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I don't like darts because I feel like the whole point of MTM is getting something that fits, and looks clean. Also reminds me of RTW department store box pleats etc.
Maybe just have it be Skoak? We already know who you carry!
its only a part of your legacy because people (mostly traditionalists) deem it so.
My car has a code to punch I and it unlocks, regardless of where the keys are
Can't imagine greg saying 'two fiddies' in a French accent.
Ordered two more shirts in preparation for spring/summer (both linen, both IvyBD)
I hate the wins/rings argument as a proxy for him having skill. Dilfer has as many rings as Manning. Is he as good? No. Really wish arguments would be based on better stats.
Lol, is it Richard Lim?
Idk if the jacket is feminine or just the guy posting.
I like that first one
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