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Caustic. Thank you for your response. What I'm looking for is two modern fitting suits to add to the core of my suit wardrobe. Probably a charcoal and a navy blue.
The suit I bought there must have no been the base level suit, but mine was roughly 2k.
I'm not for sure what to do. I have no experience with hsm and I love my ww chan suit.
@ 700 with Hsm vs 2k at ww chan what would you guys do?
Has anyone had any experience with HSM? Or have both ww chan and hsm suits? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Dear forum, I am going to be buying 2 suits in the next six months and need some help. I have a good relationship with my nordstrom sales rep and he called me about a mtm event special they are hosting where they feature canali (starting at a 2k pricing point) and a hart Schaffner Marx ( starting at 700). He is recommending getting a couple of the hart Schaffner Marx. I have liked the suits I bought from nordstrom before and have no real complaints on the fit. However,...
Thanks Davis Has anyone else had experience with Davidfin ties? Do you like them? Any other brands you guys would recommend? Thanks
I need some help with picking out ties and companies who make good quality ties to wear on wall street with my business suits everyday. I'd be interested in hearing your guys top picks. Thanks in advance
Dear forum, I'd like your help regarding business ties. I work on wall street and need conservative ties to go with my suit everyday. I have slot of plains in blue and red and stripes in those colors also ( mostly turnbull and asser). Any other brands/ colors or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated
Hi forum, I'm looking for some business dress shirt and tie ideas. Please post your favorite. Dress shirt by Hugh and crye tie by zegna  
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