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Anyone down for a chocolate/espresso/mole suede chukka on the 363 mod last? Dainite or topy sole fine.
Quite a few lopsided games lately in Champions league
Too early?
It was one of several auction vendors that were used, but I do believe Spectrum was bought out (last year or two years ago) and have all new ownership now. Online auctions every week. They also have some stock items that you can buy.
it's 6 right?
so.......Have you tried any? Or aging?
Tried to have a package delivered to my place yesterday (had previously given FedEx the passcode to the gate)-driver still sees said gate, and leaves the 'delivery attempted' sticker.   I drive to the facility where they drive from, to pick it up-'sorry sir, the driver isn't back yet, but we'll try to deliver again tomorrow' I tell them to just hold the package at the facility and I'll come pick it up (because I know they will once again just leave the note without...
Yeah dude, he's actually 7 years older than he says.  
Especially considering their injuries
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