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Apparently some people are dying (read:starving) to get them.
Because your own logic doesn't make sense?
taking in should be fine, as the old stiching area is hidden. taking out -  IDK how much it'll show, depends on weave of the linen, variegation of the fabric, etc etc etc
two hands or just one?
 I dont even know what to say.
Linen will show less. Cotton is different because you can see where it was previously stitched. Linen you might be able to tell because it does exhibit some fading, but it depends on how long you wore it/used it prior to alerations
GD Vajra on offer at Full Pull. I'm in.
Pre-orders are usually cheaper, and you know that the item you don't have to worry about the item selling out or not being available.
Using that logic your original post was irrelevant because Nickels was talking about Newton and you brought up Manning.
For those of you who ordered using the WBill linen, what price tier was it?
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