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 Main reason I don't post fits as much as I would like is because of this. Bad pic quality - poor lighting(don't have an office at work to take pics - 'open floorplan' ) and bad camera (old iphone, once I get the new one I'll post more regularly).
Still trying. We have 4 actually only 2 away. Just didn't want to spam the board about it
Don't say that. Emptym will sign you up for the sand fresco too.
I am definitely listening.
@mw313@justinkapur@laufer @Handcuffed@bsmw 
Sorry, just looking for suede right now
 Walk around for a bit, it should go away. This tends to happen if you're sitting for hours and then stand up
Houndstooth RIP : (
Trying to get a EB GMTO going for a snuff suede Chukka.       3 eyelet, flat laces. Color - Snuff (#6/7/8?) Last - 74945 Sole - Double Millerghe?  
 Having other people picking up your lease can be dangerous if not done properly. If that person stops paying, and your name is still on the title/books, its on your credit still and they can just let the car get repoed and you get screwed. Seen it happen many times.
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