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Some people just won't like it. I really think it depends on the strain, how it was grown (organic, flushed out nutrients/chemicals), how it was cured and dried. I also think it depends on the person's mood or personality. As an introvert, I tend to overanalyze situations and marijuana intensifies that ten fold. I learned to ignore the "voices", but man it took some perserverance. Anyways, sativa seems to make me want to go do things and indica or badly grown weed makes...
Oh wait, I had the wrong date JK!!!1! Radio Host says world's end actually coming in October.
You are one odd motherfucker. I like you.
Derp derp
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness First editions are worth $400? I have some family members who are going to be ecstatic to learn that (not). Nice....
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogued Yep. It's a long series and they won't all be like this one. LeBron and Wade will blow up at some point. Yea because basketball is actually a two man game. I quit. I'm outta here. Good riddance right? Have fun being ignorant casual fans of the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian LOL!!! It's also Christmas Day tomorrow! Okey-dokey. So, you also predict Wade and LeBron WILL put up only 18 and 15 again? No kidding.... I never said that. Bron had a bad game with all due respect to Deng, but I doubt he's going to put up cosistent 30+ points, especially against Deng/Gibson. Wade is defending Rose and trying to put up points. That dude was tired Game 1. But what I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by 13k And people say Laker fans are arrogant... Boston played a half court game and Miami overcame that. Don't get me wrong, with Memphis going out I'm still on the "anybody-but-Miami" wagon, but its only the first game of the series. Miami also played against an aging team without their star point guard at 100 percent who practically makes the plays happen. We'll see how many fast break points Miami can get away...
Oh awesome. I get to look foward to two end of the world celebrations. Woohoo!!! When will people figure that the Bible is just really quantum physics in a storybook form? Religion was created for economic reasons? Source? Yea I'm sure Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammed, who all preached unconventional love, had money on their minds.
Quote: Originally Posted by AldenPyle Bosh is going to need more help from his supporting cast if he is going to beat Chicago. Don't worry Bosh isn't putting up another 30 pt game. He'll see his 1 for 18 again last time he stepped into the madhouse.
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