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 Nice gesture from the chef to match the shape of his tikka masala flatbread to your tie
Don't delete! They're great pics. Edit: too late
Superb, @GuidoWongolini and a belated congrats! Fortunately for us you'll be disqualified since your entry doesn't comply with the rules.
 Thanks, helden! Yeah, it's fascinating stuff, isn't it?  [[SPOILER]]
GuP, I have a pair of patent leather captoes from C&J for black tie occasions. If you don't like to spend too much, patent leather is cheaper than calf and is traditional. Unfortunately, I can't remember the model name...
Like this a lot. Very audacious, a charcoal jacket, but you pull it off imo.
You make a lot of rather careless assumptions in one post.
Lol at your spelling error Thanks for that scribd link, a lot better readable than the web archive.
Thanks, it's Indonesia. The dress is a modern interpretation of the traditional kebaya.
^ You missed the opportunity to post his toilet pic
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