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I think it's interesting though - wouldn't armed services be able to empathize with cops more than normal civilians?
So both of the cop killers over the past week were former armed services?
^ probably AEs seconds are a good price/quality ratio, but you can get much better shoes for the price of the firsts
That's what i was asking - are all the wounded cops?
Is it targeted only at cops? From the article it says the gunman was 'shooting indiscriminately'
Sorry to hear that dudeWas GF sad when you hit it and quit it?
Is there not a difference from various (as in multiple) and the singular example he presented which he says 'proved' the opposite?All I am saying is- statistically, a sample size of 1 is meaningless and doesn't 'prove' anything. Of course - there are relatively few (in the general scope of things) cases of blacks dying? But it is more than 1.
Did the NRA ever comment on the Castille case? (where he had a concealed carry)
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