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Previously I was told Unbranded is a better value for the same price? How this evolved over time?
Euro means reasonable shipping to/inside the EU. Or can be picked up further from the main fashion capitals of London, Paris and Milano.   My old bag died and and don't really have time to find out on what I would spend $$$. In the meantime I still need something so let it be cheap.   Thanks for your ideas.
Yes, that was it. Thanks for digging it up. Anyways, I wonder if anything good can be said about the cheap Uniqlo jeans? (USD/GBP 20, depending on market) Are they good value for the money? Unfortunately, I do not live in one of the services countries. Can be proxied, though.
There used to be an interview with head of Uniqlo's Jeans department. I can't find. Do you happen to have it? Thanks in advance.
Hi,   Great idea.   1. How is your business working out for you?   2. Sorry for cross-reference - which types of leathers do your range cover?   3. Do you know about the German brand Reanpur? And the obvious question: Is you shoe cream edible?
edible shoe cream   Anyone has experience with this? It is said to be made of 100% coconut, not sure the difference between this and cooking coconut oil.
Not exactly shoe care question but highly related:   What are the main types of leathers out there which requires different shoe care?   I understand there are   - shiny leathers - suede/nubuck (they are highly related) - waxy/greasy/special leathers (again, related)   Maybe these are the main types and basically they (A, B and C) require care products 1, 2 and 3?   I also heard about shell cordovan and patent leather but I lost the line there.   So,...
Do you recommend this to whom? ) Sorry, not clear, you not quote anyone.
What do you refer to?
I like sleeves, don't get why most tablets and e-readers get useless book/like covers nowadays not to mention ugly plastic phone cases.   There is still a market for a nice (but not tooooo expensive) leather or even canvas sleeve line. I understand most companies make only two sizes iPad and iPhone makes perfect business sense as it is the most popular model (but not everyone use those). A dedicated sleeve company could have more variety including - iPad Mini...
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