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 San FranCISco is a gorgeous city for those who live, work, and play in the best of neighborhoods.  But the choices do not compare to New York City. And . . . when choosing a New York neighborhood, nothing beats the Manhattan Christmas:      
  Kirby,   1)  I have several pairs of shoes that are the same color as the above image.  When I have used Saphir polish on them, the holes also seem to get clogged up with the outer layer polish color.  What can I do to restore the darker color to the holes as depicted in the above photo.   2)  Also, what can I do to restore the darker stitching?   It seems that applying the Saphir color to the overall shoe changes the holes and the stitching.   David  
DOUBLE LAYER SHEARLING COAT By Allen Edmonds   This is one of the most handsome coats of the year, all leather, with double layer shearling as a triple benefit.  The look and feel is superb.   You will save over $400 by today only, Monday, Veterans Day - and your investment will last more generations to come. All my best, David
 For friends, there is no issue.  It is the same as jumping in the car and your friend taking you on base where he/she can buy something using his ID. But for non-AAFES people who try to sign up for an account at the website, I would strongly suggest not to try to circumvent the application.  Because the app goes through the federal reporting system, it could very well be a federal crime. Here is the disclosure: "Only authorized Exchange customers can order from the all...
Some folks choose to Love San Francisco.  Here is one such reason:   San Francisco to become Gotham for boy's Batman Make-A-Wish   SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco is getting ready to transform itself into Gotham City to help make a 5-year-old boy's Make-A-Wish dream come true.   In a rare move, the city and the public will participate in helping Miles, who is battling leukemia, become Batkid. On Nov. 15, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr will ask Batman and...
The VERY BEST color guide for all shoes is in the following: CLICK HERE All my best, David
100% Cashmere & Silk Ties, including free shipping - $100 ?   My first stop was to Nordstroms, but the selection of ties were only three (3) and were $125 each.  So I moved onto the internet and found more of a selection in cashmere and silk ties - plus less expensive, and custom made shirts and other items with free international Fedex shipping.   It seems our world is getting smaller in reach - just a mouse click away.   Please post your favorite sites so that I...
Working a different set of muscles each day will replace the fatty mass.  Can be as short as 20 minutes in front of a TV Set.
One for the ladies . . .     Absolutely gorgeous.  An investment which will wear well for generations to come.
    METROPOLIS - 1927   Although this was listed as #90 on the All-Time List, it was listed much higher in the Leonard Maltin's 100 Must See Films List I recently posted.   This restored black and white classic is a remarkable film, which seduces the viewer as the drama unfolds.  The division between labor and industrial capitalists is a remarkable story which can be abstracted from the present course of our country.   Enjoy.
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