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I would go with the Nudie, to me they fit very well and you would be pleased with those over the APC jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen ^ My friend and I were looking at those Prada sneakers last week at Barney's Co-Op and making jokes about how fugly they are. Those creamsicle ones are slightly less than tasty. its all good, that is your opinion, I actually love em the look is clean and they are well made
2 pairs of evisu deluxe jeans brand new-comes with box $215.00 each shipped, I accept paypal. Size 36 and 38 Evisu No.2 brand new size 42, with Big Gold M Asking $155 shipped size 40 yellow stitching, worn once, then dried clean, looks absolutely new-retail is $550, All Im asking is $160 shipped, if you buy multiple jeans at a time I will give you an even better price , pm me so we can work something, I am a reasonable man..PLZ only hit me up if you...
I have 2 evisu umi yama size 32, pm me if your interested
thanx Jack, im gonna put 1 up for sale when I get the chance
I love the way Nudie fits I just love true religion and evisu
I wore evisu today, affliction and velcro pradas didnt get arount to taking a pic
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