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Going to have a navy cotton SC made. Should I go for canvas or cotton twill? (I can get the same shade of navy for either, just waffling on the weave)
damn, he must have been really good.
^The undyed/natural color in the first pic looks great.   last would have limited use, but would look great when it is used.
Is that the bamboo portofino book?
Moderators have cucked idfnl
LOL youre banned?
Here you go- "One advantage of sous vide cooking is that you can have the food pre-cooked and frozen in sealed pouches in the freezer, ready to be reheated and served when necessary. As long as you reheat it below the target cooking temperature, your food will be perfectly cooked. "
 I've done ribs in the SV. SV for first few hours, and then finish on grill. Texture/charring was normal. (I dont have a smoker so can't help on that front)
There's an app that can connect your phone to your SV. Also, you dont have to worry about the meat being 'done' or 'overcooked' because it stays at the same temperature.
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