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That's how we "spit shined" boots when I was a recruit. Pile on the wax to fill the grain and get a good foundation, melt it with a lighter (carefully), then use water and more wax for the shine.
Cornell notwithstanding, I still think that, as do all good Kentuckians/bourbon aficionados.
Given the quality of everything else there I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed when I got home that its marked as an XL so I measured it and its 62 inches. Oh well, it's a nice tie in my opinion and if I decide I don't want it or can't get it to tie to my satisfaction I'll probably try to sell it.
Thanks to the last 10 pages or so, I will forever associate media hound with this:
I went up to Cincy today and hit a Goodwill "boutique" next to a steak n shake. Montgomery Road I think? Apparently boutique means "anything that still has tags on it" including JC Penney brands...I did find a Zegna tie for $4.99 though. The original tag said $145.
Found this a few days ago on my second attempt at replicating some of you guys and your amazing finds. Not super sexy but it was cool--a J. Peterman linen shirt with the spare buttons still attached to the collar tag: I kept it for a few days thinking I might wear it this summer but then listed it on eBay around an hour ago. It sold about 15 minutes later. I may expand my raiding from Lexington into Louisville as this is getting kind of addicting.
I was satiating my new thrifting addiction at lunch today (for which I hold the thrifting finds thread accountable) and found an Oxxford for Neiman Marcus double breasted jacket today. It says "fawnskin" which i assume is some proprietary fabric. I was interested in it strictly for flipping since it wasn't my size, but hesitated because for some reason it gave me the impression of being the top half of a suit. A lot of times I can tell when a pin striped or other...
Thanks for the opinions on the tweed fellas. By the way, no matter how many times I try it on, I can't convince myself it fits.
Ok, for some reason I can't seem to get multiple pictures to attach. Let's try again:      
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