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 Yeah, you're right. I'll probably better leave the expert opinions to people who think fit issues will disappear after the first time of wearing.
 So the second time he'll wear it, it won't be too short anymore and the wonky shoulders will be gone? The sleeve length will suddenly be right and equal too? It's a lovely cloth but the fit of the jacket leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for pointing out this is not the fit critique thread, BTW.
It's no secret that I prefer your less outlandish combinations and this a very good example. Probably my favourite outfit of yours.I'm also a fan of Borrelli ties. They make beautiful knots. I do believe they are (or were) official supplier to the erstwhile royal family Di Savoia, so that's probably where the silly collection name comes from.
Yeah that's a better idea, sorry. Didn't mean to disrupt the thread. Please carry on...
Of course, and I believe that Luca was exaggerating. Though there is of course the suggestion that overthinking and style may be mutually exclusive.
Luca is afraid you guys may be overthinking it a little...
I would have gone for a plain white shirt. Linen, soft collar, not formal at least.
Nice suit @Coxsackie but I think the blue of the shirt sits uneasy with the blues of suit and tie. It looks a bit too lavenderish.
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