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So if Steph is out for two weeks - He should be back the week of the 9th   I think Warriors with be fine. Next series will start May 1 or 3rd, usually play every other day. I think they can beat the Blazers without him, and then Steph will be back in time for round 3, or if the series goes long, he'd be available for game 6 or 7.
Embarrassing. Lose by 33
C4est doesn't even let him stack discounts!
Looking at the MA-1. Was thinking either Dark Wine Lamb or the Maroon Nylon.   Anyone have any strong feelings either way?
GF's favorite? Costco.
Does the CS MTO option include changes in leather? Or just patina'ing the leather. (Meaning, does it cover switching the suede loafer color)
not as bad as the cleveland browns though.
I remmeber he spoke to some graphic guys and the Uni-report ESPN guy on his podcast. as interesting as a one off kind of thing
stopped him from doing drugs though, so that's good.
i thought you said you wee moving transatlantic for a job?
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