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 Here is another interesting link on the history:  Duffle Coat Link
Nice job, Kirby.
One pair left on sale in a Size 9 D Click Here
Living in Montana, I chose the Long Branch - even though I like the Dalton. Firsts are on sale for $221.00 in selected sizes:  Click Here  All my best, David
PLAY VIDEO:     ALLEN EDMONDS - JERMYN   SAVE 45% OFF ($155.00 OFF)   Click Here:  www.6pm.com Link
  (Maybe one of the reasons why JC Penny's did not "get it" in 1967)
Yes, eBay has the 5-Disc Godfather Series for about $25 as an instant buy-it-now option.
(Before the government shut down affecting San Francisco)
LIGHT TWEED JACKET, blue tie, white shirt, and light slacks.   (And a well groomed haircut)
Congratulations on the 25 pound loss. Changing what we eat and adding a little bit more activity, such as pushing a lawn mower - can gradually trim off 5 pounds a month.  And in 12 months that can amount to 60 pounds!
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