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Why would you even revive this 3 year old thread? Stop drunk posting guy.
Troll, hilarity ensues, bro, I.
Calvin and Hobbes for adults?
I just think it's funny that people aren't aware of the stupid and corny shit they post. Like you're in your mid 20s posting self help positive reinforcement quotes.
Spring 2012 can't come quick enough!
RIP Dunn. I thought he was the coolest dude out of the crew. Bam must be on suicide watch. Those two were real close.
Dude, buy his rig. It's a steal. You're just lucky I just bought a gaming laptop for my mobile starcraft needs and can't buy his right now.
Someone's selling one under B&S: Other for $800. That system should handle battlefield 3. Otherwise there's another budget build on the Keyboard and Mouse or Die blogspot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel I'm still adjusting to SC2, first time I played Protoss I didn't chrono boost at all because I didn't know it even existed I just need to get used to vital hot keys and being able to micromanage all the special abilities, but all good 'toss players I have lost too have made excellent use of force fields, blink, etc. I'm mainly playing Zerg ATM because they're so much fun, I juggle between nydus worm attacks or muta...
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude The fact that MMM is still a viable tactic and has been since day one nearly a year later (year and a half counting the beta) is fucking shameful. Then you go ahead and take out Khaydarin Amulet, of course. Even more fucking shameful; what fun are HT if I can't proxy warp and insta-spam psi storms anywhere on the map? Storming a group of marines or lings then forming an Archon is always fun
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