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3-Step Process:Saphir MDO RenovateurSaphir MDO Pommadier Cream PolishSaphir MDO Pate de Lux Wax Polish I, too, much prefer the matte finish.  It reminds me of how my Allen Edmond shoes and boots came straight out of the box as new.  And yes, I see Renovateur as you suggest - "a more once in a while" use, depending on how hard you are on your shoes, how often you wear them (or how often you rotate wearing them while using other shoes you own), and what lack luster condition...
 Outstanding.  The slight contrast in white works better, in my opinion, as you have displayed. And maybe a blue cashmere sweater over a nice dress shit? David
Suggest a professional fit by a department manager at AE or Nordstroms in various lasts and styles.David
Put them on with whatever pants you expect to wear, sit in a chair, and then cross your legs.  If the blemish is on the upper side with crossed legs, then it may be more noticeable to others. David
It's 35% OFF the current retail.  Last year the "advertised sale" included six (6) styles (see below quote from last year):   In addition to the above, the shoe department manager was able to offer other styles at 35% off, any size, any color, by working direct with the customer. To get EARLY BIRD private investigation, I signed up for a free, no credit check, Nordstrom's Debit Card (comes out of bank account) that added Nordstrom's Rewards as a customer.  This gives an...
That is a great outcome.  Congratulations.   Sorry to see this happening to you.   For me, it was less the shoes and boots I have and more relating to my aging feet.  Many factors caused my feet to change.  I just adapt where adaptation requires an extra support here and there while keeping my shoes and boots, and adjusting what size and last I use for future purchases.   My last AE purchase of the Fifth Street Boot left me confused after reading all the reviews regarding...
I'm referring to the shoe department manager at Nordstroms who will price match just about anything, including AE.  But the Nordstrom Summer Sale typically far exceeds anything that AE has on sale for styles and colors.  Aside, the department managers will take the time to professionally fit a customer in seeing what "lasts" will work and won't work.  As mentioned earlier, using an automated bidding service provides you to anonymously bid within the LAST 6 SECONDS of a...
Three months to go for the biggest sale of the year with free shipping and free returns.  Expect 35% off on firsts.  ($335 regular for $225)
I think you can do better for a new shoe.David
I was able to order two different sizes of the FIFTH STREET BOOTS when they were on sale with over $100 off, so as to try on for a best fit.  They paid for the return shipping and I ended up with a very nice black dress boot for church and other semi-formal events.   All my best, David
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