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Yeah that's a better idea, sorry. Didn't mean to disrupt the thread. Please carry on...
Of course, and I believe that Luca was exaggerating. Though there is of course the suggestion that overthinking and style may be mutually exclusive.
Luca is afraid you guys may be overthinking it a little...
I would have gone for a plain white shirt. Linen, soft collar, not formal at least.
Nice suit @Coxsackie but I think the blue of the shirt sits uneasy with the blues of suit and tie. It looks a bit too lavenderish.
False comparison. In the novel's case the end product is the same: a printed book. Not so in handmade vs machine made suits.And people who believe the difference is only aesthetic, are mistaken.
   +1. Extra props to @RogerP for making navy trousers work.
   ^ I believe it's this, but I'm not sure, so that's why I was asking. As @Chulillo says, apparently a pocket watch is deemed acceptable in those situations. @Coxsackie didn't you have Viennese ancestors?
Only a credit card and a little bit of cash for black tie. Phone goes in the wife's purse, car keys are kept by the driver. I thought no watch was only for weddings (and funerals)?
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