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Nice cigar lighter.
Getting by, having a dream, starting with a grub stake, partnering up, getting ahead, greed . . .  and an end that (spoiler)
 "San Francisco for $500 per month"
Not sure who you spoke to, but Nick is the owner and I have spoken to him a few times about the option to use his Saphir Shine - which can be a 2 to 4 step process.  If Nick has changed his view, then you could try it . . . or get involved with the videos and 1-5 step process of Saphir products. Nordstroms department store, just outside of NYC, has one of the best shoe shines in the area, in which they apply a combination cream and wax to all new AE shoes/boots.  If you...
You can find several pair of AE in Size 7, EEE (3e) at zappos.com Here is a image of today's stock:  Enjoy your week,David
If you are not near a local Nordstrom or AE store that has other sizes in stock where they can perform a free "professional fitting", your best bet is to call AE Customer Service and have a very careful discussion about your measured size.  They have a free downloadable size chart for you to use in your home.  Be ready to use your credit card for a second new pair at a slightly different size so that you can try sizes on through the mail.  My last purchase was a mystery,...
What country?  What are the taxes?  How much was the shipping?  What style of AE shoe/boot?David
SEVEN   Getting surprised at the ending does not take away repeated viewings of this thriller movie - all from the last decade when Hollywood still made consistent studio films for fans.
AE has a higher standard for their seconds than others.  I have purchased their seconds in the past 10 years when all that was available in my favorite older style was a second and the firsts were no longer available.  I have never been able to see a flaw in the overall general appearance of the second, probably because I have called in my order and asked the rep to check for obvious and noticeable potential flaws .  Last year I ordered another second and the fit was too...
Before the actual stores open, it appears they will first start selling ONLINE in Canada at www.nordstrom.ca  From the above link, they show the following schedule: TORONTO (2 STORES TO OPEN IN FALL 2016) CALGARY:  FALL 2014 OTTAWA:  SPRING 2015 VANCOUVER:  FALL 2015 An earlier news report indicated that most of the new stores will be in the old Sears Department Store locations in each city - which means you an expect a lot of remodeling and a drive-by look ahead of time. ...
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