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So far my wish list is larger than I expected... -Loiter Jacket (Geo Jacquard) -Aviator Jacket (Olive Washer Twill or Navy; not sure) -Bedford Jacket (Homespun) -Banded Collar Shirt (Chambray) -Fatigue Pants (Olive Cotton Ripstop) -Fatigue Pants (Homespun) -Fatigue Pants (Dk Navy 20's Cotton Twill) -Work Shirt (Dungaree Cloth) -Work Shirt (Chambray) -Rounded Collar Shirt (100's Broadcloth) -Quick Release Belt Possibly a shop coat, bandanna scarf, Fatigue shorts, and some...
@Drinkwaters Hey Gary, I was wondering if there were any better photos of the Loiter Jacket (Navy Geo Jacquard), and the Camp Shirt (White Paisley Lawn). Also, how does the material feel on the jacket, and how does the "loiter" jacket compare to a bedford?
S> Engineered Garments FW15 Highland Parka (Olive Bull Denim) Size Small $375.00 (Worn like 3 times~) Payed retail ($528) for it...   S> Engineered Garments FW14 Primaloft Vest (Navy) Size Small $150.00 (Worn once)    S> Engineered Garments FW14 Reversible Vest Size Small 200.00 (Worn twice) EXTREMELY RARE     If you are interested in any of the garments send me a Private Message/Quote me, and I'll send photos. I'm kind of lazy tbh, and unless someone is...
@timpoblete Do you still have that Brown 19th Century BD in Small? Selling:   -FW14 Primaloft Vest Navy (Small) Obviously not my photos. Worn a few times. Pretty much perfect condition. $150   Want to buy: -FW15 Black Bull Denim Fatigues (Size 30) -SS15 Aviator Jacket Olive or Navy (Small) -FW15 Smock Grey Wool (Small) -FW15 Fatigue Pants 8W Corduroy Navy (Size 30) -FW15 Striped Jersey Crew (Small) -FW Work shirts/19th Century BD's (Small) -Quick Release Belt...
http://shop.havenshop.ca/products/s-s-smock-wool-horizontal-stripe Only one X-Small left. On sale for $186.00 I would buy if it was the grey wool in a small...
Don't worry, I'm very indecisive. But in reality, I think I'm steering more towards EG and away from RRL, so I was confused for a bit. I guess I can appreciate other aesthetics without getting into them. Haha, it's definitely difficult having ADHD.
Do they have any shirts in a size small left? 
But then again I guess I just don't really like the way EG is styled in the look books. I mean, you wear some wild prints, but you make it look good -- not over done. 
@whereeaglesdare I'm 5'9 1/2 and 145 Ibs, will the smalls be too big? I'm a small in EG outerwear.
Everything looks too out there. Would never wear light blue and white. Don't see a single piece I like. Hoping for at least a handful of EG Work shirts/19th century BD's, and a few pairs of USN/Ghurkas/Fatigues. Also, would like another Bedford, and definitely an aviator jacket. When do retailers start selling the ss collection?
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