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 All those planning to visit Pitti 2016, please take note
Not all jokes are funny.
I wouldn't be so sure about that, considering his recent posts on other threads here and his contributions to the above mentioned forum.
I've seen some pretty ignorant comments on SF, but this one must rank among the best...
We, here on SF, are of course far removed from the childish sillyness of those Pitti Peacocks, because we buckle our double monks and wear socks with our tassel loafers...
 How does that work? Are you looking for something like what I was wearing yesterday? Won't turn grey at distance... 
 No, I wouldn't say that. But the pattern is small enough that it can be worn with a tie. Larger ginghams are more difficult to pull off. In general, for checked shirts I'd say it depends on the combination of scale and contrast: the larger the size of the check and/or higher the contrast, the more difficult to wear with a tie.
 You're just hoping it will be an FC where everybody will post his favourite Stitchy fit...
 Muchas gracias, Betel! And others too, I appreciate it.@Mhmt83 , others have already mentioned it, but that's about as strong a first post as I can remember having seen. Very nice! @ridethecliche actually that jacket is a touch too big for me (and I hate it when the sleeve gets caught on my watch like that...)
@Braddock that donegal suit is to die for!
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