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If have never seen football not on the TV when Newcomer takes pictures.
Piob, are you  speaking to management / intern relationships, or just coworker relationships?
Wouldn't it have too many straps with sidetabs - extended tab, plus two side tabs?
So vass had their trunk show, did they debut the new last?   Also LOL @ the guy who complains about darkened areas and creasing on his museum shoes. Of course museum will have darker areas. Also, that area that has creasing? Guess what - when you wear the shoes, there will be creases. 
You need more Geno in your life?
 Did you end up telling the lady? or your boss who she tattled to?
Honestly, you should talk to your tailor about it. He should be able to guide you. It's nice to be able to see it online, but that is no substitute for actually being able to feel them, touch them, and compare from one to another.
@unbelragazzo is the caccioppoli solaro in this thread the same one made up currently by NMWA? Looks like the one in here is wool though, not cotton right?
One of the guys in my office, who has back problems (something with his disk) has a standing/sitting desk. He  has to stand as much as possible, and gets put on this stretching machine by his chiropracter. Something about the fluids from the disk leaking into the surrounding area
New Posts  All Forums: