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Do most people wear unlined without socks? (For loafers I know I do)
You saying in usefulness? Or just your opinion on looks
http://violamilano.com   Was looking at them, some great ties on there.
Yeah, it means your shoes are fake.
Dat ass.  I have heard that wholecuts stretch out more than normal shoes though.
So... Chukkas.. I've never seen the beauty in them, but Skoak has a nice coffee suede Chukka by EG for only $600.....    Persuade me why chukkas are versatile/useful?
Is that the current shanklin?   Why is it so cheap, it makes it so tempting, and I've never even been attracted to chukkas
need more pics/move your arms around to tell. But it shouldn't matter how much padding it has, it it fits very well, and you like it. 
Were there any other raw silks available? I don't remember 
Must be why it ripped. One of his legs was literally stolen
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