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Wanted to put the word out, we are putting our Wolverine and Red Wing on sale.  We don't have all of our styles listed on our site.  Email or message us for availability.     We have   Red Wing - 3141, 9011, 8151, 9017, 9075   Wolverine - 1000 mile, Addison, Wesely
Hi EL QuaG, Thanks for the feedback!  Really appreciated!
Cotton Dockers, thanks for coming in!  Always nice to meet Style Forum members in person.
Are you referring to the ballister nylon tote?  Or the smaller casual tote?  We had an orange as well, but already sold, so didn't get a chance to put up online.  This was a trial order to gauge the reaction, which has been good.  We had to see how much we'd get hit with the shipping/customs and all that.  We'll definitely add more colors on our next order, plus they said they have new stuff coming out.  I'm very impressed with the ballister nylon they used, has a soft...
Here are the pics   Daypack in Navy       Backpack in Navy     Tote bag in Beige     Sunny Series Relax Tote ($130)  These come in a Wonder Baggage branded box      
The daypack is $280, the tote and backpack $290.  We don't have pictures yet, as soon as we do we'll post them up.  
We just got in a new brand this week called Wonder Baggage.  Gramercy York is the first shop in the U.S to carry the brand.   Working on getting better pictures up onto the site by tonight (hopefully) few quick shots taken in store with a point and shoot.   Wonder Baggage is a new brand, only been around 3 years.  Made in Japan of Japanese ballister nylon (basically the same as ballistic, but the Japanese domestic is called ballister) with Japanese leather handles....
Thanks for the kind words and looking forward to your visit.
Excited to finally get in our FW14 Engineered Garments, here are pics.  For some reason, the pics will show and other times the images won't appear.  If you are unable to view the pics here, they are up on the site.   Banded Collar Lt Blue/Red Rodeo flannel.  This shirt has been a hit already, we've had people emailing us about the shirt before we even got it in.             A standard from EG, the Indigo Denim Work Shirt           Lt. Blue Dobby...
I don't think they do.  Although the stockist list page on the Engineered Garments site isn't updated, so its possible.  We stock our E.G in our shop but aren't listed on the stockist page.  We're in Culver City.
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