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Troll so hard.
Any plans to have a faded burgundy cotton linen stripe (like the current blues)? The red one has alternating thick thin stripes with a blue shadow/ not the same style
IDK what I would do with unlimited data. That would be amazing
Wrong thread, you could try GNAT, Ask a Question, or maybe theres a RLPL thread
The cream windowpane is my favorite of those. 
Yeah, I don't normally get one every year (my GF does), but the jump in processor/camera/memory from 5 --> 6s is so large its worth it for me
I think preorder on the 18th, and release a week or so later. I'm mainly upgrading because I still have a 5 (so crappy camera/old battery), and I want to upgrade memory (only 16 gigs currently)
I put in a GMTO with Alden a month ago. I sneeze at your wait times.
Makes sense. Put in an order today for the white seersucker, and the albini blue chambray. (soft roma cutaway and stiff cutaway respectively). Going to see which I prefer, then I'll order the polo.
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