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It's on it's way. The color I wanted was sold out until august.
Dormeuil Ice Two Vandas
Mail today : )
First Vanda Package.
End of the day
Only worn 2 times (once on carpet).   8.5 UK  9.5 US   Snuff Suede.   Shipping included.
How long after you send in pics do you get the reply with changes?
lol @ people who say "luxire messed up the measurements on my shirt, I need it to the re-made" without reading the "how to measure" section of the website.   and then never hearing from them again once the link is posted.
Also, always seems weird when a persons first post is crapping on a vendor.   especially when lots of people have said - he might not respond to emails, but if you send in the stuff you want returned, and mark it as retuned, he will refund once received.
Wish you could order direct and do MTO
New Posts  All Forums: