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@RogerP  those might be on the navy museum because I have the navy calf, and mine look much lighter than those. yours look almost black, mine are definitely blue.
Hopefully the USPS doesn't disappoint him next.
can't tell because of the angle (looking down rather than being even), helps to see the back too.
Interesting (about the s). I also initially thought "Isn't that what the K is?".   We'll see.
Lorenzo looks really good.   @gdl203 Is NMWA going to be doing Eidos MTM or CMT?   and any update on the pricing on the same for Formosa?
guess you didn't read earlier in the thread.... wait times used to fluctuate much more than this. especially with first time orders. if you need something immediately, go with RTW.
sorry, yes the shoes
@Newcomer which rotas are those? brown and light blue  linen? 
@Betelgeuse what color is that? Doeskin?
God, I love the V caps. So much better (and more visually interesting) than a plain cap toe
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