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I think more about the color of the tie (pastels/lighter for spring/summer, earthy/darker for fall/winter) rather than the make (shantung/linen/etc)
Generally, what would be the % price change from MTM to RTW? (fabric cheaper because produce in bulk etc). Asking because if we're doing RTW, might as well do some of the more expensive fabrics to maximize the discount
Yeah sorry, never used/researched that brand, so I don't know who else carries it.
Don't know that particular brand, sorry. But there are a lot of other affiliates that offer cufflinks (KW, HY,NMWA, etc) for a fraction of the cost.
I guess thats why it was his wedding and not yours?
is that what it's called?
Is the fawn flannel the custom for Unbel/NMWA Fox made ?
Sounds good, was looking for a nice tobacco or brown. Was looking at the brown wool/silk/linen by Drapers in their Estate book, or maybe a linen in a darker tobacco color.
maybe would be better if you can get a city tweed (like the monbeams), would reach a wider audience (since i know six probably can't wear a 16oz tweed in sf)
Hey DWW, I know you were working on some special order fabrics/had some interesting ideas, any updates?
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