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.... thread derailing in 3...2...1...
 I think the cloth number is on the end of the URL  of the Luxire page for each of the minnis.
Prices do change... Ex- G&G and EG raise prices every year. Every single year. Maybe you just caught them before and then after the increase.
Really like the patent leather austerity brogue.
Is the Formosa not the fabrics we saw in the pre-order?
Liverano has always been on my wish list. Along with Camps de Luca (see the French tailoring thread)
^ no need to be rude... It's the new seasons releases, they always post about if.
Sometimes tailors tend to specialize in Italian fabrics, and won't have certain English mills I like, or have English, but not Italian. So I have CMT and don't have to worry.
 Fixed for everyone else.
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