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 Very, very nice.I don't know if 6.9MB is too high quality for SF, but it's certainly too much for my crappy 3G phone connection.
 That silk 
 I said no such thing, please read my post again. 
Funniest about this is that they call it a "simple solution".@Murlsquirl can tell you how comfortable it is.
I take that as a compliment:)Really? To me it sounded more like someone calling another poster stupid instead of trying to address the point that's being made.Nice use of the word 'trenchant', by the way, on the centenary commemoration of the battle of the Somme.
 You're 6'1 and base your opinion about what works on shorter men on pics from JCM. I have been 5'7 for the past 3 decades or so and speak from experience. Who is fooling himself here? I just explained that from my own experience shorter jackets are not always a good choice and cuffs do not add significant girth or stubbiness.
 I like the suit very much and the low contrast idea. But the stripes of shirt and tie are too close in scale and the shoes look too coarse/casual for such a refined suit.
 Being a short person myself, I can say from experience that only about half of the tips above make any sense.Yes to slightly stronger shoulders and a lower buttoning point. But, I've found that the width of the lapels doesn't have much influence on perceived body length, as long as the V created by a lower buttoning point affords enough "verticality". Besom pockets may be a bit more flattering than flap or patch pockets, but not that important IMO. So for a suit, choose...
@upr_crust can show you all how contrast collars can be worn tastefully.
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