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I was really thinking about the pinots today, ending up passing - didn't know really anything about the producer. Let me me know how it is
From FP - very good QPR for ~$10 Interesting combo- 70 Temp/30 Cab
RIP Nick Carraway http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/what-went-wrong-for-gary-johnson/
Soggy waffles?
You also have to be careful with importing the shoes - they have to have the proper paperwork otherwise it can be confiscated and a fine levied
Be nice, I like having Greger here.
Is that why he 'came over' on Sunday?
Look at ed being a grad school elitist
The rest of his sleeve looks snug too...
why not add pleats? that's  the point of pleats, to give more space
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