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that was a given. it was more of a determination of what type of fabric/fit he wants, and if the price discrepancy is worth it to him.
Hey, if its that even, go with the cheaper. (This is from a guy who owns that jacket) Also, which fabric GMTO are you trying to do?
That's the point.
I love it personally, it does have the rumples of hemp, so it won't look super clean unless it was just pressed. It's ridiculously soft.But, I think the main difference is honestly just the untailored aspect of the Formosa. It looks messier because sleeves haven't been set, etc. (also looks a bit looser/roomier than the SS)Just choose whichever fabric/style (hopsack and cleaner vs hemp and 'lived in'/soft) you like better, because the fit looks good on both.
Well those people won't be getting the max... So that's kind of moot right?
The top is a hemp blend, so it'll naturally look much more soft/relaxed/rumpled.
Bottom looks great for out f the blocks and no alterations. What is it? Also, what shirt is that? That's a nice high collar.
Pretty fking stoked for this season.
 I can fit a true 33/34  pant (but sometimes that's a different from 'size' 33 or 34)
You wear your pants around your belly button? JW how common that is.
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