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I can't put the rolls eye emoji on my phone, but otherwise I would
That would be a pretty facetious statistical argument
 (using your numbers) I'm showing 2,722,389 citizens (as of 2014), and ~12,200 cops.So,  .00047 per citizen.00049 and per cop.So the rate is the same (within error) I'm not sure what such a small sample size is supposed to prove? 5 months proves what?Also - lets see the conviction/jail rates for citizens vs cops? Do you think those are equal?
KD isn't going to leave. At least not yet. He's gong to sign a 1 year contract to time it with the salary cap opening up.
Police beat man on live TV
Its easier to be nice to you, since you're dead.
More importantly, they get to rest.
So, you don't want us to forgive you?
That was the shit! I had those raps memorized.
Huh? What does feminism have to do with avoiding taxes?
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