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what the hell
edit this page is mving fast 900   btw, @Skoaktiebolaget what are the shoes in the advertisement picture?
No, next auction was for some bespoke PJs by Luxire. Nothing to see here.
 You do wear suits everyday though, right?
Leaves, any chance to stock a midnight blue austerity brogue (either EG or G&G) in the future?
For lizard, these do come off as very classic, looks great when done subtly.
 It should come in less than a month or so right? And the flannel is only 13oz, so its not too heavy (if you were worried about that). If you and stitches jump on (seems like he is close too), then we'd only need one more.
 Those are new? Creasing is already very prevalent. Is the sizing correct?
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