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 Thanks a lot for your offer, mate. But I guess you could say that it's my end that's unreliable
Will do
Thanks, mate. As much as I'd like a 3pc, there's not much use for it here. And there's not enough cloth anyway.
 OK, i'll give you the long story then: I recently purchased a length of very nice vintage cloth online. Since there's not a single decent tailor to be found in this country, I thought I could try in Singapore because I have to travel there every now and then. But I found out the only acceptable options there have waiting lists of up to a year. I'm too impatient for that, so I'm considering going the Luxire route. I have seen some very good results (e.g. from @Monkeyface...
Guys, to cut a long store really short: does Luxire do CMT?
 No, you will discover how easy it is for you to say no to that tie.
 How come you're wearing one of my shirts?! Nice stuff, the cokour of the trousers is absolutely perfect here!
 No, this is something else and it's called "wit"
 Nobody gets flamed for having an opinion. Delivering that opinion in a pretentious and condescending manner is the thing that doesn't go down well. At age 33 you should have been able to grasp that yourself.
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