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Antonio meccariello. I'd be fitted in person, but I'd have to travel to Italy. He has a thread here. Some great shoes, very reasonable price for what you get.
Sure, I'll try to take some later today or tomorrow. They're great
If you are in NY he can measure you. Otherwise he can guide you on what measurements to take.
I'm having semi bespoke shoes (not measured in person - about 20 measurements are taken by myself, and a trial shoe before the final shoe)
Thanks guys, I'll hold off on that then.
Edited, wrong person
What grey is that?
Guys... money is different to different people, not sure why its such a big deal. if he has the money, and wants the best, let him get the best. Kabbaz, is by all account from SF and AAAC, one of, if not the best in the world.
its a joke based on something mafoofan said
What is the advantage to the extended closure/button fly? Do they attempt to make the pants sit more flat/no pulling/bumps?
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