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I see the word bespoke (as in specifically cut and made for the wearer) being used here in a somewhat different meaning recently. Perhaps we should introduce the term 'respoke'
I guess people will want to see a pic of that fit flaw in the back, if it's serious enough for you that the jacket has to go...
Thank you for reaffirming my point: in case of criticism, the poster gets attacked (in this case by questioning my motives for posting) while the actual points of criticism keep being ignored.
I'm actually sorry to hear this. I understand going to visit Seoul this year was going to be a major event for you?
Fits you great, @EFV! What's the occasion?
@The Noodles is back? What happened to @Cao Cao?
That's what makes it so good.
 BTW, shouldn't you tell Greg and Clags to take their fit critique posts elsewhere?
By using my eyes.
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