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Why hasn't Jaime Lanister been captured and hung for murdering the king? I must have missed something.
United States. We're only nationalistic when we kill pakastanis.
Hey we want a dna test. Nope they buried him at sea. How convenient.
[quote=jrd617;4426001]Wow, I need to use Reddit more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/d...00/3571497.stm Omg and 5+1 = 6. That makes it 666. Wow wheres my tinfoil hat?
Hey maybe now we can focus on the real issues like poverty and education at home.
Overall it was an ok card. Lots of hype around it and not enough bite. Gsp/Shields was the worst match I've seen since Anderson fought that Leite guy back in Chicago. As an ex-bjj guy, much love to it, but they need to stop matching strikers against fighters with ground game as their foundation. Shields looked like a 15 year old trying to fight a grown ass man.
Hominick looking like The Hills Have Eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker I was just saying most of the LVC shirts look best on dudes built like Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront. Any person who works out looks better in any clothing. Hit the rax.
That's why you buy cheap white shirts in case you do get stains, you can just throw them away.
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