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What is the sleeve length on the Mack? Also, what is your shoulder measurement? I'm a very athletic (muscular) 5'8" and usually wear a 42-44 suit. Could you also give me an idea as to the sleeve circumferance, is this a slim fit, or a more traditional piece that would be good for layering?   Thanks, D
A pair of gently worn, excellent condition moc toes. I'm only selling because these boots never really made it into the rotation, thus the great condition. The price includes free shipping.   Thanks for looking!   D
I'll be there on Friday late afternoon/early evening!
Ok, you asked for it! Pics to come soon...
Thanks becnal & oxygen, a friend of mine told the DJ to call me out to have a dance off against my dad. I couldn't back down!
Thanks, yeah, I agree. I think the only think I'd change is taking the sleeves up a touch. I'm actually going to have David do that when I take it in for a cleaning... 
PICS!!!   Here we go fellas! My July 20th wedding in upstate New York, outside in the heat of the summer wearing my custom David Reeves suit. Anyone in the NYC area, and looking to get a custom suit for his wedding or any other even, and needs someone who's a real professional need to look no further than David. I'm a very difficult fit, more than a 10" drop, and a big chest. He got the fit spot on! Nothing too stylized like some of the ultra slim, ultra short...
Just when I thought I knew exactly what I was going to wear with my light navy blue Dormeuil suit, my bride had problems with a custom gown she was having made. Subsequently she had to change her dress, and now I'm sort of "up in the air" with what I should wear for my shirt and tie combo. Now her dress will be ivory, so I will be getting a cream shirt made, but I don't know what color tie would look best. I initially was going to go with a trad wedding tie (houndstooth,...
What are the measurements of the shoe? Outsole, and in (length and width)...   Thanks,   D
In the brick and mortar store or the barneyswarehouse store online?
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