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Price Drop!
From NMWA   Shirt was too small for me sadly. Great quality, really would have liked this to fit.   Only worn once. Description from website:   This handmade shirt is in a league of its own. It is cut in a luxurious and classic burgundy striped Alumo fabric, and entirely hand-sewn with painstaking attention to detail. Alumo Supraluxe Swiss cotton fabric Classic Italian spread collar - 4cm high, 8.5cm points Handsewn and shanked mother-of-pearl buttons with...
I think Unbel was insinuating that we will have new options to pore over in a little bit.
I think that means stiches wants you to undo another button
Greg/Unbel/Conceptual: Which do you like better, the Fat carter in cement canvas, or in sol leather?
something not in the jackets colors. Pattern is fine as long as it isn't the same scale as the jacket checks.
 It just says that Epaulet is a menswear store, opened in 2008, friendly, features classic american style. Next to Mike it says "Epaulet Designer"   Also, I really like the Lavender check in the Rivet MTO, but can we get the walt fit instead? or are there going to be some more Walt factory finds incoming
That runner up is beautiful
I'd love to wear winter white.... if I wasn't going to be sitting down at any time. . . .or eating. . .
The vicuña? What's the price?
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