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Looks good
You ruined his announcement 
Guys... Skoak is trolling and it's actually a woman's footwear brand.
 time for a latptop exorcism?
Seriously though, hard to tell because of the color differential (can't tell if there are pulls/creases on the black, too dark)
Just a jacket
Yeah, it isn't even that modified from the normal patter. Nothing has increased/increased over 1-2 cm from the normal 38. I think though, the reason might just be my terrible pictures. Haha And I would accept returns if buyer paid shipping
Have 3 so far (Lawyer, Justin, and I)   Mr.Six is a maybe if we get more to commit.         @Newcomer @PCK1 @DLJr @TM79  @FrankCowperwood 
Leaves posting, but not about the new brand?
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