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 this problem comes up in the thread every month or so. look up "shirt penis" in this thread. seriously.
Will there ever be a return of the Hawthorne Loafer? Carmina has a beautiful light grey.
wow. Didn't know people still wore all white 3 piece. must be such a pain to keep clean... I'd be worried every time I sat down
website down?
How is the arch/foot support on the butteros?
which tie won the collective action? didn't see it up on the website
i have this problem with my epaulet trousers due to the lightweight. I have given upon on the proper drape. cuffs/heel guards help with this?
Kent has stated the hand grade is on par with Lobb/EG, and the bench grade is on par with Carmina.
I think the powder has to get under the sockliner, but hell, I'll try and put it on anyway, and see if anything happens.
Yes, sorry
New Posts  All Forums: