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just for reference, does half lined vs quarter lined matter for structure, or just for heat retention? (I'm in either way, just a theoretical question).   oh yeah, and BOOM.   8!
i think smokey grey would be good, (dont want the horn, might make it seem too formal for the fabric, and the MOP will be a good contrast to the fabric color.) I'm down for quarter lined (though if someone needs half, I am fine). I dont care between medium or light grey. (nice medium gunmetal grey color would be cool)
Previous suggestions from Greg were as follows: 3 roll 2.Spalla camicia shouldersPatch hip pockets (barchetta for chest)Dual vented.Half or quarter lined in medium greySmokey grey MOP buttons  I am in//have no qualms with these.
 you in?
its not really fair when you have a person like nick modeling it... makes you feel like everything is an amazing idea and a need.
Yes, see my earlier post on the details (few days ago)
And it's split into two payments so it's not all at one time
@murl that angle makes the pants look like a good length. @unbel I'm right handed and have a slight dropped right shoulder, if that helps.
 what is the tapering on this?  also, looks slightly slightly too short?
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