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I think this thread has turned for the better. Actually reasoned debate rather than flaming. Nice to read on SF.
What? I'm in LA and doing it. SF is totally fine. It's not like it's an 18 ox fabric. It's 13 oz
Goddamnit PBooth. My impression was that windowpane suits are suitable for true business. So I might buy a windowpane, and wear as separates. Was just checking to see if windowpane trousers were frowned upon, a la navy/charcoal pants
 Oh no, I was just having a little fun 
 Everyone who missed out on buying an item just got trolled.
Windowpane odd-trousers okay? Or too suit-y
Yeah... if youre going tieless suit, go sportcoat.
LOL don't complain about being shut out. Buy the tartan. There is another now. Triplets.
Chalk stripe chalk stripe
Mike:   You prefer the normal Chocolate Nailhead or the Ends Chocolate Birdseye?
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