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 He still tours - and my wife and I really enjoyed watching him in a local hot-spot in San Juan Capistrano years ago. Currently, he is very booked in Europe this year.  But you can monitor his 2014 tour schedule, where he will probably return to California. Eric Burton Tour Link
Very nice. In the past, my only walk-in source was the Ralph Lauren stores at major USA malls. Let us know when they are posted for sale. All my best,David
 The product you posted advertises "wool".  Other types of machines I have seen and used at times is 100% Fine Lambs Wool. Here are some examples: "Beck Shoe Polishers are the highest quality shoe polisher made in the USA.  Beck has been selling and supporting its customers for over 60 years and we are the only United States manufacturer of shoe polishers. "Our durable die-case zinc alloy motor housing is built to last for generations.  We still sell buffer pads to our...
Any Nordstrom Store will ship directly to a Canadian's home for a nominal postage price, and free return label.
San Francisco? Then the best shine is at "A Shine & Company", featured on local news. (They also are in New York) Here is their link:  A Shine & Company Locations (They also use Saphir Products)
  SALE:  $239.00
By the way - if anyone truly hates San Francisco, so to the beach and watch this:  
 If you are near a Nordstroms, the $2.50 shine hits the spot - they use very good products.  Last time I was there I tipped the guy to go into detail what products he used throughout the shine.  That would be one path. Another would be to try the local guy with the Lincoln.  It's pretty hard to mess up "black".  If you have other colors and different types of leather, then you may venture out or buy the products yourself - or a combination of both. Are you in Manhattan? ...
Who hates San Francisco???   Just found evidence and video that San Francisco is LOVED by everyone who goes there!   Here's the video:  
TWELVE PILLARS By Jim Rohn and Chris Widener   *****************   Although written in 2005 by my previous boss, Jim Rohn, it brings back fond memories when Tony Robbins and I were on his staff in the early 1980's.  Principles remain the same, but an interesting storyline to help with the digestion of life's lessons.
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