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tehehe sounds like we have the same TV provider
I keep reading this as an excel file
You can always email and ask to ship too
Better cash that cheque before next week. After that, it's checks only in 'Murica.
At the end of the dinner, always like $30 short--> 'whose dumbass did not add tax and tip'
I need numbers Ata
You never noticed all the best DL'ers are fat?
Seems very ...sloppy
^ when people order a shit ton of food or drinks, and I'm over here with some water they say 'let's split the bill evenly'.
Are we supposed to believe Heather MacDonald is impartial in this? (Not saying she isn't right that certain numbers weren't provided, but the way you posted it made it seem like she was the end all be all and final say on the matter. Coming from the person who has written articles such as 'The myth of the racist cop' 'The war on cops' Etc etc)
New Posts  All Forums: