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@Coxsackie it appears you missed this gem: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/28170#post_8160316
Based on photo, the blue of your shirt is too purple. It looks much more urban/city than it would with a greener cast.Silk of pocket square is also at odds with outfit. Belongs with a suit.Shirt collar is blegh. Too straight to look at home with a casual jacket. Too soft and rumpled to look good otherwise. All around bad.Jacket sleeves are swallowing your shirt cuffs or your shirt sleeves are too short.Hate flap pockets on blackwatch odd jackets, but that is one of the...
Properly fitting and worn in dress shoes should be at least as comfortable as trainers. And less painful to the eyes.@A.J.V very nice (love the shoes!), but the suit looks a bit tight...@Claghorn shoes that have served you so well for so long deserve a good polishing. Edit: on a related note, ladies tend to notice shoes since they believe it gives them an indication how a guy maintains himself and how well he can maintain her.
Yes, that's what we need: another 'kop moar' thread.
Now that would be interesting...
 Poor knot, can't get a decent dimple and always ends up smallish. And it feels 'limp', for lack of a better word. But perhaps it's just this one only, I wouldn't know. 
As much as I like their shirts, the single Finamore tie I own hasn't really impressed me.
I have a scarf in exactly that shade of grey by Loro Piana, made from the finest baby cashmere. As you can imagine, I have no use for it in the climate where I currently live. PM me if you're interested.@The_Foxx great pics. Tuxedo is midnight blue?
 You normally have time for naps on working days?
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