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What happened to the split toe GMTO?
Just because they're both 3 or 6 folds doesn't make them alike- Vandas style is Vandas style regardless of the fold
well if he isn't playing then it doesnt matter
I know it's not an investment-wasn't trying to make money, just saying at a certain point (% the consignment takes) I feel like I'm better off trying to sell it here/ebay/etc than accepting a 30+% chop off the top
^ that isnt the only reason people get death penalty for.. 
Cosignors take like 30%+ though.. (can you even guarantee a minimum price you'll get back?)
No insurance?
Yeah, you're not supposed to take his words literally, duh!
He said he 'didn't feel like picking up the phone' when they called. Cool. Why isn't there some clause in contracts for 'refusing the play/doesn't show up to work' means you can get cut with no pay.
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