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I'm 'Making Fantasy Great Again' (without some vowels due to length restrictions)
Unexpected in what way....
It's for Labor Day (so I assume ends after this weekend), but you can always order online and it pick up until later.
Cream linen for low contrast. Some kind of olive/faded green might work
Total Wine currently 15% off all wines
It's not mixed with pencil shavings and other shit?
What are you comparing it to the top ten and not top5? Or top 3? Once again you're comparing him to lower draft picks.Also, here - https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/news/report-says-rest-of-nfl-laughing-at-chargers-over-bosa-holdout-183157399.html
Go to the NFL Thread. They're making one
under this logic teams are just going to keep pushing and giving shittier contract language because they know the players can't hold out because they need to 'get in there and develop their rep'
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