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 ^ you do know this is the first debate and wasnt meant to cover all topics right? They do have a topic schedule....
but maybe the new staff can turn them into something. - if the physical talent is there, untapped, it isnt really bare its not a bunch of 2** joe schmos out there, these guys were recruited by some of the best in the nation
Greg Hardy arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana    I wonder when adam schefter will do the redemption interview
what if you got dat low t?
Its okay... he doesnt get it either
Oh, he was trying to be funny?
Believe me, it's the best porno. Ultra HD, high quality. Did you say small? No, I guarantee it is not small, it is a long, hard, stamina filled porno.
^ What is earthquake weather, when buildings start raining on you?
I thought in some jobs you gave up certain rights? Guess thats only playing in the NFL.
How is that possible? Fumbles? In other news - the guy I'm playing sat KC defense (worth 35 points - 4 picks and 2 fumbles recoveries +2 TDS) and Carlos hyde (worth 30 points). Thanks!
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