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Are John Lobb and Vass at the same price point now? (I dont know what the 'prestige' line is, and was wondering if it was a fair comparison)   Also- When are you going to be seeing the insoles? These shoes are for wearing right?
we've seen your 'what I ate last night' posts
Looks good- was worried because in some pics the 'nose' off P2 looks bulbous
Where are you picking up these one offs?
Justin, what last are these?
^ skoak already has a dark brown chukka on that last- I wanted 363 because it's more casual (and the rubber sole as well)
^ What's wrong with the cotton?
Burgundy Wholcut on the Simpson last Carmina Single leather sole
Be careful with the 'original price' check wine-searcher etc  to confirm. (they do original price like dealerships do MSRP)
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