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Just because you wear them together doesn't mean it matches haha
I know. But GDL/NMWA newsletter made a good note. Navy ties are the best selling, but also some of the hardest to match. because Navy suits are some of the most popular, but navy tie + navy suit is very tricky (I think this was in "The Italian Solution", where they recommend rust/brown ties instead)
 That is what I voted for
Any of you guys do one armed pushups? Was thinking about it for evening out my pecs. Then i realized they were fking hard and was struggling
Thanks for the responses guys.   And noodles.. that isn't dark grey by any means.
I'm waiting for test shoes ordered a month ago, should get them in a month or two? Depending on how busy
Saw this gorgeous Dark grey cashmere tie.     Are Dark Grey ties versatile/do any of you guys wear plain dark grey? (meaning not POW/houndstooth etc)
if you didn't ask, no one would have known
In before 
I have the top pants (rota right?). Great color. I have linen pants in a comparable color to the bottom pants. Also very useful.
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