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Would that type of cap toe be deemed less formal?
Anyone tried burnishing their vass? I've ward that boxcalf is resistant to accepting pigments and is more water resistant as well.
They used to do that. Not anymore.. Shame. If probably have ordered more shoes if they sill did
I take them to the cleaners.I still iron them, I just don't want to mess up my shirts by washing them myself. (Never learned how to wash dress clothes vs normal ones)
does carmina have different edge dressings?   also, do they do beveled waists?
What's the best place/site for sourcing jacket (horn,MOP) buttons?
Can you order just the horn buttons? Or only with the shirts?
About the SC button/elbow patch request above, are we allowed to request what buttons/etc on any jackets we order, or only done? And is there an MTO cost for this?
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