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Quote:I did no cuff
edit - deleted
Any info on what fabrics are coming for formosa F/W? And any further info on the possible MTOs/CMT option you alluded to a few pages back? Also, when wearing the inglese, do you guys take out the collar stays and go with a softer look?
FF? already?           terrible for my wallet.
I tried to order (not sure if it went through) last week. I'll call and see what's up.
 does anyone have a contact email for harrisons/lesser? They arent responding when I email using the 'contact' page on their website, and my old contact isnt responding either (they send swatches/bunches so I know they are receiving the emails, but they aren't replying when I try to place an order)
First inglese Edit - cuffs and collar are very Italian. And now I know what you guys meant when you said the shoulders were narrow. Accentuates the shoulders.
  The reason why I did not want to ask . . . now I feel like buying both.
I know this is a terrible place to ask (because most advice would always be -buy both!), but; I was looking at the   Calabrese 1924 Weekender bag  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/weekender-bag-in-navy-boiled-wool-tan-leather.html and the Chapman Sten holdall  http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/sten-holdall-bag-in-grey-harris-tweed-with-navy-webbing.html   and saw they were about the same size. Are they are redundant (and I should only buy one), or...
Only one currently going on is this onehttp://www.styleforum.net/t/403760/nmwa-x-formosa-sportcoat-lets-get-another-one-rolling#post_7245349Which has 5 out of 8 needed.
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