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@Kid Nickels Many family friends are investment bankers/VC's or in finance, and most of them have impeccable style compared to other business jobs etc... Going from wearing a suit in a high-position job everyday of the week to something so 'street' is not common. Mikey you're a funny guy, I for one live in the back bay so I see investment bankers on a daily basis.
No one would think Investment Banker, if anyone looks like an investment banker it's regis.
If i can see your nipples through 2 layers of clothing, then your cardigan/tshirt are too tight... @Classified_ 
Since you live in boston, have you tried bgood burgers that's located in the back bay? It is amazing.
Got another random question regarding EG and The Bureau Belfast. Does TBB hit you with a customs fee if I'm buying online from the US?
@robinsongreen68 I'm looking at the aviator bomber ss15, and that's about it atm.
Hey guys, I plan on buying some EG in the near future, and I'm wondering about sizing. I am around 5'9 1/2-5'10 and 150 pounds. I plan on cutting maybe 10 pounds. I know I'm not giving you exact measurements like p2p, chest, etc..., but I hope this is good enough for an answer. I'd assume I'm between a small and a medium, but every brand differs so idk.
Thanks for the response! @John-Galt 
Hey guys, I'm looking for an everyday jean that I can wear with some Viberg's or Oak Street Boots, and a nice bomber jacket. Would the petit new standards or petit standards be more suited? If you need my height/weight for style recommendation, I'm 5'9/5'10 and 150 pounds.
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