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As long as the buttons aren't functional, you can alter sleeves from the end ( non-shoulder), and it is easy. If buttons are working - much more difficult, especially if the fabric has a pattern (for matching purposes), and you may need more fabric.
Lol, 'I don't have much interest in that article' but I sure will link it twice and keep saying the polos age poorly
Stingray looks 
I don't, I'm sorry. You might have to get smogged or something like that though
Are you doing any other exotics? (stingray, etc - i saw croc, looked good)
I feel like brown shoes might look really bad with that. going full 70's napolean dynomite. but then I'm not sure what else would match? tan?
Some Auto companies will begin to roll out an option for used/CPO leases. Should be interesting. Doing trial phases currently.
Surprised more people dont use R last
They look great, you're just not used to the look. Are you wearing sock-less or with sock?
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