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@greger must be @SartodiNapoli's grandpa.
   Might as well call it a cardigan with lapels How would you wear it?
Please go on loving them, they're beautiful. It's probably only visible in a top down pic like that. Not representative for real life situations.
^ The uneven toecaps on those Galways would freak me out. And I don't even have OCD.
 The shoulders are a bit too wide (and the sleeves too short, I notice just now), but for the rest I think it's ok. Though I know you prefer tighter fitting jackets.Trouser fit can indeed be a lot more problematic than expected. Especially if one has legs that aren't dead straight. Have you asked over on the tailors feedback thread already?
@Isolation I think the size and proportions of the cream jacket are a lot better, though the shoulders are a bit off (divots). If it had the shoulders of the blue one, that would be the way to go. Judging from the side views, the trousers (both examples) seems to have a balance problem. They rest on the back of your calves, causing that harmonica effect around the knees.
 The jacket's not only too tight, it's too short and the sleeves are too tight as well, causing them to bunch up. The overall too small effect is exaggerated by the roomy trousers. What happened to those, BTW? Looks like they not only desperately need a pressing, but something with the fit looks off as well, with the bunching up at knee level.It's a shame, because the colours and textures are really nice. I especially like the tie. @pi34 welcome! But that jacket deserves...
Ah, my bad then. Never heard of X men. I'm not particularly well versed in American high culture.
That's intentional.@mktitsworth amidst the visual fireworks, I noticed a fine watch.
So Koala, a little while ago you got all sensitive and pissed at people for making remarks about your physique instead of your clothes, and now it's alright for you to make fun of @SeaJen's facial hair?
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