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One pair left on sale in a Size 9 D Click Here
Living in Montana, I chose the Long Branch - even though I like the Dalton. Firsts are on sale for $221.00 in selected sizes:  Click Here  All my best, David
PLAY VIDEO:     ALLEN EDMONDS - JERMYN   SAVE 45% OFF ($155.00 OFF)   Click Here:  www.6pm.com Link
  (Maybe one of the reasons why JC Penny's did not "get it" in 1967)
Yes, eBay has the 5-Disc Godfather Series for about $25 as an instant buy-it-now option.
(Before the government shut down affecting San Francisco)
LIGHT TWEED JACKET, blue tie, white shirt, and light slacks.   (And a well groomed haircut)
Congratulations on the 25 pound loss. Changing what we eat and adding a little bit more activity, such as pushing a lawn mower - can gradually trim off 5 pounds a month.  And in 12 months that can amount to 60 pounds!
With mixed results. See here
Congratulations on your upgraded website with new material and more defined aids.   Unfortunately, the dull white text on black in the descriptions are still to hard for me to read. unless I expand the screen or block out the text to see the white text better.   Perhaps you could run a Poll at this forum and ask others when viewing the following new page:   http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/
New Posts  All Forums: