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Hopefully, its a really fun team to watch. Also, would want them to at least make it back to the SB
Alright guys.... if we're going to talk about rap/hip hop on here, can we talk about lifting in GNAT? 
I've had mine for over a year, and haven't used any leather conditioner/cream etc on it at all. probably should some times though
I actually love my tan shoes, some of my most worn. I love the contrast with a navy suit. (not super CBD, but alas)
ouch. part of his usefulness was because of the fact that he didn't make a lot of money. wonder if this (along with the other contracts they've had to do) will cripple to seahawks.
I have the most experience with Italian tailors, and I know that many of those that I have worked with outsource the pants.I'm not going to write about other tailors I don't have experience with.Thus, my comment.
Drop to 1600
Thanks guys!
yeah, I think a still collar band (not the collar itself) would have a big effect on that.
Anyone have any no-show socks they recommend for loafers?
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