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my fresco behaves the save as PatrickBooth's. Maybe patrick booth and I are using the the 2ply, and you are using the high twist? or the other way around.   either way, mine are very crease resilient.
Thanks @Mr Pink I was looking for that mystique but didn't see it online, but I'll see if I can order.
what soles are those? Don't look like a typical leather sole, and aren't topy.
Yeah,  but I live in LA, so I'd be able to wear tweeds maybe 5 days a year. I do understand the appeal for all you North Easterners though.
damn, seems like everyone is after tweeds, breanish, and heavier fabrics.
Anyone else think it would be sick to use the brown linen rota fabric for a SC or possible suit?
Wish the navy pindot was still in stock
i don't think POW/Windowpane in fresco were possible (or we'd have to order in a huge amount). something about them switching their machines.   I could be wrong
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