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My apologies, please disregard.   I thought this thread was more of an open ended thread. We have discussed travel before - along with politics, religion, philosophy, and a host of other items that have separate forums for themselves as well. Many of those who post in this thread do not go into the other fora, and so would not be able to respond.
--> the Tweedy Pill
How do you care for suede? (I mean, you can't condition it like 'normal' leather)
Pretty sure Unbel is Michael Buble now.
Where do you think the yellow color comes from?
I always wondered why people want houses that large. 3/4 of those rooms are probably never used.
^ could be worse. I was the car in the middle of a three car accident. Car in back of me (who caused it) ran.
Did the sleeves on the polos end up being shortened, or are they the same as the first run?
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