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Two gay men are fucking in the shower. Phone rings. The one who leaves the shower to answer the phone goes, "Don't cum without me." He comes back and sees cum everywhere in the shower. "I told you not to cum without me!" His partner replies, "I didn't. I farted."
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt who the fuck are you and what are you doing in this threak? Does all 2,000 of your posts contain this lame ass catchphrase of yours? Do you not have anything to contribute in an OPEN PUBLIC forum? You must be a drop shotting nub.
I don't get it. How do you guys get good K/D ratios? Do you guys camp or what? Cause unless you're name is DahGame360 on youtube, you're not getting those ratios running and gunning. I usually murk on any fps game but Call of Duty is my kryptonite. I hate this series.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maximus Mark Don't you love it when you turn on the lights when you go for a glass of milk or whatever, and then this guy is all like: "HAY GUYZ WHATS GOING ON LOL!!11" I think that is a silverfish, not a centipede. One of the most primitive and creepy bugs.
Cockroaches and mosquitos have no purpose in life. Those must be eliminated.
which pair of levi's would look great with frye engineers?
pushups, pullups, dips, curls, skullcrushers should do the trick. good luck.
Hey parachutes or someone who can translate japanese to english. I am having trouble filling out the membership info http://www.kc-s.jp when I am checking out. I was wondering if someone can translate the form for me?
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