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Indeed. I read a lot of stuff here that doesn't belong in a public forum.
edit: never mind...
 Noodles, I'm sorry to learn of your disappointment. But I'm reasonably certain that it's mostly based on your experience with your latest Formosa suit, which IIRC, was traced down to an unfortunate manufacturing error resulting in shoulders that were a few cms too narrow. Shit happens.For the rest, as far as I have followed this thread, the advice you have followed has resulted in a marked improvement in how you're dressing. Yes, suitwise you might have done better to...
I'd say you have your priorities right, Sir.
SF member Slewfoot's Steed suits are a good (or bad) example of that.
This IS your life, face it.Some people think that way about shirts.
To throw some oil on the fire, I think Dons jacket should have been part of a suit.
Apropos... That thread is a good illustration that spending a lot of money on big name tailors doesn't guarantee good results.Are you leaving us, Noodles?
 You do know that that is not true, right? Values like proportion and balance are very much culturally and historically variable. Look at what were considered beautifully proportioned women a few centuries ago: 
 I am a middle aged neighbor lady... 
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