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would a 15" MacBookPro fit into the Fat Carter?
any price range for MTO?
get one of your LA branches to do MTM and you'd have a couple of orders.
pretty cool that you can design your own shoes (what brogue//lines at what angles, etc).
For those of you that have ordered suits, how long after you placed your order did you receive your jacket/suit?
that first one is sexy. is that charcoal, or navy blue?
@gdl203 is the MTO basically RTW but you choose the fabric/pocket/lining options? (Or does it require a fitting) (for us non-NY residents)
 "is he bigger than me?'
thank you! curious to see how the 'C' or 'S' last will fit in here.
that pic makes the K last look better. The k last looks wider/less chiseled than the U last in that pic.   edit - just saw NAMOR agress haha @RogerP any chance you could do a side by side of the U and the K? Maybe an aerial view to see how the shapes differ?
New Posts  All Forums: