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Indeed, that's how I interpreted it too. I had more trouble spotting the typo...
 No problems with pulling and snagging? That's why I don't like hopsack for trousers, but probably it depends on the openness of the weave.
Still talking about that avatar?
Ain't gonna happen. He'd better start looking for a tie for me.
Thanks. People are already making jokes about it on social media. The name of the area where it happened sounds a bit like Syria:"To Syria, a**holes, Sy-ri-a""Yeah, yeah, Sarinah, right?"
Another reason to wear fresco in Jakarta nowadays.
Congrats @bourbonbasted and @acridsheep!
I agree on both counts. With perhaps one exception:
Congrats, @Seamless!
Sounds better than WAYWRN.
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