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In the back of dat ZHP
They pay pretty well. But you have to have a clean family and personal medical history. And you get more interest if you have special traits (blue or green eyes, tall, very smart, etc)
Would be interested in some of their caccioppoli cottons and linens
Oh wow, nice
Yeah, and it's not much of a risk with that price
 Yeah dude, he played with  Kevin Love/Darren Collison/etc. Went to Crenshaw.
Anyone had the Tenet 'The Pundit' before?
Stephen A Smith - "I would suspend James harrison immediately"   I think he forgets the fact that there is a CBA that Goodell is ignoring, and that James Harrison has a HUGE leverage point - he doesnt need the money, he doesnt need to play another season (played 16) he can retire.   Also - LOL at Stephen A getting bent out of shape for someone speaking their mind and how they feel when he yells his crappy 'hot takes' every single damn day.
They even sent you a card to troll you?
^ lol pretending to care
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