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I honestly have no idea where to take a picture, and I'm to awkward to have someone take a fit pic of me.     Glasses: Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck's Vest: J Crew Henley: J Crew Watch: Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel w/ Saddle Brown Leather Band Pants: Engineered Garments Fatigue's Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots w/ Dainite Sole
Cardigan: Schott Bros (thanks @Drinkwaters) Shirt: RRL Jeans: RRL Boots: OSB
Vest: Engineered Garments Flannel: J Crew Jeans: RRL Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers
  Which jacket looks better with this outfit? I really need to figure out a better way to get a photo taken, because I've been getting alot of sweet new gear for this FW.  First Image:  RRL Suede Jacket RRL Plaid Tradesman Workshirt EG FW14 10 oz. Canvas Fatigues Clarks Desert Boots   Second Image: EG FW15 Moleskin Bedford Jacket (Navy) RRL Plaid Tradesman Workshirt EG FW14 10 oz. Canvas Fatigues Clarks Desert Boots
I'm looking to buy the FW Navy Blue Moleskin Bedford Jacket in a size Small.
Rough & Tumble Short Sleeve Button-Downs on sale for $114.99 ea. Has anyone here dealt with Rough & Tumble before and would like to share some insight on the brand?   Engineered Garments Fatigue Shorts (Blue Chambray) If I'm a size 30 in pants would I go with a Small?
I don't think I'm a true 29. I'm probably closer to a 30.5" seeing as how much I stretch out 29 RRL jeans...
@lawlercon I'm not going to lie I'm very intrigued by that japanese baggy Needles/EG swag. Its quite the wardrobe change from Allsaints and J Crew, however...
@lawlercon @canstyleace I'm a 29 in jeans (RRL, Nudie) and I'm a 30 in pants. Should I just go for Mainline EG Fatigues because I'm too skinny for workaday? I honestly dont know whats different about the Workaday line vs regular EG stuff, can you enlighten me?
Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots (Natural) Uniqlo Supima T's (Navy x1, Heather Grey x1, White x2) American Apparel Fine Jersey T's (Butter, Crème, Camel, Brown, Lieutenant, Army, Asphalt, Slate)         My next few Purchases will be Kapital Tabi Sneakers (Indigo), Kapital Chinos (Beige), Kapital Hiroshiki Backpack (Beige), Needles Asymmetrical Sneakers (Indigo), Needles Oriental Button Shirt, Engineered Garments Workaday Fatigue Pants (Navy or Olive),...
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