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Had a chance to go to NY this past week to visit showrooms to view Fall/Winter 2014 collections and check out the Liberty and Capsule shows.  It snowed pretty hard on Tuesday.    
Here is the code to use on our website   SFJAN20   Its good though the end of the month.  For L.A. area members, we have more products in store than are shown on the site.
For the month of January, all menswear items are 20% (except items already on sale).  So if you've been thinking about picking up a pair of boots, now is the perfect time.
Some brands going up for sale for the month of January   Engineered Garments Brookline jacket $489 (original $576)  We only have 2 sizes left (medium and large)    
I wasn't intending to post on this thread to talk clothing, rather more about food.  But, we are a recent affiliate vendor and our shop is located about 15 mins from LAX. 8568 Washington BlvdCulver City I think it depends on where you are staying.  The game is at the Rose Bowl, so out there you do have Mohawk General, they have a lot of nice stuff.  If you have a car, that will obviously help with how much you can get around.  Someone suggested Abot Kinney and that's a...
So true!  Yakitori and beer is a great way to end a day.
Ya, Shin Sen Gumi is a bit noisy.  My favorite yakitori in the area is Koshiji.  And the ramen they have is surprisingly good.
Lomita & Hawthorne?  I know the one at Lomita & Crenshaw (Oumi Sasaya) that place is good.  If you like Japanese BBQ, close by is Tamaen, that place is good.
The only ramen that I like at the moment is Yamada-ya in Culver City.  My family background is Japanese, so I've had my share of ramen, and not too crazy about most of the ramen out here.  The wife knows the owner's wife of Daikokuya and they admit their ramen is geared towards non-Japanese.  One complaint I've heard from my wife and many Japanese out here is that the ramen soup isn't super hot, its warm, not hot.  
I've been to Otafuku, its been awhile.  Its also good, but its more of a izakaya type place, so its pricier.  I've only been for dinner.  Thing I like about Ichimian is that its quick and simple. Its crazy that we have such good soba here in Torrance, but we don't have great ramen.  
New Posts  All Forums: