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DWW sn't praising the look per se. Just explaining it. Or explaining why it is not 'bad' just because it doesn't conform to traditional CM style. Short answer - yes
Are directional tires commonplace? Or only in performance cars?
Nice, they've always had a website, but you couldn't purchase off of it.
Not a fan. The jacket looks enormous (from the shoulder/the size of the sleeves). Pants are like 3-4 inches too short.    Maybe the big top small/tight bottom throws it off for me.
 Shots fired!
Only for maybe 5% of americans. But those 5% are so loud
Looks like the quarters are less open? What else changed?
damn. dat lapel though.
I just emailed him, and he accepted me the next day. (Not sure if allowed to post his email, if you need it, you can PM me)
.... thread derailing in 3...2...1...
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