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Anyone here have seen/tried on the cotton/linen Harding coat in person? What about the deerskin suede flight bomber?
@el Bert Thank god you're posting again; your last two fits have been superb.
Whats the quality on the stark cardigan, stark crewneck, monitor crewneck, and ion sweater? It says imported from latvia, but i thought they were all handmade in Denmark? Also, it seems like fransboone has the largest supply of sns herning, but I will most likely get hit with customs if i buy from them, correct?
Has anyone boughten anything from rl_shop on ebay before, and if so are his products legit or not?
Is it made in USA? Any signs of wear? Im 5'9/5'10 150 pounds with a 36" chest. How long do the arms measure? And finally, how would you compare the quality of this to for say RRL or TOJ?
Hi guys, I really want the RRL Suede Bomber, and I'm also looking for a backpack either by Visvim or Nonnative. I am looking for an Engineered Garments Aviator Jacket, and Visvim Jackets as well.
Although I dont look as epic as Prudy, Urban Composition, Ghostface, agvs, Synthese, and Lorcan7. Nor do I have the ability to take such creative shots. Here is my addition to this otherwise lovely challenge.
One must have a job to afford goth-ninja prices. What kind of job? No clue.
Which should I buy? Yuketen Blucher, Clarks Oxford Wallabees or Yuketen Chukka?     
First pair of RRL Rigid's. Just got them in today, don't know if I should get them hemmed or not. I also just got this RRL shirt. Don't mind my face. 
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