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Mine wasn't made of polyester
A lot of high quality entries this week, well done gentlemen! But with my personal preference for earth tones, l2br has to be my favourite.
^ This.
^ Great tie, Clags! Deets please?
 Thank you. It's one of my first 'proper' suits and quite possibly still my favourite.   [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you, my darling  @Monkeyface, great suit. But I echo Murl's sentiment: though I have no objections to knits with pinstripes per se, I feel this one is a bit too open and casual. YMMV
 Fantastic suit, but ehmmm, perhaps stating the obvious: why not wear your first Formosa for a while to see if it really is what you want before committing to another one?
@The Noodles, at least you can still wear your wedding suit. I was so stupid to have a bespoke brown (!!!) tuxedo made, which means I will never be able to wear it again... A major waste of $$$
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New Posts  All Forums: