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Us size 50 have no sympathy.
Any plans for a trunk show (or another store in the future) in LA?
7 7/8 head? Thats a dome. Do you have to get your hats custom made?
i'd advise the eidos. It should last longer, and will work in more seasons (being a worsted as opposed to a flannel)
You mean other than everything about the suit? the construction can make a suit worth $3000 or $300. The fabric can make it a winter (flannel) or a spring. Its like saying "other than the looks, reliability, and price of the cars, which is better" huh?  Everything depends on what you are looking for.
Does Lovat have a website or a place of contact on the web where I can see their ranges?
@gdl203  What is the typical wait time for a Formosa MTO/Group MTO?
What is the difference between the Ciro and the Lorenzo? Just the extended front dart?
What are the cedar blocks meant to do?
anyone have any tips or do's/don'ts for storing fabric that wont be made up for a year or more?
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