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What sunglasses are those Butler?
I do agree with your points Viola Milano "Orange Floral" In a rush to leave the house - forgot the square.
Looks amazing. I have something similar to that coming.
Looks so much better than I imagined from the swatch
I know. My doctor says our kids will have a pixelated face as well... : (
Why are you guys talking about sale getting 270 when Kershaw got 300? Like we wouldn't talk about the Giants if they came in second, we should talk about the Dodgers because they came in first (again)
which was that? I don't remember it
Wedding Yesterday - Edit- realize I need to work on my Robo Pose, I hold my arms out convexly so it makes me look wider. [[SPOILER]]
Thomas Mason Light Blue Imperial twillGreenwhich white twillCanclini Ink blue linenLight blue 80's striped pinpoint.  though my favorite all time fabric so far is the Albini Light Blue Chambray
Wtf happened in in Arsenal vs Man U ( sleeping on the west coast)
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