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Style Forum members   There will be an event this month, June 21st Saturday in the Culver City Arts District.  A lot of L.A. residents don't even know about this area.  We have a great number of galleries and this event is a way for this district to let people know what's going on out here.  There will be some live musical performances throughout the day in various galleries.  If you have a chance, stop by to check it out.  
Hi Forsan Thanks for the kind words.  I just created a new code that will work for the next few days, MAY20.
Style Forum members, we have a new discount code that can be used on our site.  There are some brands that we don't have up on our site yet, like Saturdays Surf.  So please PM us for details if you are looking for something.  The discount can be used towards the following brands (limited to what's in stock)   Wolverine Saturdays Surf  Topo Designs Engineered Garments Red Wing
If you are in town only a few days, you might not have much time to drive around, as the traffic can be a hassle.  That area is always hard to get around.  What type of food are you looking to eat?  
Ya, I would have left too.  I can't understand waiting in line for 4 hours for any food.
I think they just didn't expect such a turnout.  I find food festivals tough to enjoy, tons of people, traffic.  The ramen burger thing they had in Torrance, I saw the lines, they said it was 4 hours.  That's nuts.
not going, but hopefully they do a better job with the planning.  I heard the last one in Torrance was insane, hours to just get in, then hours to wait on a stand.
Thanks AlexanderTG and hope you enjoy the shirt.
Ya, we definitely want to keep expanding our inventory in EG.  Hope you have a chance to stop by and check out the shop one day
New Posts  All Forums: