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Well I'd be down if anyone wants to do the Black Wholecut again. Only need 3.
Looks like the cufflink restock was delayed again.
I got my first Greg note yesterday. So apparently I'm missing Jessica, Be__ and Unbel (should he wish to write another)
@luxire Any chance of getting more Alumo or Albini fabrics?
I'd be down for the normal Black wholecuts, but the ~50% upcharge for seamless is too much for me.
 People don't just complain about service.  It is also about the food quality, without realizing that what they are eating is not typical of what is normally served. A dinner for $30 isnt the same as a $100 dinner? Shocking.
 the mythical jessica
 So laundering + pressing means none of the extra chemicals are used?
BTW mafoofan, the link in your sig doesnt work anymore
@Leaves  Any Ishams coming up in the pipeline?
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