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 +1. If anything, a roped shoulder (combined with a fuller sleeve) gives a bit more room. I have one suit with a spalla camicia shoulder in the same width as my suits with roped shoulders and it actually gives me less room around the shoulders.
 Nice suit... please post your fit here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/457597/friday-challenge-february-20-2015-dress-down-your-suitA nice weekend to you too!
I just don't like the style, would have liked it better without the brogueing.  LOL, yeah I knew those 'football shoes' would get a lot of h8 here! Wear them with beat up jeans and a polo shirt or so. Strictly weekend wear.   I have tiny feet, pointy shoes make them appear a little more in proportion with my fat a***
I believe SF member @UrbanComposition has work done by a Sicilian tailor, or was planning to. You may try to contact him.
 Borgioli makes nice shoes, my favourite chukka's are from Borgioli:   I also have a pair of casual shoes by them, inspired by 1930s football kicks:   [[SPOILER]]  That being said, I don't like the ones that @kulata posted at all. Not my style...
Like Stitchy's fit 1000x better. Better overall proportions, better coordination, better looking individual items...
 On top of that, it's gross...
Tssssss, you guys only like it because he looks like a cool dude with a hipster beard. In reality, it's terrible... Look:  
The thing is, @EFV, with giving us these previews of what you're consider entering for the FC, the rest of us may just as well not bother to turn up... Maybe we should just change it in a poll which one of your fits we like best!
Thanks Erik, very useful info!    
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