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Now it's only the splits.
Thanks, will do
@Slewfoot Any preference for Gabriel-Glas vs Zalto?
That would bother me too.
That makes you upset?
I guess David Stern was trying to help the lakers win 'the right way' when he vetoed the Chris Paul trade. What foresight
Well, free agency isn't free agency to Stephen A. You can't join a good team or it will be 'the weakest move ever made by a superstar'
Stephen A Smith's job is to cause controversy. I don't know if he actually believes what he's saying or it is just to make people talk.
Yeah, but you can always use old/previously used oak to lessen to effect. I was mainly speaking to liking to fact that the Spanish riservas have multiple years in bottle before release. I had some CA Chardonnay yesterday at a tasting (K&L in Hollywood) all I could taste was butter.
Really nice
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