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Does holland and sherry only sell to those in the trade?
That linen suit looks surprisingly wrinkle free and smooth. Blend?
I know despos said something in the 'my visit to napoli' thread about fabrics looking different from different angles as well. (Weave going right to left vs left to right)
wish they had alternate seersucker fabrics (a pure white, and maybe a pale purple stripe, etc)
Yes, that nice soft beige is indeed brighter when painted across the whole of your house.
thanks!Sleeve length altered, some waist suppression, some back fabric taken out. He was very thorough and is a perfectionist. Good for my jacket, bad for my wallet.
Would that suffice?
It's sand yes, I was looking for a more light yellow/pink than a light brown, I already have a linen in the sand color
Well I'd be open to tropical wool too, just something lightweight and cool
If anyone is interested in a cream fresco or some tropical/open weave (rather than a beige-tan) I would be in for some pants.
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