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Have to find something to complain about i guess
Yeah, I read about how they were taking out thousands of oaks and deforesting.http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=129101&hilit=Justin+paso+Robles&start=0
Paso Robles - will update with additional notes and pictures later. Justin - our first stop as it was the farthest away from downtown Paso. very very secluded. Upon reflection, seemed one of the more corporate/less intimate tastings. Our pourer really didn't explain about their style/approach/vintage info, but rather just the names of the wine, what varietals used, etc. Nothing in depth. Wines tended to be very powerful, big wines.  Tablas - 5-10 minute drive from...
It'll be interesting to have a free agency with so many big names up for grabs.
To be fair - they can't do as much analysis when there aren't any sports other than baseball going on. I do think the loss of Bill Barnwell will be big
Foo's light fixture strikes again.
Parking for the Dodgers costs $10 if you buy online, but $20 if you go and buy in person. Dat expensive ticket paper?
I think Simmons has gravitated more to sensationalization and less towards true journalism (which was what Grantland was based on). Much more TMZ now
Looking at their Instagram?
That was actually just me in my condo, which has no AC.
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