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The description on the Minnis dark navy plain suit is currently referencing the Grey flannel. "this gray herringbone flannel suit"
 Are these doing better now? I remember you were thinking about discontinuing these because people were flaking.
Is that at Bolsa chica?
Front page of CNN a few hours ago.  Question, as this is a cars thread -  is all gas more or less equal? Meaning, is Arco 91 equivalent to Chevron 91 is the same as Shell 91?
Peacoat would be sick in a charcoal. Already have lots of navy coats. Epaulet - what temperature is this aimed at?
congratulations on surviving, dont eat for a few days, and I will try to make my way out to see it next year!
Sorry, I hope you took my comment as my joking, and not as criticism!
I dont think greg understands how many SF people wear the same size. It's terrible.    Well - great for the business, terrible for us.
If anyone has the Burgundy stripe G Inglese in a 15.75 and wants to switch, I have the 15.5,. Its a bit tight in the chest for me. (only worn once)
its beautiful!
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