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I'd love to wear winter white.... if I wasn't going to be sitting down at any time. . . .or eating. . .
The vicuña? What's the price?
Pardon my ignorance, but is winter white actually white? Or a cream-white?
Ahh, We are basically the same, excellent. Well... Not excellent since everyone is formosa size 50 😡
@Newcomer you wear a 50 in formosa and 52 in eidos, would you mind me asking your height/weight?
I guess this is the new NMWA x Formosa/Eidos GMTO thread? haha
 It is only one calendar year later, but two Model years old. So that also depreciates it further. Just do private party.
Ahh that makes more sense then. As long as you are actually purchasing one of the items. If you are one of those 'purchase 10 items return all 10'...... then no sympathy.
Y u tease us!
Doesn't hang as smoothly, looks wrinkly etc. there is a point where light becomes light too light
New Posts  All Forums: