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^ could be worse. I was the car in the middle of a three car accident. Car in back of me (who caused it) ran.
Did the sleeves on the polos end up being shortened, or are they the same as the first run?
Taking all the best eels man http://gothamist.com/2016/08/23/eely_bad_guys.php
You assume everyone has a choice/can afford it?
You clearly didn't read my previous posts. Please do so. I care more about the process than the end result in this case.
Brioni was also flirting with sportswear there for a bit. Really weird direction choices for the company.
The shoes lining isn't horween leather, so it shouldnt matter. Shoe lining is a completely different material (lambskin/goatskin/kidskin/etc) and the price would be the same regardless of the outer material.
College all-american team would win it all (and even if they didn't, I'd prefer watching them over these guys)
^ Trump supporters still wont care. Even if he changes on this topic, he'll still be 'better' than clinton in their eyes.
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