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Can;t believe he didn't get a larger backlash because of that
that can't be a shrinkage/stretch issue though, thats a gustin QC issue
But after you wash, don't they re-shrink a bit?
JW, but why buy jeans if you have to stretch them out a lot for them to fit?   Also - just an FYI for the future, silk and wool don't stretch like cotton.
Probably Ed
Lol - gustin should just accept less money guys - thats how it works! I know because I'm a guy on the internet who knows how their business model works best!
 Da Fuq?
No Greger - keep posting like you do, I find them very interesting.
Could be worse. Kemba Walker, graduate of UConn and now PG for the Hornets, read his first book in senior year.
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