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No clags, Elioda has already determined that it is short. No need to ask the person who actually owns the suit.
I'm impressed that you can tell from the front pic without seeing the back, or other angles, (the lower rise of the pants might cause some visual distortions , etc etc.), but you've already determined, so congrats
How can you tell the jacket is too short from this picture?
damn, I really liked their linens. 
yeah, the shipping they've added in is nice now. It sucked when I used to buy 1-2 ties, and the shipping would be ~10-15% of the entire purchase price
thanks guys - ended up doing mashed potatoes with some oven roasted carrots
Good of you, thanks
No comments is generally good. If a tie stands out, it's usually in a bad way
So take it somewhere else. The point was the show the cloth. Not get your 'expert' opinion.
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