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Call the Nordstrom Spokane store and ask for the department manager in Shoes.  He will order in AE styles, and then ship them free from his store to Canada (which includes free return shipping) All my best,David
It will not change his character, education, or his reputation. Here is a quote:"What foul language says about a person and why you should not use profanity: "Profanity just means you do not know enough words to be able to say what you want without using curse words - an educated person can cut you down to nothing without saying one "dirty" word at all. "When guys cuss, they are probably just trying to be macho. Really, they look stupid. When girls use profanity, it makes...
OPINIONS NEEDED, please.   Dalton Dress Boot versus Fifth Street Dress Boot??   FIFTH STREET DRESS BOOT       DALTON DRESS BOOT
Great find! Except for the cuffs, I would think that suit would be fashionable today.David
Another great quote: 
 I like the look of Daltons with a suit:          
STRANDS ON SALE:  $229.90 (regular $345) Not sure where you saw that, but I see that the STRANDS are 33% OFF at $229.00 (regular $345.00) at Nordstroms in just about any size you want.  The manager of the Spokane Nordstroms will drop ship directly to your home for free.  Canadians can get free shipping from a Nordstroms Store also when going through the manager. Remember to sign up for a free Nordstroms Rewards Account, which links their no-credit check card to your bank...
Go to the following dedicated topic for suggestions by one of the biggest USA retailers: http://www.styleforum.net/t/75787/the-hanger-project-affiliate-thread Merry Christmas,David
Not sure if they have Daltons, but if they do, then 395.00, less 25%, less another 15% should = $251.00.  That may be better than Nordstroms at 33% off = $264.  But Nordstroms does price match, which would be better. Merry Christmas, David For Nordstroms, the day after Christmas!
New Posts  All Forums: