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Those are some gnarly creases.
And here I thought my double computer screens were enough... You use 6?
Walt and driggs are same. Only way you'd size up possibly would be if you are in between sizes.
I'm doing no padding with spalla camicia. It's structured, but with no roping and it has slight shirring, also called 'shirtsleeve' shoulders by some. More formal than unstructured
Is there a picture for each of the button options? I see a list of the options, but not pictures of them. Also, would love a medium brown/exotic horn button option. Something like this
I was thinking of a jacket in this color, similar
I will do it in a month or two with Minnis 520. I'm size 40, and I got 2.25 meters/2.5 yards for a SC. Email kent, and he'll advise how much you need (I bought mine and asked after, and they said it would be more than enough)
Is that an easy procedure for pretty much any tailor? (Tapering the thigh all the way down) I've only done waist adjustment and hemming
I was under the impression that nothing could be reserved and it was all on a first come first serve basis.I think SVB is just writing the inventory that is currently available, and noting that he is already purchasing that item for someone should it be available on Saturday , so no one else should PM him asking about it.Of course I could be misreading the whole thing and he does have items reserved. Haha
Do you guys also taper the thigh or just the knee down
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