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But then you should take off your hat.
A Neapolitan pizza isn't supposed to be thin. Basically, it's a kind of bread as I wrote. The toppings are just flavouring. Anyway, when eaten street style, you fold it up.
That's nonsense. It's common to get your pizza served on a piece of paper in Napoli. No knife or fork to be seen. No seats either in some cases, you eat it standing at a counter or in the street.The word pizza derives from the Greek pita, which means bread. It is the most basic and unpretentious food staple there is.
But then he shouldn't be eating his pizza with a knife and fork. @mcobinad, easily your best fit yet!
I had a cashmere suit once. In less than a year I had a beautiful cashmere orphaned suit jacket.
Chalk is..... white?  
Great stuff, @A.J.V, welcome back! Do you have a professional photographer?
Calm down!   Before you go on a shopping spree and possibly buy stuff you later come to regret, look around on this forum and learn about the basics first: http://www.styleforum.net/atype/5/Styleforum_101 There's also a dedicated 'newbies' thread for asking questions: http://www.styleforum.net/t/505732/new-member-inquiries-quick-questions-classic-menswear-wk-of-aug-10-2015
  Is this really bad?  I'm biased against FC and BD, so I say yes.
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