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 Thanks, JIMB!   That's a very cool pic and a beautiful umbrella! @kulata, I'm sorry mate, I guess I just don't like the hard 3. (Wait, that sounds weird...)
    Not enough light today for full fit pics....
That's a great fit, Gerry. And I love those shoes...
So you mean with his complexion he's pretty much stuck to wearing tan ties only?
Congrats SB! Makes sense to skip a week. More time to come up with ideas for the next FC...
I understand. Not an easy task for a shirt collar, to hold your head in place...
 They are all good, but just one is just perfect IMO. And not just the shirt collar, everything here.
Great suit, @Braddock!
 It's been raining heavily here, today.
Nice stuff from the Aussies above! Apologies for the twisted trouser leg:    
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