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Looks any other metropolis. It's like saying the beaches of Cali are better than the beaches of Florida. They both have sand and water and ass.If you want to save money, go to Chicago. If you like spending more money for less, go to NYC.
I don't get the grown ass men's infatuation with My Little Ponies and who call themselves bronies. Serious bro?
How is Shane the most believable guy on the show? Season 2 premiere: "I'm outta here!" - Shane Episode 2-3: "Well I guess I can stick around." Hurr durr, let us admire a stupid fucking deer while zombies are wandering about in the woods. Darryl is the only one with his head on his shoulders, otherwise this show is just filled with corny fucking drama. Lost. With. Zombies.
This show went down the shitter. When did this show become the zombie version of Lost?
It's not just cut. You're missing the genius camera work of Walt sinking into a deeper hole as the camera pans out. Omg and that chilling ambient sound. Best show on tv right now. Walt deserves an Emmy for the next 20 years.
Jesus Ortiz, at least try to make it seem the match wasn't fixed.
Sloan marry me!
Hahaha baller response by the gym rat.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Time to check the torrents and then receive multiple letters from ISP to stop pirating then get service cut off because of the new law......again Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo fixed Now it's fixed. Anyways another summer chilling with the Pinkman.
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