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Thats a pretty high rise
Mcfox and Mr.Six might be in as well, still thinking
Transfer went through, and was received, so no problems.
I wonder if G&G and EG will feel any losses due to StC taking orders from them? Would be nice if it showed them that having MTOs at cheaper prices/making GMTOs easier really is a good idea
You can always order the fabric with us, and use it later through formosa later
Currently we have 4 (2 maybes), only need 6 to make it a go.   venividivicibj JustinKapur PCK1 LawyerDad   mypants? Mr.Six?   unbel, you interested?
yeah, i was waiting for this thread to blow up
 Yeah, but an external DVD player/writer is only like 50$, and most older laptops couldnt write blueray/DVDs anyway, so its an upgrade.
one more
I transferred today through my bank. They haven't said anything about it not going through. But then I used my own bank, so YMMV
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