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So the sherif for the Seattle police department said that the NFL reps who requested info never said they were from the NFL, who they were working for, just gave a Comcast.net email address, and that's why the info was denied. LOL www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17847819/king-county-sheriff-responds-nfl-statement-handling-information-new-york-giants-kicker-josh-brown-domestic-violence-case
thats what happens when you can't drink coffee or have sex before marriage, you go fking crazy
not to mention the matchups actually suck.
Elio Grasso dolcetto today -    continuing my italy kick, my first dolcetto (I usually stick to nebbiolo), going branch out and try freisa, pelaverga, etc
That's the problem- the dodgers lose if the pitchers give up more than 2-3 runs. The pitchers have to be perfect
I turned it off. Getting paper cut to death.
Damn, been looking for a casual chino in a cream or off white pant (cotton or canvas or cotton blend ideally)
All Thursday games are crap. Short weeks, less time to prepare. More injuries.
This is the worst thing. I'd rather have them be hitting shots and scoring runs than this weak ass ground ball but still being safe shit
Helden, is that cotton? What fabric is that?
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