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I think I'm going to get the white v4, and then replace it with a shell or canvas strap to make it more 'rustic'   inspired by this from KW's insta  
Wines slowly oxidize. Scotch basically stops aging due to he high alcohol %
^ its not... its a mid grey.. you can wear that any tie. It's 13 oz, but assuming you have AC inside, you'd be fine.
Paul George on the lakers? Lakers would have to give up too much.
I don't get why Harden is favored to win the MVP over Westbrook. The Thunder are a legit mid tier college team without Westbrook on it.
top 18 protected? so.. youre basically already getting a second round pick. (no lottery//big names)
On a conference call with ~100 people. There is always, without a doubt, at least 1-2 people who always forget to mute their phone
Do you have any pics of the olive cotton? 
Noel is great on D, but his offense is painful.
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