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^ he said he would talk to the guy after tax season 
^ sometimes you live in an area where you might have more domestic  availability.   Also, if you want to do old world, you have to spend some time learning (or at least trying) the different regions/AOCs which can be incredibly complex and expensive just to see what you like. The sheer number of producers and AOCs with different styles and terroirs can be overwhelming.
If you're asking for help on anything on backdoors, you'll need to PM HRoi or GF.
Not at all. Join the Stars Wars thread. All will be known.
Episode 7 was good.
Grossa, midnight navyGGT-8
Walton not fined
Liquid farm has pinot's on berserker day this year (I hadn't heard of them so didn't jump on it) but may next year
^ just SC though right? Not suit
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