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Okay. So... Would anyone like the order the shanklin who missed out in the first round? Haha
Nope, have to have the physical books
Yeah. . . I didn't think he was asking a question as much as making a statement about the previous posters.
Is that a dark green jacket? (Might be charcoal, can't tell)
It is more sleek, and the antique welt also makes it more formal. Works perfectly for business casual
Gym just installed 4 more squat racks/lifting cages. Olympic bumper played and everything. So stoked
i believe they do. But obviously it'll be at retail prices.
Shoe customs tax is 8.5%
Meermin is good, but inconsistent with QC (but I tried over a year ago, and haven't followed since then). Good value for the price though, especially with strong dollar
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