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Are you using an older version?
I don't think it can bend if it's that hard.
They didn't track it? Honor system or something?
Would love to have 'dat extra Crimmus money'
Can't cash out our PTO hours at my job.. they force us to use it 'because it's good for our mental health to take time off'-good in theory, but we accrue so much it would be nice to just cash out some of it every once in a while.
No. I was merely responding to this- I did not say anything about people who did not agree with me. I merely gave my own thoughts on the matter, and how I felt about shoe bags. I will again apologize to Peppercorn - it was not meant to be rude.
??? He asked why I posted that and I explained. Also, I wasn't 'poking him for caring'. I posted an emoji. If that was too harsh for you guys, then I apologize.As long as they came in perfect condition, what do I care? I was promised the shoes, I got the shoes.
I guess I just dont care that much about shoe bags. I use them, but couldn't really care less if shoes came with them or not. As long as the shoes come as advertised, I dont really care if the shoe bags are there, or what the box looks like either for that matter.
I just don't get electric knifes. 
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