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 just let out the waist then, it was normally go +/- an inch
 Where is it tight? You can always let out the waist
Got the navy nailhead Formosa, and the TYT pocket square.   The pocket square is  beautiful and so airy. Amazing.   Formosa is great as always. Thinking about MTO'ing something.
Do you want cutaway? If so, get the NOBD 1
That pink lining 
 I hate that the Ford tries to rip off Aston Martin. Now when I see the grill, all I see is a Focus
Are you going for pure design, or is comfort playing a role?
 Changes to a previous order, but no the exact same. I ordered swatches too, but those should normally be easy
 I use it for finance, but some of my friends from college used to use it for applied math (not sure what in particular).
DId you size up from your normal size Murl?
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