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 Do you mean corozobuttons.com? TBH, I've never looked at that site before. But there are many sellers of corozo, Ebay is a good place to try. Something like this, perhaps: 
@Caustic Man I'm a fan of corozo buttons and they come in many shades. Caramel could work with your jacket.
 Not a bad effort at all, JIMB! A nice classic combo and the suit fits rather well.In addition to the points you and @Jamesgatz already noted, the closed, overlapping quarters suggest to me that either the front balance is a bit short or the jacket is a bit too tight in the chest. It looks like the front is pivoting on the button point. Does the bottom of your jacket stands away from your body at the front? A side view could also help to see what you need to do about the...
 Archie, I don't think we disagree on aything, actually. But obviously my rant was less well composed than your response. Yours is a very sensible approach, BTW.
Perhaps one of the mods can help @SartodiNapoli and move his posts from this thread to his own new anti-Pitti thread, so this one's cleaned up? (FWIW, Sarto, I do appreciate your input to this forum and your critical stance. But there's a time and place for everything.)
 Black is indeed traditional, but burgundy is not bad per se. If you're undecided, why not ask your soon-to-be wife for her opinion? She'll love you for it.  [[SPOILER]]  @Levin that looks far too business like for a wedding, I'd say. A brighter tie would already improve the look.
Amar do you have a full shot of that Ciardi suit? I would like to see the silhouette.
Yeah, I do that sometimes. Not very good, I admit.
They just get pulled up higher, because the ankles are even more bare than before.
Don't like the quasi swan neck shape. Much prefer my somewhat similar Ladbrokes.
New Posts  All Forums: