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Dat maths. I never said 15 pure lean muscle. I said maintain BF%. If it were 15 lean muscle then the BF% would drop....'first time seriously lifting since college' = 'noob gain' potentialMan, you really need to read more closely.
That's why I included the link...After the cut I was the same BF%. So, as I said, +(20~23) then cut and lost ~7. I ended up gaining 15 over 6-7 months, which is only ~2 a month.
haha no. I actually stayed at the same BF%. But i did read that one troll thread on bb.com  (link for those of you who don't know what a dreamer bulk is http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=161809003) I'm sorry, this comes off as just ignorant. 
Didn't see the game. Was the Spurs d that good, or was steph just that off today (1-12 from 3?)
Gym is for teenagers? Lol And there's no half naked pictures because Colco isn't here.
I've put on ~15 pounds over the past 6-7 months (started seriously lifting for first time since leaving college). Was up about 20-23lbs, then cut down 7 or so. Still need to cut another 5
he knows dat bulge is too much for some of you.
In before 'is this part of a suit?'
Damn Acute!! Back at it with the navy pants!
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