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(Was not criticizing Mafoofan, he does have reasons for his arguments). Speaking in general of course.
@gdl203 You made it too hard for me. A postcard, and free overnight shipping?   Fat Carter here I come! Do I need it? Hell no. Going to get my Formosa suit next week too.   Feel like I am contributing to Greg's Christmas bonus. haha.
But how can you tell they have strong reasons if they don't share them? They might just be obstinate and unwilling to change even when wrong. Not always the best trait.
Greg, just add the fox flannel navy chalkstripe in there yeah? haha
I was thinking about that one, but was worried i'd look like a movie usher/hotel bellboy
Shawl jacket looks pretty nice. How does it hold up in the cold?
are those holes in the thigh??
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