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Make sure to post pics so people want to order more!
looking for ad-block for chrome now...
Currently at 2 medium, 1 narrow, 1 wide. LOL.
And if you accidentally click too far one way or the other....   I mean, with all the affilaite vendors and everything, youd think SF wouldn't need to do advertising like this.
@Ian L @watchidiot @bsmw   Still undecided?   Committed:   Justin - normal width Me - Normal width Peppercorn - Wide MC313-narrow   Just a reminder to all, this is for the EG Shanklin
Stop thinking so much. Get in on the Stock pull.
The unlined is about 350$ cheaper... So not sure about the premium
I think they'd be giving others the shaft
LOL. Your reputation preceeds you. I'm 8.5 UK 9.5US, take 42.5 in Vass F and U lasts.
I keep hearing about how it should be = to 2 or 3 months salary? Any of you guys follow certain 'rules' for how much you should pay? 
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