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I can wear the chinos but not the jeans. (Need thigh/seat space
ESPN is montarily contracted to hype an SEC team, and there aren't many choices left
lol Trump got butthurt about an SNL skit... Apparently you can't even have comedy in his world.
Greg, what tie is this?     and any preference among the Farnese canvas belts? Deciding between the navy, beige and olive-
41 points later.... You still saying that?
If I don't know the wine or producer, I know I can be safe with a KL wine
Honestly - stop buying gustin - why buy jeans that dont fit? It's no longer a 'deal' if youre adding in 40-60 in alterations
Sucks man- at least it's not much of a sunk cost
I have about ten nicknames for my cat, so she answers to none of them. Or sometimes all of them, depending on her mood.
New Posts  All Forums: