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Taking all the best eels man http://gothamist.com/2016/08/23/eely_bad_guys.php
You assume everyone has a choice/can afford it?
You clearly didn't read my previous posts. Please do so. I care more about the process than the end result in this case.
Brioni was also flirting with sportswear there for a bit. Really weird direction choices for the company.
The shoes lining isn't horween leather, so it shouldnt matter. Shoe lining is a completely different material (lambskin/goatskin/kidskin/etc) and the price would be the same regardless of the outer material.
College all-american team would win it all (and even if they didn't, I'd prefer watching them over these guys)
^ Trump supporters still wont care. Even if he changes on this topic, he'll still be 'better' than clinton in their eyes.
Not always a bad thing. 
Yeah, multiple. And other stuff (two pools turning green), athletes becoming sick, etc.
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