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Well, we have 2 confirmed normal widths, one wife width, as soon as we get one more normal width confirmed (out of the 5 'maybes'), it should start, and then it all depends on how long Leaves wants to leave the pre-order window open for.
Indeed. Though He might not approve of this more sedated outfit.
Considering what is happening on he TOJ thread right now, this is actually funny.   Also, cross post from WAYWRN Thread. NMWA Grey Fresco, and Drakes Tie.
Thank you! This was her first outing with her new Louboutins, meaning I had to hear all day about how the soles of her shoes were being ruined  
  Suit: Formosa Shirt: Luxire Tie: Drakes Shoe: Carmina Unintentional Collar Sprezz - Priceless.
Can you post on the Skoak thread that you are interested as well?
Yes, but we'd only need 1 of those 5 to be in for the restock to go through
Mw313 Justinkapur Me Watchman(possibly) Peppercorn(possibly) Bsmw (possibly) Bdavro (possibly) Watch idiot (possibly) We definitely have at least 3
Do you get a lot of wear out of it?
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