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i bought a pair of Nudie Thinn Finn's Summer Sky a few months ago they arent raw or selvedge. How do i wash them they are starting to stink, and the prewashed model is already really light so idont think they're going to fade. im really noob at this so any help would be appreciated.
im planning on buying a crewneck sweatshirt or 2 from silent by damir doma and was wondering if i would be an xsmall or a small. im 5'8 1/2 5'9 135 pounds. also how is the quality on Mihara Yasuhiro knits?
I'm a 17 year old senior in high school and i want my wardrobe to be a little more mature. My current wardrobe is filled with jcrew, Levis, allsaints, shades of grey by Micah Cohen, and Zara. i would like to switch over to a workwear/1dlk aesthetic(solargarden/El bert/the who/nicelynice/snowman xl), and a goth ninja aesthetic(kgfan5/synthese/spacepope). I dont know how to do this.. what should i buy for basics, because i dont think it would be wise to spend alot of money...
hirsch must be a troll, there is no way that can be a real person
i know what the second jacket is i just dont think i uploaded the pic correctly. What jacket is zac efron wearing in "that awkward moment" im really digging it any would love to know where that jacket is from!!! please help im desperate
Im in the market for about 2 pairs of denim i want the outcome to be similiar too these however on a.p.c. and nudies  websites all dry denim is a dark indigo color and i dont know which ones to get to gain these colors and fades. so basically i want 2 pairs of denim with these colors that have the ability to fade well and i want a slim/skinny cut with a price tag under 250$ 200 is preferred. all help is greatily appreciated.  
Hey guys so recently a jacket i have been eyeing sold out on allsaints its  i am looking for a bomber jacket similiar to this with a shearling collar under 300$ cotton or wool is fine. any help is appreciated and also if you're selling this jacket hmu
absolutely love the coat
sarcastic response? i dont think shorts will look good with chunky boots.. lol
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