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Pre orders/MTO = no return (maybe they put it on all of them?)
How can you quote them as use in argument earlier, and then when you turn out to be wrong--> they canot be trusted.
What is that difference?
So... you admit that this is all incorrect then?  No muslim would ever inform law enforcement--> concrete repudiation of this was provided.  And by your logic, we shouldnt be torturing?We torture because they don't inform--> they do inform--> therefore this premise is incorrect.
So... LeBron spazzed out because Draymond called him a bitch? I've heard worse at the pick up games at my 24 hour fitness. I wonder what the NBA version of talking shit is these days if 'bitch' is off limits.
You're right - you stand on an island, fighting the good fight. A beacon of hope for others 
 C'mon man - he's actually on your side in your arguments... don't pick fights for no reason.
Is this true? I remember him saying he didn't like gays but dont remmeber the taliban angle
Wooster is there - Saw some pics of him in a grey short sleeve jacket and short trouser pants.
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