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What's with the "Asians" bit? That wasn't necessary.
Dear fellow FOMEFKAN's (forum members formerly known as Noodlers), sorry to interrupt this interesting conversation for a clothing related question: does anyone know how to get olive oil stains out of suede shoes?
 Seems that the ducks in Californian Venice have better luck than their Italian cousins: https://www.itinere.it/ITA/piatto/anatra-alla-veneziana.aspx  Please, tell us more about why ducks are preppy.
 Really?! I thought the Grand Canal in Venice looked like this: 
But it's BnTailor!!! 
 Cream silk seems to be your standard advice, lately. Have you turned into ?? Pockets squares always look too cramped to me in patch pockets. That's why I prefer to see SC's with 3 patch pockets worn without PS at all.Indeed a very nice SC, @Poszetka . I have one in similar fabric, albeit in darker navy blue. The open weave makes it pill like crazy, though. Do you have that problem too? Anyone here with advice on how best to deal with pilling?
 Best use of denim with a tie I've seen in a long, long time. Superb SC too! 
@blekit I'm inclined to agree with Gerry's comments above and I don't mean in any way to offend, but I'm afraid the colours and the windowpane just don't work for your complexion. The white shirt would be better replaced by a not too pale blue, it will make your face look less pale. And the tie would be better if for example a warmer, reddish brown instead of the stark burgundy. In addition to that, I think a strong pattern like this bold windowpane is too distracting for...
^ Those lapels in the last pic look ridiculous. See Cary Grant above for how it's supposed to be done.
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