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  One of the most handsome shoe shine carry luggage items I have seen, including a host of Saphir Products.  (Love the Rosewood choice).   Description Link   "Product Description   "Meticulously crafted in France by one of the leading makers of shoeshine boxes, La Cordonnerie Anglaise, this ebony-stained shoeshine kit is full of private-labeled Saphir Medaille d'Or product. It contains everything a shoe aficionado needs to get started taking the best...
Major, major sale probably after Christmas and New Years.  Super sale is more like once a year in late July.   What are you looking for?  Sometimes has great deals on firsts.   All my best, David
Original?  Hmmm . . . how they have changed:  
  You may wish to try Lexol to your briefcase.   Review this:  Amazon Link   All my best, David
Nice shine.   (What model of car is that in the picture?)
  I see you were selling these size 10b's on eBay for $499 before dropping the price to $219.   Silly question, but if someone were to locate a size 13d . . . how much would they be worth?  
  From one Long Branch to another . . . how about a larger photo!   And did you add a shine to them?   David
  If at all possible, I would not trust any of my Allen Edmonds shoes to be recrafted by anyone except AE.     Now that you mention it, they did suggest I could avoid having my shoes returned to the original out-of-the-box fit if they were able to use the existing welt and just recraft the remaining portions of the shoes.  They told me that an inspection could provide an answer to the welt issue.
A spot check for a specific style can be done at their LIVE CHAT link, or a quick phone call to the 800 customer support.   Otherwise, the best method is to email any one of the outlet stores, tell them your size(s) and they will email you a nationwide list to choose from.   Enjoy the journey, David
When I spoke to the Allen Edmonds Recrafting department, they did mention that any natural expansion in the cork area of the shoe would be lost through the recrafting process - because recrafting returns the shoe to the original out-of-the-box fit.  They mention they have seen nearly whole size differences over time, and when customers got back their recrafted shoes they complained because the shoes felt like they were too small.   They did, however, mention they would...
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