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Did we have a draft and I'm not aware of it?
Trump says he's going to solve CA's water problem. But, as always, didn't go into details.
So they don't understand what the word bespoke means.
Dole wants Gungrich to be VP? Talk about not getting the women vote. Lol
I'm comparing advertising to advertising.
So in your opinion a shirt that has been tried on once, (Not used, just tried on) a shoe that has been stepped in - is now invalid to be sent to the next person (even if there are no marks/scratches etc?I've never thought I'd heard anyone say 'you said you'd give me the shirt in 3 months, I got it early, that's misleading, take it back' when it's the same shirt. Same size. Same condition.
Idk, those McDonald's hamburgers look huge in commercials but I don't complain they aren't that beautiful in real life.
Verizon TV/Internet rights in California was sold to Frontier (who?) and the transfer sucked. People losing internet/blackouts for weeks, etc
Wish google fiber was in my area.
Well now I feel bad, I didn't know that saying
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