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@The_Foxx Is that bespoke? I've heard good things about Attolini, but didn't know where they were available (RTW, or only bespoke in Europe, etc)
And nothing is wrong with that.
Well British does favor certain body types. I think of it like that, and also I think Italian is much more relaxed, comfortable, British is normally more structured, military/business
Noodles... Tom ford is great. But it's all 5k, so not sure why it's being compared to Formosa. It is also British, and Formosa js Italian, the styling is totally different. Obviously they'll look different. Doesn't mean better.
?? Go MTM
So you're sizing up right?
Leaves, when does that EG US policy take place, and will it affect our Shanklin restock?
Yeah, I requested a red/black, rather than a burgundy/purplish color, seems to have turned out pretty well
Doesn't an undershirt keep you warmer? Which would be defeating the purpose
How are the 184 and 245 different? (sprout's doesn't have a summary, just measurements)
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