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How about the role of contrast?Compared to the one you posted above, is this a neat or knot not?
I copied the pic from the soporific thread, where I posted it before. Probably just took the wrong one.Edit: @sprout2 that's why I thought mine wouldn't qualify as a neat.
I dunno where the original picture came from, it certainly wasn't mine. Weird. Anyway, the second one is from Sorella Fontana in Rome.
^ Wow. That's a great tie. Capelli? This is one of my favourite ties, but I thought the pattern is too busy to be classified as a neat: Though I wouldn't know what else to call it...
Welcome @mrjinqu! As @Claghorn said, the last outfit is quite nice. I'm also partial to velvet dinner jackets, though less enthusiastic about gaudy ties and dog chains. Please post some more.
Now there's a definition! I believe a certain level of soporificness is also a requirement, or not necessarily?And does it have to be a print?
The surface is flat. There's only one shade of blue, but the blocks are rotated 90 degrees, so light reflects slightly different from them. The effect is much more subtle irl, almost a uniform blue with white dots.@TweedyProf if we drop jacquard as a category, on to the next problematic definition: neats. When is a tie a neat?
 Very informative. So, is it safe to conclude that technically speaking, any tie that is made on a loom with a jacquard device can be called a jacquard tie, but that when used in the vernacular 'jacquard' means a tie where the pattern is woven in as opposed to printed? Anyway, this thread needs more pics. My only two jacquard ties:  The back may be interesting:   Edit: found another one, though I'm not sure this qualifies for what is commonly called a jacquard tie, though...
It seems plausible that the higher investment needed for jacquard type ties would have to be offset by higher production volumes. Printing lends itself more to lower volume production. But this is pure conjecture. It may well be that outside the tiny SF bubble, printed ties are seen as less desirable than woven ones.
New Posts  All Forums: