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JW did this actually happen?  For personal knowledge, where is the flapped pocket  on a SC a preferred stylistic tradition?   Is a dominant preference not a tradition? Tradition is a customary way of doing something... a dominant preference. Of course you can go against the rules, but he asked for the traditional queues for a odd jacket.
lol. If you don't care about details, you wouldn't be on SF. he came asking for details/the traditional answers, so we gave them.
 If mine was a 40 I wouldn't have to be selling  
 I hope this thread helps you  
 If you didn't notice it, then why send them back now? Obviously it isn't that big of a deal. Just because you can send them back and make Vass pay to fix everything doesn't mean you need to.   If you are happy with them keep them.
Stop throwing on random stuff. Doesn't help anything.
Those are all acceptable to me
 (I wasn't the one who said no mohair). But as long as it isn't in a  typical suit color it should be fine (light light grey and a vibrant blue are good)
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