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How is the arch/foot support on the butteros?
which tie won the collective action? didn't see it up on the website
i have this problem with my epaulet trousers due to the lightweight. I have given upon on the proper drape. cuffs/heel guards help with this?
Kent has stated the hand grade is on par with Lobb/EG, and the bench grade is on par with Carmina.
I think the powder has to get under the sockliner, but hell, I'll try and put it on anyway, and see if anything happens.
Yes, sorry
Does anyone know how easy it is to take out the vass sockliner? My shoes are creaking, so I want to put some powder in, but I dont want to mess up the shoe
They are already live, just not on the website.Just look on the Harrison website (which doesn't have smiths for some reason, I know)
@Bakes11771 is that the loden suede? How do you like the color?
What's the odds he didn't measure the way luxire instructs people to measure? Also, how can luxire tell how much slope you have from pictures? That's not something that can be caught in typical 'measurements', that takes a few iterations.
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