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This is a pretty good idea.
@gdl203  Did you ever do a writeup of Pitti? Any new and upcoming brands that you plan to add or trends you thought were interesting?
 Not going to lie though, when I'm reading this at work, I had to scroll through newc's posts a little faster for fear of his avatar.
Oh, that wasn't her picture?    
You know your neighbor took it right?
   gonna slide this in here. 
 Can you really compare Vass and StC? Would you expect something at twice (or three times) the price to have the same attention to detail/finesse? Not a fair comparison.
That autocorrect....
  Shouldn't your first avenue be to contact Luxire rather than posting about it in a public forum?
 I've seen some really shady stuff happen in this area also (as it's not very common to take over an active lease, and it's not as regulated as leasing from a dealer). There is actually more risk of the person whose lease you are taking over than for you though. Because if you stop paying, he wouldn't know, and he might still be on the hook for the payment (depending on how the paperwork was done). 
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