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I like the top button being buttoned on all the suits. Shows Bloomingdales knows what's up. Not.
is eidos MTO with measurements and changes to pattern, or just choice of fabric/pocket/etc options?
Los Angeles is waiting for a trunk show.  though we might settle for SF.....somehow everyone skips LA and goes there.
epaulet has free shipping on orders over 50$
He went to the fitting in a v neck? 
Do you have forward shoulders?
@Monkeyface I remember you saying you tried adding +1 inch to the back on a recent order to get rid of the shoulder-fold problem, how did it turn out?
Beautiful. Always helps to see things IRL.
Any gotten the 'ice by monti' fabrics? How is the quality? Was looking at the pale pink pinstripe
Any chance for a classic navy pindot tie? Was looking for something like this
New Posts  All Forums: