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they've been "in the process" for a few months now. don't hold your breath.
the vintage rioja seems to have a lot of variance in color, some of the pictures look eggplant-y while others have much more red in it. There is also quite a bit of variation in the darkness of the shades as well.
no more cream bricks pocketsquare : (   i like it better than the cream flowers.
i meant on the more expensive jackets.
sorry, meant live pictures
couldn't you just make the jackets unfinished sleeves, and we have a tailor  put on the buttons ourselves? that way you don't have to fight with the italians, and we can choose if we want functional/non-functional cuffs?
has anyone had a peacoat made?
Is this for the current seconds/shoe snob sale? or an idea for the future? (because I dont know how many specific shoes that people want are going to be left  in their size)
That PTB is pretty nice. Always wanted one.
@RogerP  those might be on the navy museum because I have the navy calf, and mine look much lighter than those. yours look almost black, mine are definitely blue.
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