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Wasn't that the police excuse though? He had a gun?
No doesn't mean no anymore?
Jansport, look no further fam
Would probably help too if it showed the word "travel" when you mouse on the top toolbar to Forums-->Culture-->Social Life, Food & Drink, and Travel     might just be me, but when i mouse over, I'm showing that it cuts off after Drink.
^ I thought everything gets better after you say sorry.
24 hour news day. 
Thanks guys
I really dislike that crepe sole look; where the sole is so light that it looks like crepe all the way through (rather than leather stack+crepe)- it looks so artificial to me.   Ex: compared to   
I am 8.5UK Rain and 42.5 F and U. (Also 8.5UK Simpson)
Make business class great again!
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