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that is of course if you define top notch shoes  as defined solely by SPI....
read this thread. same post gets posted by different people every week or so.
if you think carmina is such a useless and gutless and terrible shoe maker, you should probably leave the thread.... just saying.
I didn't know that was an option. I always thought it was In order of lightest to darkest Natural (no coloring) Antique (reddish, with some brown) Brown (a solid dark brown) Black (solid black)
Antique is more red, and a little bit darker
Natural Antique
. . .uhhh.You just posted some off the wall crap in the epaulet x carmina thread too
How do you like this fabric? I was thinking about getting it
That color scheme is very nice. The new G&G patina artist should get a lot of business with that purple/black tone
Regretting not getting the darth vadar enzo black wholecuts. Those are going to be sexy.
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