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Lomita & Hawthorne?  I know the one at Lomita & Crenshaw (Oumi Sasaya) that place is good.  If you like Japanese BBQ, close by is Tamaen, that place is good.
The only ramen that I like at the moment is Yamada-ya in Culver City.  My family background is Japanese, so I've had my share of ramen, and not too crazy about most of the ramen out here.  The wife knows the owner's wife of Daikokuya and they admit their ramen is geared towards non-Japanese.  One complaint I've heard from my wife and many Japanese out here is that the ramen soup isn't super hot, its warm, not hot.  
I've been to Otafuku, its been awhile.  Its also good, but its more of a izakaya type place, so its pricier.  I've only been for dinner.  Thing I like about Ichimian is that its quick and simple. Its crazy that we have such good soba here in Torrance, but we don't have great ramen.  
 If you go to Torrance often, I suggest Ichimian in Old Torrance.  Best soba in L.A.  Super small place, they used to be lunch only, now they are open later.  When you go for lunch, its pretty much Japanese businessmen having lunch.
I found mine to stretch right around the mid to upper mid area.  For comparison, I wear the 1000 mile boot and I ended up getting regular width and it stretched out and feels perfect.  
For sushi, Nozomi in Torrance is great.  Probably doesn't get much mention cause its down there and not in West L.A.
Only some styles come in wide.  I wear the 3141 in wide.  But the leather does stretch out, so after a year of wearing, now the boots feel a bit too loose, so something you might want to keep in mind.  I sorta wish now I went with the regular width.
Do you like that boot oil?  Which color Wolverine are you using it on?
Hey everyone, long time reader of the site, just signed up recently.  Like fashion, trying to always learn more, tons of knowledge from the site.  Boutique owner, I have a shop here in L.A.  Looking forward to following the forums more!
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