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Or just buy it from NMWA . . . They're having a Eidos MtO event later this month, with discounts.
Yes, at first I wasn't sure if it was one home, or multiple hotel suites, or some other arrangement
Leffot prices tend to be higher than other places. Skoak tends to always be the most competitive
Through your bank? Or someone like western union?
Trying to get Austerity brogue st James [done] Balmoral captoe (Warwick) Gable [done] Captoe Adelaide (EG Laughton) [on order] Black wholecut [on order]
Yeah, it's not to don't trust him, just the extra fee, time involved, and contacting me bank etc.
I'm trying to do something like that
A credit card is definitely easier.
Is it just whey or is there casein/egg protein, etc
Did you ever have the extra shoulder fabric (behind/in front of the shoulder), and what did you do to fix it?
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