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Ah, well good luck - you might be able to tell ahead of time because of the color.
^ very possible, but wouldnt the retailer let him bring it back if it were premoxed? (assuming it wasnt bought at auction)
Well that makes it easy.Anytime anyone is ever arrested for being non compliant/resisting etc, we have a ready made excuse.
So... you're okay with it? Turning this around, can someone claim that they can't hear a police officer saying to 'get on the ground' or 'stop resisting' if one is under a large amount of stress (like if someone is pointing a gun at you)?
I'm agreeing with you, just emphasizing the confusion over why some measurements are doubled and some arent.
that is one of the worst, most awkward defenses i've heard.
CE is a very strange circle.
He's being inclusive -  This is minority outreach
hmm - got this when I was talking about the thigh - "Note any thigh reduction will be double for circumference, so -1cm all around."   So I guess thigh = x2, but bicep not?
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