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Visit the EG thread. Mixing leathers all day.
Yeah, it does suck, but its not Jamison's fault, more of a USPS/ whoever shipping company is
 Whats the charge for non-working, if i may ask.thanks!
Guys, what is the typical charge from your tailor for putting in working buttons/buttonholes? $10 per seems high, no?
Is there a specific term for this? Buffed  gator?
It's worse when your GF asks you. I say I got them on sale, and she still says it's too expensive. Or why I don't spend that much on her. 
 Yes I was, thank you, I didn't know that.
That reverse alligator is pretty beautiful. Anyone ever tried reverse/suede stingray?
It was because he revealed how Ferrari rigs the press driving tests (they tune the car specifically to the area being tested so it performs better, they require the press to only talk about certain things etc)
Eidos wasn't there.
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