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I don't think they do.  Although the stockist list page on the Engineered Garments site isn't updated, so its possible.  We stock our E.G in our shop but aren't listed on the stockist page.  We're in Culver City.
If you are in town only a few days, you might not have much time to drive around, as the traffic can be a hassle.  That area is always hard to get around.  What type of food are you looking to eat?  
Ya, I would have left too.  I can't understand waiting in line for 4 hours for any food.
I think they just didn't expect such a turnout.  I find food festivals tough to enjoy, tons of people, traffic.  The ramen burger thing they had in Torrance, I saw the lines, they said it was 4 hours.  That's nuts.
not going, but hopefully they do a better job with the planning.  I heard the last one in Torrance was insane, hours to just get in, then hours to wait on a stand.
L.A. Style Forum members, just to let you guys know, we are having a sale going on now.  Stuff is marked up to 50% off like   Engineered Garments ts(s) Save Khaki Duvetica     Not quite 50% off, but still on sale (limited to what's in store, so we can't order and offer the discount)   Red Wing Wolverine   We have some products up on the site, but if you can come in, there are other products to see.   Email if you guys have any questions
Agreed on that.  Usually a limited menu.  Although Fogo de Chao is good, its pretty much the same menu at a little bit cheaper price.   Any dineLA that you feel was pretty good?  
I wasn't intending to post on this thread to talk clothing, rather more about food.  But, we are a recent affiliate vendor and our shop is located about 15 mins from LAX. 8568 Washington BlvdCulver City I think it depends on where you are staying.  The game is at the Rose Bowl, so out there you do have Mohawk General, they have a lot of nice stuff.  If you have a car, that will obviously help with how much you can get around.  Someone suggested Abot Kinney and that's a...
So true!  Yakitori and beer is a great way to end a day.
Ya, Shin Sen Gumi is a bit noisy.  My favorite yakitori in the area is Koshiji.  And the ramen they have is surprisingly good.
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