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Ahh oh RTW price. I was quoted at 750 for MTM Argentum 
maybe he only had small hides, and youre too big
You sure Argentum starts at 500 euro?
Loden Chukka looks great. Would be in for a loden loafer, but IDK about a chukka. might be too much green
Collars look nice. If you can get the shirts from the source, I'm sure theyre worth it. With the middleman mark-up, IDK
Ive never even heard of these dishes before (west coast over here). But we have bacon wrapped hotdogs, and elotes (corn with mayonnaise, chili, butter, and cheese)
need to go wider.  
Are you asking for a moral or economic argument. They lead to different answers.
Depends on your style/tie/tieless. I personally like the Ivy BD and Roma cutaway (soft and stiff) for casual, and Roma spread for formal/jacket and tie
It is. You're basing your argument off of something no one ever stated.
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