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Anyone know what the typical price for a meter cashmere cloud (loro piano) is?
Correct. PBooth was talking about a different tailor. Will edit original post.
long story short, a few years back, several people paid a tailor named Darren Beaman (not NSM) for suits, and they were never received.
nee collective action is up if anyone hasn't seen yet! Fat Carter from La Portenga
pick the brown linen mix. already have too many checks!
@NickPollica  I sent you a PM a few days ago.
Are you going to update the Rota MTO page with new/updated swatches?
Trying to consolidate shie collection, and I never got around to wearing these anyway, might as well sell them to someone who will use them. I don't know about Uetem, but I sized the same for this last (Ron) as Rain, Vass F last, AE 5 last, so pretty much TTS.
EU, but they can provide measurements for the sizes, and provide a US to EU size conversion
New Posts  All Forums: