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Subject says it all, contact me here, have more feedback on ebay if needed.
Updated, 10/20/13, these sales end at like 6 and everything is still dirt cheap, help a brother out with some bidding action! Got a bunch of ebay sales going this week, would love it if you guys stopped by.  Almost all have started at .99, with a most of the rest at 9.99, doing some closet cleaning. EDITED TO SAY THE PICTURES ARE OUT OF ORDER, but should be pretty easy to guess without clicking through if you don't want too. 1.  This is a Vanishing Elephant button...
It is an online gift code. 
Bergdorf Tie.
Pictures say it all.  $25, Medium.
Pendleton Shirt, lightly worn.  Large, $20.
Cleaning out the closet, picture says it all.  Been worn a handful of times.  $25. 
I have three pairs of Allen Edmonds loafers I am looking to get rid of.  All 3 are worn, but in decent condition. Look closely for the difference between the first two, you can distinguish them by the area under tassels.  30 each.   PM with any questions.   EDITED TO SAY:   2 pairs left, the dark ones and the light ones with the fringe under the tassels.   EDITED AGAIN:  ONLY THE DARK REMAIN!
The pictures say it all.  Items were not originally grouped together in anyway , but have been grouped together for this listing.  All used.  May consider individual items, but would rather sell as group.  Pm me with any questions.  Thanks guys!   iPhone users, if you have a 4 I will include the blue lounge kii charging key.   The kii can be found in one of the pictures in this listing, the eastern collective cord in a previous listing of mine.
This is an E-Gift Card, not a physical gift card, but not store credit, no restrictions apply. It will actually be $525 if you order your clothes from the referral link i can send you due to there referral program (i get $25 also.)  Immediate delivery.   Edited to say:   I have sold on here once before, but he did not leave a reference, I can provide my Ebay Screenname with 100% feedback on around 30 sales.  The gift card is mine and was obtained when I had to...
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