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You could always hire Ray Rice, I heard his suspension was lifted.
W bill has some 14 oz
Thought those were RogerP's pics for a second with those concrete pics.
 Long Beach, you're killing me. 'Soooooooo', 'obvi', 'mmmmm', 'foooooorrrreeeeevvvvveeerrrr' and the best 'adorbs'
I took my normal size, but sized down on the pants. I think the way it's set up right now is for a 6 drop.
 I pre-ordered 2, but I wish I had pre-ordered the grey windowpane now that I see it.
 Would also profit on the people who mistake them for Lessers. Double win.
 LOL. Someone I doubt we will end up with 1. SD and OAK aren't coming, just an extortion threat. No one wants to share a stadium anyway. St. Louis just offered 500 mm in public bonds. Well.. you just have to wait out the Ryan Howard deal, I guess
 Plastic shouldn't be that expensive
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