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why the change
going to be on his website (that hasnt opened yet)
still the same size since birth? 
fk the fact that I have to take my laptop and put it into a separate container all on its own (can't even be in/next to the laptop bag)
At LAX they had only 1 of the 4 body scanners going and only one person checking IDs at the american airlines terminal.
Just made some handcrafted leftovers.
Flew at a off-time last week (middle of the day on tuesday) and the TSA line was still 45 minutes long.
So this was only one of the 5 people who are being charged. And not the one with the most serious offense - this officer was only misdemeanors, two others have manslaughter, and one has murder. So I guess the lowest on the totem pole got off.
Have you ever had any problems with them? I was looking to get a Vinotemp/eurocave/etc (albeit smaller), but I've read about lots of long term maintenance/mechanical problems
Thunder win by 27 or so, but Kanter has a +/- of -17 for the 18 minutes he played? Pretty bad sign.
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