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Yeah, cotton tends to run cooler than wool of the same weight
Well, it is easier to win if you have no academic standards.
Texas is terrible. Actually terrible.
No, but apparently you'll have the time of your life.
I wish they were 31 or 32s, would have bought
If have never seen football not on the TV when Newcomer takes pictures.
Piob, are you  speaking to management / intern relationships, or just coworker relationships?
Wouldn't it have too many straps with sidetabs - extended tab, plus two side tabs?
So vass had their trunk show, did they debut the new last?   Also LOL @ the guy who complains about darkened areas and creasing on his museum shoes. Of course museum will have darker areas. Also, that area that has creasing? Guess what - when you wear the shoes, there will be creases. 
You need more Geno in your life?
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