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Think with your lightsaber young Anakin
Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI Watch Chaser. IMO its a much better film than both man from nowehere (which i did not really like) and I saw the devil (which i I liked). Chaser is a good movie too. Just a movie a without hope.
So what's up wonder breads? How bouts it? Can I join this circle jerk? What's ur gamer tag bros. I'm pretty good with the famas acog sight. I get a constant 6 k/d with it. You know nothin impressive but I can get the douche gunner for dayzzzzz hit me up bros.
Omg where are you baguettes at?!?! I just broke my razer onza controller after my attack coptor killstreak didn't a kill a single enemy! Argh I'm so mad! Cod is my life bros and I take this shit seriously brehz! To seriously where my boiz at. Let's kill these prebuscent xbox kids! Get at me brohemethz. Mauro I see u baby
Quote: Originally Posted by sleekblackroadster i have started to lose interest in netflix instant fairly quickly all the stuff they add seems unappealing and i've basically watched everything that looked decent to me. back to real movies. Well it's a fairly low subscription fee for instant to receive the new premium movies for your viewing. Enjoy your mindless summer popcorn bubblegum movies.
Meh. I think Beejoli won if anything. She exposed two celebs. That's funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by SladeDT The Man From Nowhere. Another korean revenge movie. Omg that last fight scene is too sexy. One of the best ones ever.
Steam having a summer sale until July 10th. I just bought the Portal 2 and Witcher 2 for 33 bucks each.
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle i think the targeryn storyline is kinda boring. would've liked to see drogo be more alpha, and i demand more alpha-ness from dany (sp?) she always looks lost and when she tries to convey power (ie. taking control when drogo is sick) she just looks dumb. How much more alpha can Drogo can even get? He fucked up anyone who challenged his leadership using his opponents own weapon by the way. I got hyphy as shot...
If you like Korean movies I recommend I Saw the Devil. It's got the main guys from Old Boy and Bittersweet Life. Dude from Old Boy acted his ass of and could rival Heath Ledgers Joker as best villain ever. Those Koreans sure love their revenge themes.
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