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Polo and snuff are both mid brown. Polo is just more reddish
Next time the bat signal will be for the new hemp-silk-cashmere one.
What a beautiful jacket! Must be a man of great taste
Also.... In the professional world, You don't compare unrelated business together, and assume they work the same. Shoes =/ your office. I do not believe skoak gave you a deadline as you stated, but rather an estimate. Those are different. Also, Skoak said Bonafe sent out the remaining orders, so you comments about 'going out on vacation with orders unfulfilled' is incorrect.
Lol. You know StC is ~2x the price of EB right?
That's actually the spalla camicia (the shirt sleeve style shoulder), this jacket is relatively new (only been worn twice I think) and hasn't settled in all the wayAlso caustic... Your argument seems to be based solely on one SF posters DB?I mean... GDL is talking tradition and you're saying what you subjectively prefer... Totally different. And one person's jacket isn't proof of that argument.
Cross post from WAYWT, one of the Formosa MTO's from last year.
That jacket is one of my favorites, super comfortable.
Soller looks pretty nice. I do agree, snuff suede >> red brown suede
Summer wedding today Luxire Formosa Rota
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