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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 What is your avatar? That's Cory and Trevor from Trailer Park Boys. Happy Mother's Day Bron Bron.
[quote=RFX45;4445261]So two games makes him soft? Dude has been beasting for 2 months and you judge him by two games? And not to mention that Bynum had 18/13 in game two and that is still soft? Get the fuck out of here. Again, people are just saying shit out of their mouth and the bandwagon Lakers haters comes out when they were losing? Shit, that is easy to talk shit now that they are losing. Two PLAYOFF games. Sorry but you don't get a pass for being soft in two...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. LOL No tits. How can you miss no tits? Quote: Originally Posted by 13k Pau's chica. I think it is probably a upper respiratory infection. One of the symptoms is muscle fatigue and weakness which perfectly fits his current performance. I heard they broke up anyway. By the wife of yours truly. The real reason Pau acting like a simp.
How does a George Carlin thread end up in the dumb threads? smh
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 See, people who didn't watch the game shouldn't talk. Either you didn't see the game or you have no idea what the hell you are watching. Bynum dominated tonight, he was bodying everyone yet idiots still say he is soft? I mean how the hell can anyone who watched tonight game can even believe this statement? Again, Pau I understand, even Phil was getting on his case but Bynum was playing great tonight. Still blame most...
Listen., Pau and Andrew are the softest 7 footers this league has ever seen since Shawn Bradley.
It's crazy how Esther Baxter was sucking and fucking Derrick Ward while carrying Joe's baby. Joe lost haaaaa. Still my top 5 rapper of all time. You can't deny his lyrical skill, but this guy takes lost after lost.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 There still a chance but damn...
Wow Artest is such a little bitch. you mad brah?
Why hasn't Jaime Lanister been captured and hung for murdering the king? I must have missed something.
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