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Noodles has no derriere, last thing he should wear is low rise trousers....
 Merçi Amar, those lapels I like a lot. Can you please post a full fit pic sometime, if you have the chance? 
 If everyone votes for himself, your problem is solved 
Thanks! No custom title yet. I have no idea, really. Though perhaps a not so subtle wordplay on 'member' might be fun.
No, but I have some leftover material like it, if you're interested.
New suit, @Coxsackie?
 Didn't you start such a thread already? http://www.styleforum.net/t/452372/tie-brands-we-may-not-have-heard-of-but-are-worth-knowing
Another repeat of that deja vu feeling all over again... Congrats EFV & Gino!
   Well, it turns out I was the winner, so thanks to you all! Of course I feel honoured to win considering the quality of the participants, but a quick look at the surprisingly low number of votes cast does seem to suggest that perhaps there is room for improvement for the next challenge. I have a feeling that either many people were unaware of this challenge or at least didn't know how to vote. Why not add a poll next time (with a clear deadline), as we do in the Friday...
New Posts  All Forums: