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The second picture looks better. Your shoulder measurement is too wide. Neck looks loose. Increase chest slightly. Waist looks billowy, though it might just be how the shirt is tucked in. Possibly subtract some from lower back
does anyone know if the smiths books ever going to be online?
I like the 8 too. Seems to increase fit better
 Looks great though. What color is that?
Resoles by St.Crispin? what was the cost?
boom.   noodles. look at the chalk stripe pics from the NMWA thread.   jump in with us. stitches is close to joining. if you guys join, I think we're at the required 8.
Looks too sporty for you (the head scoop)?
'3rd person bidder'   because he bids as himself, and as a proxy for himself.
 the color on those is beautiful
 This is the 946 right?
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