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Too soon? haha
Interesting that it seems that way, because I do have sloped shoulders (larger traps from lifting). Obviously might not be as bad as yours, so YMMV
who said they are a bad idea?
We need one of the Maybes to confirm that they are in. If they are, then we are good to do (MW313 is wide, so he doesn't count until we get three).
Backyard - Early Girl. The Heirloom and Cherry tomatoes coming soon.  
SC - maybe a plain warm brown, like the drapers brown posted in the NMWA MTO thread? Could do a green, if you want to   Suits-need more birdseye/nailheads? lighter than navy also?
De oost right? They have some books up from various makers. Merino bros has most of Harrison's/Lesser/Smoths etc.
Yeah, looks pretty bad. Justin, maybe you should think about your next commissions in terms of your overall closet? Rather than keep getting ones that look nice (so your closet is more well rounded, rather than a ton of nice jackets, but that all only go with one set of pants)
Lighter weight right?
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