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absolutely love the coat
sarcastic response? i dont think shorts will look good with chunky boots.. lol
I recently purchased these boots from allsaints and i have no clue what to wear with them, they are kinda chunky and im confused on what jeans/pants to wear.
what a beautiful coat
sorry for my very awkward pose Allsaints cargo leather biker jacket band of outsiders button down levis 511 jeans allsaints cropped military boots
are the redwings 875 moc toe boot close enough?
      im looking for boots similiar to these 3 pictures in the 200-300 range i dont want a timberland construction esque boot more urban 
which looks better zipped or unzipped? [[SPOILER]]
btw im only 16 if i get hated on for looking young [[SPOILER]]
if you want a pair of ankle length combat boots buy from allsaints there boots are decent priced and many new and cool styles come out. people like robert pattinson, ian somerhalder and many other stylish actors wear them...
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