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As far as the quality of suit supply's suits how are they? Are they fully canvassed or fused? If I wanted s top quality brand this is what you would recommend?Maybe that's the route that I will go, is order a size for myself and have a tailor alter it the way I like it. Thoughts?
I contacted a department store that stocks canali and will do a made to measure starting at 1650. Any thoughts on this?Can you point me in the right direction as far as suit brands?Thanks,
What about doing a brooks brothers Golden Fleece? Thoughts on this?
#3 custom made whitey Herzogs suit when he was inducted into the hall of fame. #2 has an endorsement from Deion sanders
Any help from the forum?
Dear forum, I am going to be getting several fully canvassed suits. I have it narrowed down to three places in Saint louis where I will be buying canvassed suits and custom made shirts. 1.) brooks brothers Golden Fleece. I think we all know what to expect here. 2.) a place called bespoke apparel. They will measure you in store and help you select cloth and have a tailor out of the area sew the suit together. They have several hundred fabrics to choose from. 3.) a place...
Caustic. Thank you for your response. What I'm looking for is two modern fitting suits to add to the core of my suit wardrobe. Probably a charcoal and a navy blue.
The suit I bought there must have no been the base level suit, but mine was roughly 2k.
I'm not for sure what to do. I have no experience with hsm and I love my ww chan suit.
@ 700 with Hsm vs 2k at ww chan what would you guys do?
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