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any advice for a blondie with thinning hair on my forehead and crown? Hair is currently 2 inches long, noticeably thin, nobody says anything about it but I guess that's pretty normal. I actually like the way I look when I look in the mirror but in pictures I shudder. I have no idea how I would look with a shaved head, may try it out before I go on a long backpacking trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated
This has been very enlightning, taking the time to go through it though I see a lot of you consider yourselves "tall" at 6'1" or 6'2" haha, not that I'm saying you aren't taller than the average man, but you should have no trouble dressing yourself from most stores and I thought this thread was for finding clothing that will fit those of us who have a lot of trouble with buying most things OTR. At 6'7"  195 this is usually a problem for me, I know people have mentioned...
Hello hello, I'm a 21 year old student, 6'7" 195, thin but annoyingly shaped for finding conventional clothing that fits and flatters (thick calfs, nobbly knees, thick thighs, thin waist, skinny chest, broad shoulders, long neck). I have the oddest combination of strengths and weaknesses for clothing, when it fits it looks great but it's oh so hard to find clothing that fits. I have very square shoulders that look great in the right suit but most suits have pads to...
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