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Harambe lives matter?
Well, you would know how long he is.
Joey Votto trolling fans https://mobile.twitter.com/DerekWLWT/status/760648313960067072/video/1 http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/cincinnati-reds-philadelphia-phillies-joey-votto-prank-booed-fans-051616
I don't think his supporters care. A military mom asked a question at Mike Pences speech a night ago (regarding trumps negative comments towards the military on several occosasions), and got boo'ed for it. I thought pence actually handled it very well - thanked her for her sons service, and told the crowd to stop, and that 'this is what freedom looks like'; an open dialogue.
Anyone have any experience with the Lightweight Stanton? I think its ~11 or 12 oz?
No pants.
Zachy's burgundy sale.
^ Romney wasn't president though. I expect more out of a sitting president than I do a candidate.
Batting order matters. Having your best hitter bat 4th vs 2nd loses him quite a few at bats over the course of a season. (Also 'protection' for batters can matter due to the level of pitches that you can see if you have shitty guys behind you) Re - relievers being over valued - teams do have plenty of saber metric analysts now, but that doesn't mean the GM and coaches listen to them. You can present people info, but it the decision makers don't listen, it doesn't...
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