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Yeah, i got the mac pro in 2007 for college, and just got the 2015 15-inch mac pro a couple months ago.   Just wondering what the general turnaround was
How often are you guys upgrading your laptops? 
Dodgers 3-0 over the weekend. Atta boy.
Navy and dark/charcoal grey. Don't do wild shit.
No. How much are you willing to spend, and how much time do you have before interview?   If you have time before interviews, look up Kent Wang. MTM, and range is usually 800-1000. very nice for the price point.
The fabric being used will be available through luxire in about a week or two.   Also, @luxire Any chance you could upload the other Grandi & Rubelli linen fabrics you have (the non-whites)? I know they have some beautiful ones, I just don't see them on the website.
Would be in for the 1119 or 1124     1119   1124
Looks like three school bungalows stacked
Yeah it is. I think a light brown/tan might be nice though.   BTW that is a tall collar.
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