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Why is it impressive? Please educate us poor deluded souls
 That one's legendary. Works here because the micro check shirt basically works as a solid. Greg is an absolute master at wearing micro check shirts. Witness the sadly deceased CBD WAYWRN thread. Edit: @heldentenor you advocating puppytooth shirts? Come one  man, I should be doing that
 I think you answered your own question already: solid shirts is the way to go. If you really want a pattern, then stripes could work, provided they're not too loud. No checks, please.FWIW, I like the first jacket a lot more than the second.
 I don't like that Manton fit at all. The tie is too casual for the business suit and the colours don't go together too well either: an unbalanced mix of cool and warm. And the PS is too light, drawing too much attention.I find it ironic that in the OP of the good taste thread as well as his square fail thread, Manton posted two of his least convincing outfits. I wonder if he did it on purpose. You know, just taking the piss. Of course in both threads he later follows up...
Great stuff, @Cleav. Long time no see!
Nice roll on the lapels, who made your suit?
 Thanks. Yes, that's the one. And one of the few times I've worn it. The burnt orange tie otoh is one of my favourites. Has a wonderfully luxurious feel. From Petronius, who make the best cashmere ties, IMO.  Mostly agreed, but... not even donegal for ties? Or herringbone? You sound like a fanatic tie Jihadist!  @Coxsackie, I agree with sprout's assesment: the check ties work on you because it's you. Not many people can pull that off.
 They are both cheapos from TM Lewin. Soft rather than crunchy, and with a finer weave that makes them look just a bit less casual than those very open knits.I buy my knits wherever I find them, don't care for high end brands since I'm bound to get pulls and snags in them anyway. I even have a few from Marks & Spencer!  As long as there's no polyester in them and they make a decent knot, I'm good to go....From the pics I've seen and from the positive comments on SF (I...
Is that why you look so sad, Gerry?
 Yes, I only wear silk knits. I've had a few in wool and cotton, but that feels too much like wearing a sock around your neck.
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