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Miami vs Bulls. ECF baby. By the way Omer Asik won.
The angel wings on bendo's back makes him rage
I think if it's a post apocalyptic game you're looking to play, it's going to be Rage.
Vasquez having flashbacks during his UMD days. Wooooo
DefIntely Bosh Spice. With Pau in close second for being a simp to the hoes and affecting his passion in life.
If they really cared, Pau would get over his pussy problems and Kobe would have performed his magnum opus. nah nah nah hey ey ey goodbye.
Wow Lakers showing their true bitch colors. This is the team you root for? They're lucky Mavs are soft otherwise it'd be malice in the palace part two.
Wow Mavs bench has more points than the lakers team as a whole. Phil Jackson cannot go out like this.
"All series long, we been able to penetrate their bigs... get deep and suck their D in" - Jason Terry at halftime Oh so that's how you're destroying an era, jet?
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