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I'm actually sorry to hear this. I understand going to visit Seoul this year was going to be a major event for you?
Fits you great, @EFV! What's the occasion?
@The Noodles is back? What happened to @Cao Cao?
That's what makes it so good.
 BTW, shouldn't you tell Greg and Clags to take their fit critique posts elsewhere?
By using my eyes.
 While it is true that a well made jacket will settle a bit to the wearer over time, it won't solve issues like a jacket being too short, or too short sleeves that are of uneven length. Or shoulders that are too extended. You make it sound as if every issue will magically disappear over time. Makes you wonder why tailors try so hard to get fit right in the first place, if that were the case.
 Yeah, you're right. I'll probably better leave the expert opinions to people who think fit issues will disappear after the first time of wearing.
 So the second time he'll wear it, it won't be too short anymore and the wonky shoulders will be gone? The sleeve length will suddenly be right and equal too? It's a lovely cloth but the fit of the jacket leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks for pointing out this is not the fit critique thread, BTW.
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