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What's up with the Ryan Lochte/swimmers being robbed story? Brazilian police took two of the swimmers' passports and are making them give statements. Swimmers gave conflicting accounts of what happened. Ryan Lochte left before everyone else and is already in America. Strange.
That is true, but the lawyer wasn't arguing their predictive value. He was literally saying they weren't behind in the polls, which is nuts. I could see them arguing confidence intervals if they were statistically 'tied' in the polls, but they're not.
https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/08/17/politics/donald-trump-michael-cohen-polls/index.html Trumps attorney.
I put in for three l. Don't know if reorders will be possible down the road
^ some beautiful eyes in there.
In the back of dat ZHP
They pay pretty well. But you have to have a clean family and personal medical history. And you get more interest if you have special traits (blue or green eyes, tall, very smart, etc)
Would be interested in some of their caccioppoli cottons and linens
Oh wow, nice
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