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Attended a wedding this weekend -   
Damn. 'Oxblood' name really does fit.
Pios face when they bring Dat yellowtail to troll him
The place that you're losing a bet to Elioda on. Those pockets are clags approved.
Secret handshake. Sorry dude.
I wasn't defending their actions - just reasons why I personally might drink a bottle a bit too early. I do find the ultra-long-decanting and 5 day drinking same bottle pretty comical.
I'm so happy for Fitzgerald. He has a real QB after all these years... would have been one of the best WR in history...
Hey @Leaves, would you happen to know the ETA for that snuff suede Chukka GMTO from a few months ago?
Why do you need synthetic when you, of all people, know that leather is the best in all situations? 
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