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Selling meermin snuff suede penny loafers, size 8.5uk.
True true, just letting you know just in case.
or cream silk.
if you really want gregs jacket, message him, we are currently doing a GMTO on that exact fabric.
@macjedi how many cream trousers do you need!!   I was looking for an off white//oats color (already have the epaulet pale yellow khyber), any suggestions?
anyone know of a good charcoal POW with a faint red overcheck? (so as to be invisible from a few feet away, AKA CBD but still interesting)
pretty sure there have been a few of these already.
cmon guys it was obviously a typo. lets be nice. wait until we have seen the product at least!
Wouldn't mind if we did start doing some unique suitings.
Damn! Is she taller than you?
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