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Cargo pants? Are you going on a safari? Are you in the armed services? If not, probably not a good idea.
http://espn.go.com/ncf/story/_/id/14226424/florida-state-official-details-favorable-treatment-seminoles-football-players-accused-rape   Damn.
any of their retailers doing sales?
When you guys are asked to bring a wine to a dinner/thanksgiving do you sometimes not bring your best/more expensive wines because you feel they won't 'understand' it or only like fruit bombs etc? I feel like it's being wasted.
I like the last pic the most.
No fun league
I'm sure people would be all over Kudu if that leather was an option for Enzo, but at G&G prices..... interest drops considerably.
Sometimes I like watching the beginnings : / But seriously, do foam rollers/lacrosse balls really help for day to day lifting? Or you guys only use if something is bothering you
Is the NFL drug program that bad that they don't test for that?
God thought he wasn't really a fit at Ralphs doing groceries, so he gave him to the Rams?
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