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OPINIONS NEEDED, please.   Dalton Dress Boot versus Fifth Street Dress Boot??   FIFTH STREET DRESS BOOT       DALTON DRESS BOOT
Great find! Except for the cuffs, I would think that suit would be fashionable today.David
Another great quote: 
 I like the look of Daltons with a suit:          
STRANDS ON SALE:  $229.90 (regular $345) Not sure where you saw that, but I see that the STRANDS are 33% OFF at $229.00 (regular $345.00) at Nordstroms in just about any size you want.  The manager of the Spokane Nordstroms will drop ship directly to your home for free.  Canadians can get free shipping from a Nordstroms Store also when going through the manager. Remember to sign up for a free Nordstroms Rewards Account, which links their no-credit check card to your bank...
Go to the following dedicated topic for suggestions by one of the biggest USA retailers: http://www.styleforum.net/t/75787/the-hanger-project-affiliate-thread Merry Christmas,David
Not sure if they have Daltons, but if they do, then 395.00, less 25%, less another 15% should = $251.00.  That may be better than Nordstroms at 33% off = $264.  But Nordstroms does price match, which would be better. Merry Christmas, David For Nordstroms, the day after Christmas!
CHRISTMAS IN 1933   May you all have a Merry Christmas and share the promise of Hope to those less fortunate.   David
May you all have a Merry Christmas,   David
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