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Its the Baker Jacket. Exact description is: Navy Cotton Weather Poplin Baker Jacket We put up another pic on the site also showing the back of the jacket.   http://www.gramercyyork.com/products/engineered-garments-navy-cotton-baker-jacket We have a small and medium in stock right now. Thanks
Style Forum members in L.A, we are having a small event tonight at the shop.  Alex C of Blind Barber will be here at the shop to discuss techniques on getting the perfect shave at home.  We'll have drinks and light food, with discounts on some products.  Stop on by to check it out.  
Hi Sazon thanks so much for the kind words and hope you enjoy the boots!
We have right now the multi block color shirt, wool jacket and two interesting pieces that are sold separate, but can be worn as a set.  Its a cardigan jacket, jacket vest.  Basically the jacket on top has no sleeves, the vest underneath has the sleeves.  Sounds weird, but its a really unique piece.  We've marked all of these items down on the site.  The fit is definitely Japanese, so its not like his brother's brand Engineered Garments.    
We just received some new Engineered Garments for the spring 2014 collection.  Will have up on the site soon, but we can only take orders by email or phone if you are unable to make it to the shop.          
We just got in a new boot from Oak Street Bootmakers, Color 8 Danite Trench Boot.  Currently, we will be the only shop to carry this color.          
L.A. Style Forum members, just to let you guys know, we are having a sale going on now.  Stuff is marked up to 50% off like   Engineered Garments ts(s) Save Khaki Duvetica     Not quite 50% off, but still on sale (limited to what's in store, so we can't order and offer the discount)   Red Wing Wolverine   We have some products up on the site, but if you can come in, there are other products to see.   Email info@gramercyyork.com if you guys have any questions
Agreed on that.  Usually a limited menu.  Although Fogo de Chao is good, its pretty much the same menu at a little bit cheaper price.   Any dineLA that you feel was pretty good?  
One of our favorite stops, the Engineered Garments showroom.    
Here are some pics from the shows.   New style from Wolverine, 1000 mile boot from Buffalo leather.  Not sure if we'll order this or not, but they said that this will be the style that will be pushed by Wolverine.     Got to stop by Oak Street and talk to the guys, we'll be getting a new color in the Trench Boot this March.
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