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 I bought it quite a few years back, so I don't have a link and I don't even know if it's still available, TBH. I found a pic of me wearing it. As you can see the pattern is really small, maybe smaller than you're looking for? Anyway, micro pindot ties shouldn't be too hard to find, I guess.    Thanks!    Edit: @Caustic Man look: I've got my cuff buttons unbuttoned!
@bmwahba39 : this close enough?  
 This seems to be the question, indeed. I'd say certainly not fashion forward, but of course I want to avoid looking like an old man... From the comments so far, it seems acceptable. Now, I have to get used to it   Don, I think with a single breasted SC a low gorge is less desirable because of the downward pointing lines which leaves a sad and tired impression to my eyes. You don't have that with DB of course.FWIW, I think the lapels/gorges of the SC you posted are still...
 There's hardly any padding at all. Shoulders look rumply because the jacket has been packed in a box for 14 days. I'll try to take better pics when I have the time.Thanks for the feedback so far, gents!
 No other pics yet, I just got it in today. It's a bit of an experiment. It's my first foray into DB since the dreaded broad shouldered monstrosities I wore in high school back in the 1980s.I dislike the 'modern' DB silhouette as exemplified by those Suit Supply jackets where the gorge sits so high that the lapels peak out above the shoulder line. So when I saw this online I thought it was worth a try, but now I've tried it on I feel it may be a bit too low. Funny thing...
Dear Noodlers, what do you say: is this gorge too low?  
 That's my man!
   Knit with PoW is fine, especially a flannel like Noodles' suit. Just not a very open, crunchy, seaweedy one. So, a knit that's a bit grenadinish...
@The Noodles very nice, inspiration from that fit @kulata posted in the GNAT? The colour coordination with the blossom in the background is lovely. @Pliny cool lapels on that suit!   @merick that's a very nice SC, but I feel the tie is a bit too smooth and formal. Also very OT: which part of Arnhem do you live in? I used to have family in Arnhem, so I've been there often.
Please bear in mind that in Asian culture it is generally considered impolite or unacceptable to answer a question with a strong negation. So, rather than a definitive 'no', it's common to reply with a non-committing yes-like answer that is vague and open to interpretation. I would not be surprised if bntailor's responses above fall in that category.
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