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Hey guys, I'm trying to decide on a color of Paraboot Michael's. I wear mostly Olive, Navy and Black/White Colors. Either one of these two, or should I just go with a Black Noir?
Thing is at the price point Engineered Garments, or 3 Sixteen, OrSlow, Visvim are all made in USA/Japan top notch quality, and have more street credit than RRL would.
Exactly, for the price point they ask without discounts it is ridiculous. You would expect it to be made in a 1st world country. Made in India is no better than China. LMAO. I would recommend 3 Sixteen for a similar aesthetic. However, RRL has a huge stock of different items which smaller MIUSA brands won't.However, those shirts/sweaters look beautiful.
Yeah, my shit has held up very well, I just I guess hopped on the bandwagon of wanting my clothes made in USA/Japan/Europe. All of the stuff I've seen is made in China, besides the denim. Care to show me some shirts/jackets not made in China?  I actually also owned a 100% suede bomber jacket from RRL was beautiful. Sold it, however.
I just own two pairs of RRL Denim, a pair of pants, a chambray shirt, and a heavyweight flannel. I actually like EG alot more than RRL, but my cousin is the social media director of ralph lauren so i get like 70% off of RRL. I really dislike that RRL clothes are made in China.
Do you guys think RRL pairs well with engineered garments?
What I'm wearing at work, ignore the weird pose my face is making. RRL Workshirt RRL Slim-Straight Raw Denim OSB x Blue Owl Black Waxed Flesh Trench Boots w/ Commando Sole Tanner goods Belt
Come on guys! I got close to 3k to spend, and there's nothing good on grailed...
Yeah, so if I want fades how do I wash them?
I thought you were never supposed to put raw denim in washing machine? If not, would I put them both in together? What settings would I put the washer on? I really don't want to fuck them up lol.
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