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How many people do we need for the Formosa Fox Chalkstripe GMTO?   8 in total?   We have 4 for sure. Anyone else?
Something with the top of the shoulder on the peacoat... too high?
I feel like people will love the chukka.
 G&G is getting love because EG shot themselves in the foot by not allowing GMTOs. So everyone moved to G&G
Isn't lining normally satin?
Is Jet a laker fan?
 Don't worry about it. just get lined to the knee, and let the fresco shave your legs for you.
Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I wxpect the epaulet website or the thread to crash on Friday. Further adding to the tension. This will be fun
Is that cashmere mink the same fabric epaulet used for the trousers?
@jrd617  on a roll. Lets see how this goes.     line is -300 on @mafoofan 
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