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Any black friday deals? Looking at some polos
 Don't listen to stiches. It's called color blocking. very 'in' right now. Wear both. or at least take a pic of you wearing both.
 Please wear both of these at the same time.
Perfect time to complete the GMTO!!!!
Any chance for the military monster in the slim straight (rather than tapered)? Brarely can't fit the thigh due to squats and dealifts
yes, doesn't change anything about my point.
I do one pleat on the cuff. Reduces the puff on the wrist/forearm.Shoulder looks a little too wide. Reduce shoulder, but increase chest. Can also chop out some of the lower back if you want.
 Couldn't get past the screen name you chose. 'Man of Wealth and Taste'? Even capitalized properly. Jesus.
Do any of the french tailors ever come state-side?
Wish epaulet did a re-run of the alpine grain tyrol PTBs. Not a fan of the current split toe ones.
New Posts  All Forums: