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 Who tends to have more money, fat old dudes, or mid 20 year olds? Whether you like their attitude or not (and their attitude is indeed wrong), there is a legitimate reason behind it.
 Sounds great, how many many times does that actually happen? If these guys are being paid on commission, then they need to find out who they can sell to, who is actually interested in purchasing rather than 'just browsing', and more likely than not, its not the guy walking up who looks like he just got out of the gym.
I usually get no medallion for simplicity, and it makes it look cleaner/lines are more fluid and sharp
Ex - I'll go to the Bigi Cravatte pagehttp://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/109/scroll down, and there are no products
Might be just my computer, but when I'm going by maker, and "shop xxx", nothing comes up
Though it might be dampened because I think he stays in Italy/Japan (doesn't visit US from what I know)
 Negative as in 0/5 or as in 3/5? I've seen some marked down for swatch accuracy, but no 0/5 or anything terrible
 LOL. Some people just don't like/aren't good at presenting  
was rolling up the shorts necessary?
Unless you do Finance. Then B-School is a break from 12-14 hour workdays.
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