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Preserving it like Lenin
I can't do this. I'd end up spending too much.
I think DWF heard you.So... You're in?
Damn. I need to get some cement stairs.
Difference of 3 mm? That's only .1 inches
I don't mind either peak/notch or flapped/besom. If any of you feel strongly one way or the other, I'll go with you. Received the Fat Carter today, I have to say it is beautiful. Does anyone know if it requires regular conditioning due to its leather nature (reno, etc)?
  3 roll 2, etc. typical stuff. Vest is also optional if you want to make it a 3 piece. Once we have all 8 we are ready to go. Currently 5 with a possibility of 2 more [ Stiches (he is close to joining i believe) and Justin (he is waiting on his GMTO for sizing) ]. If any combination of those above 2 and you, or others join, we will have 8 and can move forward. After that, all the pricing details etc will be set (Greg said it should be around the normal Formosa cost...
I wish seconds were available online and not just on site.
The second picture looks better. Your shoulder measurement is too wide. Neck looks loose. Increase chest slightly. Waist looks billowy, though it might just be how the shirt is tucked in. Possibly subtract some from lower back
does anyone know if the smiths books ever going to be online?
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