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 He received the title due to vacancy. If you don't use it, you....
Drop to 400.
 I love it because half now and half later tricks me into thinking it is cheaper.
Shoulder measurement is too wide. Sleeve bunching up that much = sleeves too long.   Honestly everything is is probably just because it isn't ironed. Everything will look worse due to that.
I went for the      for my cream alternate. Worried it might not be as good for a poof due to being cotton though
 LOL. Murl is no longer the favorite son. The intern will write your purchase cards notes now.
Greg, FYI, some of the Bigi PSs are coming up in the tie section.   Also, any ETA on when the Rota or Eidos pant swatches are coming?
Very cool, wish I had been able to go
Looks good
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