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 Looking good! Don't forget to post your fit here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/408802/friday-challenge-15th-august-2014-rule-breaker
This is the fit I already posted last Friday, as if this FC was made for it....    [[SPOILER]]   SF rules violated, as far as I'm aware (there may be more):Orphaned suit jacket and trousers Dreaded navy trousers..... in smooth worsted. Oh, the horror! Jacket lighter than trousers (the "Northern Lights" rule) PoW check too small in scale for use as odd jacket Pattern of shirt and jacket too similar in scale Accessories too matchy-matchy: tie/trousers and shoes/watch...
 From before my time.... I'm still a n00b, dear Pliny   Agreed, this is perfect. Most of the time I see DB's here that are too short, resulting in a somewhat effeminate silhouette (looks like a dress). Not so this one!
Any idea yet what the new challenge will be, @Cleav?
Who is this?
Congrats Cleav! Not so many contenders, but lots of fun. This is the first time I've let go of my personal '3 votes only' rule. I've voted for all of you! (which makes my voting useless, but oh well...)
 I agree. I think this is one area where SF groupthink has closed off a very interesting sartorial avenue for many people here. As @Pingson rightly observed, photographing navy and charcoal trousers is difficult, and it appears that looking at bad pics has made many SFers conclude that these trouser colours are a no go area. I wonder how many here have actually tried it?Coincidentally, a few days ago I posted a fit of light jacket + dreaded blue trousers here:...
That's what I mean
Of course we can only wonder how politicians of a country with a per capita income that's a fifth of that of the USA, can be all kitted out in Rubinacci bespoke...
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