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Liverano has always been on my wish list. Along with Camps de Luca (see the French tailoring thread)
^ no need to be rude... It's the new seasons releases, they always post about if.
Sometimes tailors tend to specialize in Italian fabrics, and won't have certain English mills I like, or have English, but not Italian. So I have CMT and don't have to worry.
 Fixed for everyone else.
@Leaves Is there a list of the G&G shoes that will be re-stocked/which new models are coming in the future (non-GMTO).   Also, is there a G&G version of the EG Laughton?
 I know the Fat Carter does 
@justinkapur What last? TG73?
So the only argument in this thread for  a watch being needed is because certain people get offended if you look at your phone?  (I am ignoring the argument Shpirt that a client will notice you don't have  a Rolex/Breitling means you aren't successful and people will take their business elsewhere as a result, which means, not only must you have a watch, but you must also own a 10k + watch) 
 in before the AWD vs winter tires argument again
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