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To be fair - they can't do as much analysis when there aren't any sports other than baseball going on. I do think the loss of Bill Barnwell will be big
Foo's light fixture strikes again.
Parking for the Dodgers costs $10 if you buy online, but $20 if you go and buy in person. Dat expensive ticket paper?
I think Simmons has gravitated more to sensationalization and less towards true journalism (which was what Grantland was based on). Much more TMZ now
Looking at their Instagram?
That was actually just me in my condo, which has no AC.
I heard you could see/smell the fires from the game yesterday
Packing of mortgages in itself isn't stupid. Selling of mortgages that were shit mortgages that everyone thought were great mortgages were stupid. If you know it's a shit pack of mortgages and buy it, that's fine, you can account for credit losses in the purchasing price. The problem was the mid-reading of credit risk (partly due to refit agencies), and unexpected correlation across the spectrum. Also - banks were so damn sloppy with their paperwork. The number of...
Learn from him. Learning doesnt only go top-->down
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