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Fox Wide Navy Chalkstripe         5 are in so far (need 3 more to make this a go) @Mr. Six @PCK1 @venividivicibj  @filangler  @Sotiris      @lawyerdad was in for grey but maybe he can switch over? @justinkapur I know you were on the fence because of sizing @Newcomer You wanted to wait until late December, now is your chance!
I think with you, we make 5. So we need only 3 more.
You mean other than the Navy Chalkstripe? haha
shoulders are bigger now. i think i need to size up, and once you size up, all other measurements change too
Due to the gym, I can't wear my old KW suit, and I don't want to have to re-do trial suit etc again. Such a pain
  did I do it right?
I'm a 9.5 US and wear a 42.5, so we correspond.
What last is that Alt Wien @FrankCowperwood  3636?
Looks all black to me.
This depends... What is your skin tone?
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