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Guys... he bleached his hair. This was a flashback friday to the 90s... Frosted tips!
Anyone have any measurement tips? 
 StC come with trees with that helps.
 This. Sometimes he responds very quickly, sometimes you have to be patient, but he will get back to you.
 This. Other retailers were selling for 1500-1600, and skoak comes in at 1.1k, and no upcharge for MTO. No wonder he was talking about some retailers having high margins.
Thats a pretty high rise
Mcfox and Mr.Six might be in as well, still thinking
Transfer went through, and was received, so no problems.
I wonder if G&G and EG will feel any losses due to StC taking orders from them? Would be nice if it showed them that having MTOs at cheaper prices/making GMTOs easier really is a good idea
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