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Not always a bad thing. 
Yeah, multiple. And other stuff (two pools turning green), athletes becoming sick, etc.
'People of faith', meaning Christians only right?
USA should just have the college guys do the olympics (people who will actually play 110%). Having LeBron  etc waffling about being on the team, and some guys looking like they're giving 80% is insulting.
US Reservist stops mid pole vault attempt to stand at attention for US national anthem.  
Why not go MTM?
Trump supporters won't care.
They're a gym that have a 'free pizza' night. I don't think you're incorrect.
Tiki thai??!! What Deli? Langers?
Its basically a gym for people who don't really work out//only do the machines and treadmills. They have a 'lunk alarm' for people who are 'intimidating' by grunting too loud, making noises while lifting, bringing in big jugs of water/generally looking like a bro. (theyre trying to make it a 'safe space')
New Posts  All Forums: