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Playing non-AAA teams now?
This is incorrect. Its about safety for the cop. I somehow doubt the person who was shot (by the police) and is now cuffed and lying down on the scene thinks that he is safer now.
 Don't they already do this if the current location is a 'high crime area'?
Wait - so if the cops routinely do something, (even if incorrect or unlawful), then it's okay because it happens all the time?
Cotton sozzi?
What bullets?Oh, you mean to knock the ones he mistakenly shot out of the air. Got it.
So the cops have no other tools to de escalate a situation without shooting?
This might be an excuse if they shot the autistic guy. They didn't. They shot the guy who wasn't a threat. And then arrested him. And didn't call an ambulance for 20 minAlso, if the therapist clarifies that it is a toy, how can you use that excuse?
Because I have my license plates in there that I havent put on yet. (Got them like 3 months ago but have been too lazy)
I would love it if it meant less 4th quarter commercials
New Posts  All Forums: