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Im glad that im not in her position right now if i was her i would get in one knee and fucken pray i dont leave her because im taking care of your daughterĊ£ that not even mine lets see how manny men you have to blow before you find another one that actuallt want to take you
Happy that now i realized that to dont care about a person more than yourself because youll give it all to her and if the time comes to seperate your going to have a lot of catching up to do with yourself and the people you might of left behind .
Enjoying my guittar in the california weather
Im happy with how my appearance changed dramatically from being a 254 lb. Kid since middle school and aslo bullied because of my weight and now 21, fit to the muscle i can say and now im always being asked how i got my body and my bullies are the obese ones now...
It still bugs me for some reason that some woman actually believe in not wearing deodorant for better quality breast milk
Yeah that sounds like some nice colors and grey would be the beat choice since the blazer carries a small portion of grey ... and may i say dark brown driver loafers.
Nordstrom in south coast plaza wow its amazing how bad the sales look when you browse around and for some reason they insinuate that you want every shirt they offer
When your late for a flight in lax because an idiot forgot his drum set peace and thats what making hin money. Ill cuff that shit to my life if i was hin
What should i wear with this blazer its khaki or bone color idk...
Men and woman that dont acknowledge their weight and wear two sizes smaller when it should be the opposite. "Muffin tops"
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