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BTW, T4 actually writes perfect English; he just does this shtick for SF.
Lol. 'You mocked me on Instagram!'
^ Ah, didn't know it was 'stretch' denim, just thought it was some blend due to the weft.
Any reason why you dislike non-natural fibers?
Ah, the classic red gingham sportcoat!     I dig it though
Keyshawn (on sport center right now) got fat
Texans are trying to lose, right?
Sartoria Formosa - this was a one off MTO Size 40 US/50UK Jacket (pants are 34 waist) Only worn twice.     Harrison Mystique Dark Grey POW (hint of a red windowpane) Swatches show the real color the best; it is a dark grey, not a charcoal. Selling because I've lost some weight - 
I've heard Hockey is amazing in person
Is Guabello a mill or merchant?
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