roughout. Nearly all those roughout trenches that I've seen have indigo stains on them, didn't realise so many people wore raw denim
Yep I just used the VSC that OSB sells. I use the shoe trees pretty religiously too so they haven't wrinkled in any major way. I always get complimented on my boots too 
Never bought their footwear but I love their other stuff, it comprises a good part of my wardrobe.
Yep those are the natural CXL after 1 year of moderate to light use, maybe ~70 wears. Conditioned them around 5-10 times? 
Well alrighty  
God damn whenever I see a pair of trench boots with the danite sole I get so jealous. Wish there was an option for it back when I bought mine! That said, I fucking love my boots. They started natural, about a year in now and the colour is the most lovely chocolate brown. Gotta say that I would/will definitely buy again.
Hahahaha, that's brilliant. I'd love to see a photo!
Correct, sorry, I should've been more clear. And thank you clarifying!
I have to wonder why OSB haven't released a non-vibram soled oxford, seems like the kind of thing that would sell really well. 
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