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For those of you that have ordered suits, how long after you placed your order did you receive your jacket/suit?
that first one is sexy. is that charcoal, or navy blue?
@gdl203 is the MTO basically RTW but you choose the fabric/pocket/lining options? (Or does it require a fitting) (for us non-NY residents)
 "is he bigger than me?'
thank you! curious to see how the 'C' or 'S' last will fit in here.
that pic makes the K last look better. The k last looks wider/less chiseled than the U last in that pic.   edit - just saw NAMOR agress haha @RogerP any chance you could do a side by side of the U and the K? Maybe an aerial view to see how the shapes differ?
Would love if more tailors would come to LA. everyone seems to go to SF
But they are indeed very helpful at sending swatches.
they've been "in the process" for a few months now. don't hold your breath.
the vintage rioja seems to have a lot of variance in color, some of the pictures look eggplant-y while others have much more red in it. There is also quite a bit of variation in the darkness of the shades as well.
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