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If you move too quickly - you get shot.   You move too slowly - you aren't being compliant.
oh ffs. didn't know we had so many firefighters in here
Of course it might - I just want to see if there would be another way to verify the data that doesn't come from of of the parties that are involved
Then that might be a really bad sign
That police reports often underreport use of force, or over emphasize the aggressiveness of the person being arrested (perp went for his gun/perp was resisting/etc). I am not arguing anything race related - I am merely saying police reports are biased to make the police look better and their actions more reasonable- I don't think you'll disagree?
that that blue-ish purple?
I wouldn't say that. I would just like to see if there is any way to verify the data/or see if there are any records from a different PoV (obviously this may well be impossible). Having a single source of data that comes from one side of the argument is prone to biases, that is all.
See Floyd mayweather
I don't reject the findings as much as the data the findings are based on. I think, over the last hundred pages plus, that we have realized that police reports can be a bit biased, and data based on such may not be reliable.
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