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Damn! Is she taller than you?
Stitches being defended by steve nash.
@FrankCowperwood is the leather really that red?
Asking the obvious question - what is Moonbeam? just wondering why the fascination with this particular book (is it the styles, or the angora)?
Pre-Order for Formosa MTO.   Check!
What is winter white? A slightly off white?
 I am also 40-15.75-9.5. As are what seems to be about half of this thread... or at least it seems that way when I shop at NMWA.
Epaulet: post pics of the Walt MTOs when they are made up, so we can see the full item rather than just a swatch!
just wondering from how a numbers perspective - do you know what the cut off was for not being included as your own category? (meaning how many did AJL have, as he is the least that still has his own slice)
True, maybe there is some faster way I haven't found yet.
New Posts  All Forums: