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NBA says Harden shot shouldn't have counted   So the Rockets get the win (incorrectly) but they're going to let them keep the win? 
I thought Piob was just playing hard to get.
If youre down to get a vicuna jacket, you probably dont need to worry about the economies of scale of a one off MTO
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) sets new record - throws out baserunner from LF, clocked at 105.5MPH 
I wonder if NBA teams have this map too
LOL.   Gustin - summer is coming up, so we thought its a great time to redo the heavyweight t-shirts. Everyone loves extra thick shirts in the heat!
I got some length-wise shrinkage. I suppose some waist as well, but not really noticeable.
You know him? Or just assuming
Nice! Let us know how you like it them(or critiques)
Backed a t-shirt pack Mid March, status still hasn't updated other than 'closed - funded'
New Posts  All Forums: