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Mike, don't think you answered this earlier, are there any pure linen coming out? And how do the old copper linen vs current tobacco linen/cotton match up?
The smile pic scared me. Wasn't expecting Greg to move.
 well.. how tall are you. Normally about 1.5 meters though.
 best they do know, so skoak can continue to do great GMTOs, and have the manafacturers not chop out/change their programs.
@Epaulet are the new tobacco linen/cottons the same color palette as the old copper linen? Also, are there going to be any pure linen MTO's coming up?
nice, I know I'll regret it, but I'm holding out on this one.  Already have too many pants.
 okay good, I'd like to see something made up as an example.   I saw this green one (and I know the swatch is different, but relatively close). I like it, but don't think i'd have the balls for it.
I think I'd be more open to the brown for wearability, green looks nice, but seems a little out there
@unbelragazzo / @gdl203 would that fabric be good/work for a SC?
we only had 3 people, we'd need 3 more for it to go through.
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