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    Thank you for this. This helps clear up the matter.   With I was confused about the process was I was told to only buy one suit at a time. What is the difference of buying one suit or three suits if its just a sent to you made to measure suit? How will I know if it fits correctly without having chan look it over again?   My plan 1. Fly to D.C to see chan 2. Get fitted select material for 1 suit but make mental note of other materials I would want once first suit came...
I am just confused on why chan is coming to d.c from Hong Kong if they are telling me they can't fit me in one session. Isn't that the entire reason you come to d.c so you can fit someone in one session?
SF,    I emailed chan to get fitted in DC @ July 28. I asked them that once I get fitted for the original suit and its made and shipped if there needs to be readjustments can I goto chicago to see chan in october?   I got back this email and now im confused.     Dear Moon:     As mentioned in my previous email,there is no size fitting service for mail order but we will make other efforts to make up for this shortcoming.   However, in case you...
lol   Would wearing not a perfect fitting suit be better then wearing no suit at all just regular clothes? 
So even if I bring a non perfect fitting suit that will be better then nothing?
The truth of the matter is...I dont know if I have any good fitting suits? I guess the reason i wanted a bespoke was so a properly trained tailor could fit me top to bottom and I could finally get a correct fitting suit. Would it be the wrong thing to do to not bring a suit? 
I had assumed ( I guess incorrectly) that with getting fitted by WWChan or any bespoke that it would be a one and done meeting. I guess I ignorantly assumed that they would be so good they could get the measurements perfect the first time. 
I live in STL. I'm going to see WWChan in D.C, even if I get one suit how would I iron out problems when i go back home?
SF,   I have decided to fly to D.C to visit a cousin on July 26-28 and WWChan will be there also and have decided to pick up 2-3 suits.   I have never had a Bespoke experience before and want to give it a shot vs OTR.    Any tips advice on what questions to be asking/what to wear or look for to make sure I get my moneys worth would be greatly appreciated.
I'm from st. Louis would chan come here? How can I find chan and contact them? Do you think a made to measure brooks brothers would turn out better then this? This was off the rack
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