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 Couldn't get past the screen name you chose. 'Man of Wealth and Taste'? Even capitalized properly. Jesus.
Do any of the french tailors ever come state-side?
Wish epaulet did a re-run of the alpine grain tyrol PTBs. Not a fan of the current split toe ones.
Any chance of a colored core denim? Like a army green core with deep indigo warp? Would be sick, and subtle fade, not showy at all
 This. Just make sure to do your research first. Make sure you like the house style. Nothing worse than trying to make a tailor do something that is uncomfortable for him/out of his realm of expertise.
You want to trim how much fabric??
.... You're complaining because they're offering a sale? Companies are not required to give a sale on anything, and yet they put things on sale, and the first thing is a complaint that not enough is on sale.   Typical.
Downtown LA parking garage. V-12 Biturbo mmmmmm
You bought the a year ago and the problem just happened?
I'm a 10, and I wear 43 in F last.
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