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CHRISTMAS IN 1933   May you all have a Merry Christmas and share the promise of Hope to those less fortunate.   David
May you all have a Merry Christmas,   David
Thanks for your contribution!  Another link now added to My Favorites. May you have a Merry Christmas,David
ANOTHER NORDSTROM AFTER-CHRISTMAS SALE looks promising.   I should have more details to share, but it looks to be around 33% OFF the regular price.  If so, then my next purchase will be the Daltons for around $265.00 (regular $395.00), which comes with the Nordstrom's fabulous "satisfaction" guarantee and free shipping both ways - PLUS extra Rewards...
 Then he joined the Marines: 
Look for the two rows of numbers on the inside of the shoe.  The numbers tell the story and the style.
 Yes, going forward (even on new pair) will be a lot more cautionary venture to make sure none of the Saphir polish gets in the holes - and may increase the amount of time.  I am surprised that Allen Edmonds did encourage customers to be careful. Now that the brogue is the same color as everything else, I need to know how best to return it.  I don't think recrafting through AE would solve it. I have read some people use a small drill bit to grin out the old polish.  But...
When boys were taught to be uniform in their service to others, earn their own way - versus the moralless culture going on across the country.
 Your advice is good. But now that the polish has already dried in the punched brogue holes, what can I do to remove the old polish from the holes and replace it with something more natural (like the photo)? And what can I do with restoring the darker color of the original stitching? All my best, David
  Good historical photos from the way it was. David
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