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intentional comma there, totally changes meaning.
Did they just find out?
I really like them. Unfortunately I live in a desert with severe drought conditions. lolol
 Damn, thanks guys-
Via Leffot -    They do have other 'cheaper' socks, for ~$60-80
dont be mean. Boehner will cry again. 
Yeah - I know the teams can see it, but aren't they bound by contract not to leak it to the press/public?Also, have you seen some of the anonymous scout shit this year? Connor cook - scout said he's too self absorbed, wants to 'be the quarterback' wtf does that mean.Eli apple - 'kid wouldn't be able to live on his own, can't even cook' lol heaven forbid he hire a chef or the team provide meals on the road
Lolol. Cuban talks so much shit he should be able to take some, especially with how bad the Mavs have been lately. And the Mavs being dirty (elbowing Westbrook in the face, etc)
Also, two people from the hospital that leaked JPPs info got fired. Schefter never apologized to the player, or the hospital employees though lol
They don't have contracts yet though. That's my point. They're free of the CBA
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