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I'm willing to try and wash them every 2 months it's just that I want to try to minimize fading because I like the look of raw denim without any fades.
Are you sure that they'll lose a ton of color? this post shows a guy washing his jeans about as often as I would and they look like the low-contrast fading I would hope to get.
I'm thinking about getting this pair of N&F jeans, but I've never tried raw denim before. I'm not interested in doing any major fading and from what I've read on the internet if I wash them about as regularly as I was normal denim they will still fade but there won't be as much contrast in the fades. Is this a good idea? Not really sure how much fading will occur if I wash them every ~5 wears or so.
Need help deciding on which of these packs to get  
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