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Lol, Tunsil admitted taking money and getting loaner cars from Ole Miss too
Myles jack's surgeon came out today and said he does not need micro fracture surgery     little bit late? lol
Not to mention the video happened about 2 years ago.   Also - who cares if he smokes pot? Its legal in multiple states, we had owners who've had DUIs and gone to rehab, but smoking pot? nooo
550 is pretty expensive, was expecting much cheaper. Interesting I don't see a "this usually retails for xxx" on the post.
ask for well done at In-n-Out. mmmmm. 
Its an ecru/light light tan background, not white.
Tunsils's video is 2 years old. who cares.   Jack is falling. Some very good team is going to get a beast.
intentional comma there, totally changes meaning.
Did they just find out?
I really like them. Unfortunately I live in a desert with severe drought conditions. lolol
New Posts  All Forums: