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When the facts aren't on your side, blame 'the media' and make up your own!
He'd throw a chair at me?
It's like when people say 'no offense' and then say some crazy weird shit, and expect you not to be offended because it was prefaced with 'no offense'
You don't like the public cavity searches? GF still giving you nightmares?
Probably because, in general, not dying/being shot > illegal search. These days, seems like it may be an actual choice.
My cat scratches. She thinks she's playing and gets excited, but damn. Tried getting her to stop, but never worked.
I was hoping
Diameter? or Circumference?
Are you going to tell the keetays when they grow up?
Saw it yesterday. Not as good as the two recent ones. Plot was very straightforward, nothing really flushed out or deep
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