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Looking forward to the Carlo Barbera and looking forward to the new Icarus line.
nope, ordered about 6 pairs a month or two ago, and everything is good.
how CBD is a glenplaid suit like that? Always wondered because of the pattern.
Comrade, if you arent a fan of the brand, as clearly you are not, then don't post in this thread. No need to pollute it.
damn Butler. amazing as always.
sorry, wrote it wrong, I meant those people who wear undershirts must not be from warm climates, as they would die.   @gdl203  is there a pricing structure yet for the Eidos MTO/MTM? (when iyou guys get it)
Bringing the conversation back to undershirts, do you guys who wear undershirts live in hot climates? because I live in LA, and would die if I wore an undershirt, a dress shirt, and possibly a suit jacket.   Also not sure how an undershirt is "more comfortable" ,sounds like you just need better fitting dress shirts/different fabric   and @bourbonbasted I (almost) never wash my jeans, take that as you will.
don't actually mind these with jeans, looks pretty good
@coolpapa  what was the name of the top fabric? thats not the LL Agnelli Flanel "LLFL09" which was the same style, but RAF. Is it a LL grey flannel? Can't find the name
yes, but the fabric choices change.
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