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Greg, did you ever get to take photos of the made up Inis Pre-orders when they came in?
Or he isn't sensitive about his height, and doesn't particularly care? Most of your 'fixes' are about creating vertical lines to enhance height but this 'fix' is creating a horizontal one. Would this not make him seem wider? It seems to contradict the rest of the post.
Come to East LA - you'll learn not to jaywalk (or you'll learn how to dodge cars)
This has zero to do with my argument. I did not argue for, or against, banning. Merely that the ability to have the same number of rounds in a magazine and ability to go semi-auto does not mean they are the same as a whole.
Really, thats the only difference between a handgun and a rifle? You can't just choose one characteristic and say - well, this small subset is equal, therefore the whole object is equal.
Lawyerdad was feeling himself yesterday. [insert fire emoji here]
UC, in your experience, how are the East Sicily tailors stylistically different from the Neopolitans?
Japanese have some hard ass pillows filled with rice or something bead-like too
I had assumed all were full grain, is that not the case?
jet,  is that you?
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