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 okay good, I'd like to see something made up as an example.   I saw this green one (and I know the swatch is different, but relatively close). I like it, but don't think i'd have the balls for it.
I think I'd be more open to the brown for wearability, green looks nice, but seems a little out there
@unbelragazzo / @gdl203 would that fabric be good/work for a SC?
we only had 3 people, we'd need 3 more for it to go through.
Guys.... this is already better than ToJ, luxire actually provided the clothes. And responded to an email.
 Yeah, I made the Ruhlman Bacon, so I wanted to see if pastrami was easy/feasible also
Has anyone here made pastrami?
 interesting. might let luxire get some experience working with it before I jump on the leather train in any case.
New Posts  All Forums: