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ahh thought you meant the chalkstripe
@FrankCowperwood you want the fox flannel?
How many people do we need for the Formosa Fox Chalkstripe GMTO?   8 in total?   We have 4 for sure. Anyone else?
Something with the top of the shoulder on the peacoat... too high?
I feel like people will love the chukka.
 G&G is getting love because EG shot themselves in the foot by not allowing GMTOs. So everyone moved to G&G
Isn't lining normally satin?
Is Jet a laker fan?
 Don't worry about it. just get lined to the knee, and let the fresco shave your legs for you.
Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I wxpect the epaulet website or the thread to crash on Friday. Further adding to the tension. This will be fun
New Posts  All Forums: