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The best thing about the trailers is that they're self aware that the sequel is kind of ridiculous.
Yeah, it's their kids too
So read the other 99 percent and skip that.You can understand and listen to both sides without being deliberately obtuse, regardless of your stance on the subject
110 in Whittier. At 5:30.
Guys on the full pull email - who is the Margaux maker? Petit Verdot--> Chateau Palmer?
It can be your Pitti Tux
I actually really like how the blue looks in the pics - nice shade
We don't have AC.
Thunder would have beat the Cavs
Purposefully missing the point? The argument wasnt that cows are mean and elephants aren't - therefore it's okay to use cow hides but not elephant. Elephants are endangered and cows aren't.
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