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Nice. I went to Napa last year. Thinking of RRV next.
yeah - only reason I have them is because I was in their wine club for a while, but now 1-2 of my local places carry it, so I don't need to.
I have the Donkey & Goat Grenache rose chilling right now actually
You go every year?
I thought Trump said said that politicians who read from teleprompters shouldn't be running at all?
Wasn't he getting investigated by the authorities for his 'ingredients' he was selling on the side?
It means they chose Jimmy Butler over Rose. Might as well get pieces back if they can't coexist
To be clear, it wasn't 100% Picpoul, was one of the minor additions in white blends. I remember the fellow saying it provides incredible acidity, and translation in French is something like 'lip stinger' because of the acid
Yeah- went to artisan. Had the Ravioli with bison bolognese, girlfriend had chicken with squash and wheat berries. Was very satisfying. It's in a cute little area, lots of restaurants, park/library next door. The park has the massive communal grill that you can raise and lower using a chain/lever. Public horseshoe pit next door while you waitHad a lunch/quick snack at villa creek the second day. Pretty smart of them to make it into a restaurant as well. 'Have a flight...
Sounds like he ate at the Chilli Chack.
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