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Man that's super disappointing about the commando boot! I was particularly keen on the suede commando sole version but if it's made in Romania then I won't be going for it. Especially with that price tag
I bought my chestnut comfort craftsmans (craftsmen?) last year and they don't look like either of the above photos. 
I'm sure you could email them about a custom order
All rounder is made of a less dressy leather, an oil kip leather, that could be the reason for the price difference. The soles are identical on the comfort models I believe, and I think the consensus is that the comfort sole is more comfortable than the DFC sole. I can't vouch for the comfort of different models, but I have the comfort craftsman and recently I went to a festival where I stood up all day, dancing and all and my feet didn't ache at the end of the day. It...
Not sure if they're flipped, I think they are for domestic brands i.e. we are heading into AW15, so judging by what the guy said in the email this will come out in a year... So yeah you're right, does seem way too far out to be advertising these, and I've seen on multiple instagram posts that they are AW15 so we may be surprised yet :)
They aren't released yet, nor are they announced. You could email bootsonline to see if they have more info on them though
Seems like you lot didn't hear about the new Gardener Lace Up boot that RM are going to release for "W2016", which I'm assuming means AW16   They look great, if they have a comfort sole these will be an instant buy for me. Always wanted a trickers style boot with that sole. 
Make sure you're both using the same convention for sizing, as generally speaking AU/UK10 = US11 
Do RM do unstructured toes? I think the craftsman would look awesome with a collapsed toe box.
For $700+? Hardly
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