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^^been selling my CM to fund some SWD purchases.
pull his hair?
I think it's called 'projection'
I think the bolded is the most important part with me. I still enjoy the subject (for lack of a better word), but I can't justify spending at the same rate now that I have a pretty well rounded wardrobe (unless I start selling and upgrading for less and less 'improvement'), so now I've moved into more of the casual/streetwear universe.
Really liking A100/200 as a semi formal tie with a different texture. Nice soft grey.
Americano = espresso +water
The invisible man is back!
@gshen could you compare the oxblood matka vs the SFxVanda tie? The color looks very similar. Is the SFxVanda more purplish while the oxblood is more brown?
I dont know how much of you there is left after Piob and Lawyer are done 'roasting' you
Manafort hasn't been listened to in weeks.
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