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wow and I thought this was somewhat of a classy website. not just in clothes being classy. clearly youre compensating for your lack of sociability or a small penis :P :P
Hey there  So  I am trying to minimize my accounts that I don't use anymore and this is one of them.  I tried to find a moderator in lists and what not but came up short  There is no option either that I can find in the tools or user CP to delete my account If an admin sees this I would like my account along with the very few posts I have had deleted.  Cheers
Thanks for that, I have not decided if I am going to wear a jacket with it. I was thinking yes but I'll have to go buy one because all i have is black.    You make a good point on the blue and yellow that is similar to what I was thinking 
Hey! First off let me say thank you in adv. I found this place randomly searching for advice on what to wear /not wear etc. Thought this would be a good place to invest my time. Because from the little I have seen already there are a ton of shoes on here which I love. Don't have many name brand bc I don't have money but o well they look nice :P   Anyway I have searched the internet high and low for suggestions. I come up with a few but none that really suit my...
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