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EG Galways are for posting on Instagram, not for real life winter conditions.@upr_crust, Sr. Agnelli would be proud.
@Isolation, Thanks for a very informative history lesson, but your seeing homophobia in every other post gets a bit tedious.
True. The roomier cut is better, but now the jacket looks too small.
It's a very nice suit, but something in the fit looks off on the lower part. I don't quite understand what, but I'd expect the stripes to go more vertically along the body. Is the jacket quite roomy?
This weird?
LOL, so now we've gone from medical science to experimental physics? We're discussing taste in male dress here. A rather more subjective and trivial matter than you are comparing it to.And just because there's intelligent and well-informed disagreement on the right answer to a question doesn't mean there is a right answer.
As others have already stated, your comparison with a doctor's opinion is ridiculous.And I don't recall telling you that there's no disputing taste. It's what we do here on SF. All I objected to was your stating your opinions as facts. And a friendly advice to change your tone to something less self righteous, though that clearly wasn't audible inside your turtle shell.
Can't wait for this to happen.You appear to write your posts with an air as if you were regaling the undeserving masses with nuggets of canonical wisdom. Where all you're doing is stating your personal opinion. Perhaps if you change your tone, people are more inclined to listen.What is ice pink, BTW? I've heard of ice blue, but other than an alpine herb with the name, I can't find anything on ice pink.
C'mon man, what's not to like?
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