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Every collection, in my opinion and others, needs a dress pair in black.  The Allen Edmonds Web Site has many black shoes and boots with an option to see what dress pants, casual pants, and jeans looks like. All my best,David  
Late Spring in San Diego (which has a Trolley Car that takes you to the Mexican Border in 45 minutes for $2.50, and opens up the Tijuana shopping culture for an amazing day) includes great beaches, immense zoos, and old historic hotels.  Hertz also rent cars that are insured for Mexico too. Between Portland and Seattle (both great cities), first time visitors will find Seattle the better choice to explore the islands via the Seattle ferries, two great aquariums,...
To avoid cross-contamination between different  creams and waxes, I use dedicated applicants, brushes, and clothes - marked with a Sharpie Pen - and in an open air zip-lock bag for easy retrieval . All my best,David
 Depending on the time of year . . . it could feel that way if not dressed appropriately. Then again, enjoying fresh air while moving may most often require investing a few coppers in clothing: A natural high.
An ah-ha moment with our new bedroom addition (5 feet from the foot of our King size bed):    65" Samsung HD LED Smart TV from one of the "clubs", with matching Blue-Ray DVD player, and Sound Bar - all for under $1850.   Seems that all of my pre-Blue Ray Dvds get converted automatically UP though the Blue Ray Player and HD screen to an amazing resolution!  Can't explain why - but I found a nearby pawn shop selling thousands of non-Blue Rays for $2 each.   Although...
Current choice - classic blends.
Avoiding the bridge commute by setting the sail for a nice open air breeze.
If I apply a good cream, followed by a good wax - brush and polish . . . and I am not hard on them - and each morning before I choose to wear them, do a 60 second light brush and light buff, followed that evening with a 15 minute open air dry time (before inserting shoe trees, followed by another 60 second brush and buff - then I do not expect to do another full polish for at least 7-10 full day easy wears.  Given a reasonable collection to rotate every day a different...
3-Step Process:Saphir MDO RenovateurSaphir MDO Pommadier Cream PolishSaphir MDO Pate de Lux Wax Polish I, too, much prefer the matte finish.  It reminds me of how my Allen Edmond shoes and boots came straight out of the box as new.  And yes, I see Renovateur as you suggest - "a more once in a while" use, depending on how hard you are on your shoes, how often you wear them (or how often you rotate wearing them while using other shoes you own), and what lack luster condition...
 Outstanding.  The slight contrast in white works better, in my opinion, as you have displayed. And maybe a blue cashmere sweater over a nice dress shit? David
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