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Last is pretty nice on the lazyman
Stacks with the founders circle promo code too...
NFL gives up tax exempt status.   http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/28/news/companies/nfl-tax-exempt-status/index.html   "The owners have decided to eliminate the distraction associated with misunderstanding of the league office's status, so the league office will in the future file returns as a taxable entity,"   not sure how it is a misunderstanding, they either are tax exempt or aren't. Also, makes it easier for them to hide executive pay. Meaning Roger Goodell won't...
Greg can help with sizing if you have any questions/for comparable makersAlso,Check your email guys
One more needed to get this GMTO off the ground!   Formosa- Hemp/Silk/Cashmere    
 Was going to say how close the welt was cut, can't even see, waist  etc etc... and then there is no sole. lolol
AFB (Minnis 520)
Isn't sushi fat god fat though?
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