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You can always cut it off if you think the label is too big...
On my ankles.
This doesn't make sense to me... Anyway, I don't think this thread is a trainwreck and the style of comments and criticism has stayed pretty much the same since I joined SF. It's just that lately a few posters here seem to be very sensitive and take every criticism personally.So, to keep in the constructive spirit of this thread: that suit fabric is positively hideous. (Though I love your overcoat)
Congrats on the new job @SYCSYC! Nice look, though I think the donegal tie doesn't quite go with the navy worsted suit.
   What part of @Pliny's feedback wasn't constructive? He gave you concrete and practical advice about the lack of contrast in your outfit. And he told you it would look better if you'd have your clothes pressed and he advised you to use collar stays.You won't get unanimous feedback, because different people have different interpretations of 'Classic Menswear'.E.g., Pliny favours high contrast between top and bottom half, others (like me) don't think that so important....
 The opposite: poplin is wrinkly. Yet, more formal.
A belated merry Christmas to all! @Roycru is that Dom Perignon?
What is sea chicken? And fix your collar, man
 Thanks, didn't know about the different lines. Some Googling shows me an entirely handmade shirt, indeed. Looks gorgeous.
   You should take a closer look, then. At least on my Ingleses only the sleeve inset is handsewn, the rest is done by machine. Very neatly done, true. But on my Kiton's virtually every seam is done by hand, as well as the buttonholes. Is it worth triple the price? That I cannot tell.And, as DT says, I rate Attolini shirts even higher. Best RTW shirts, IMO. Charvet, I don't know. From what I've seen, they don't appeal to me at all.
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