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Also, I think there should be some timetable for complaining about a shirt, just like for store refunds.   I wouldn't walk into a mall store 6 months later with a shirt and tell them to accept a return. they'd tell me 30 days, or no return etc. If you didn't return it for 6 months, it obviously wasn't a big enough problem to be bothered with, I would have returned that the next day if it wasn't up to scratch.   Restaurants also have signs that say 'we reserve the right...
it only plays HD DVDs. They chose....poorly.
 I have 6 or 7 shirts from luxire.Only problem I have ever had was my collars/cuffs not being stiff enough (on one or two shirts, and it would be great if luxire had a system for how to ask for collar/cuff interlining/stiffness btw), but other than that, everything has been spot on.
What are the sole options for Enzo? Do they have any commando/viberg that are dressier?
I misread the original post
Anyone have a top down of the Robert vs Soller
I think he is busy he means. but he told him to bid up to x amount. or something like that.
is robert boot only?
3sixteen said it won't be released until spring/summer of '15, so it might be some time
Literally just bought some 120x yesterday. And they're hemmed so no returns... fffffffffuuuuuu   well the 14.5-->17 isn't much of a difference but still
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