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 Yes, I know how the "spoiler" function works, but...
This suit's silhouette is not working for you. The jacket being too short and the narrow shoulders make your hips look really wide. Perhaps sizing up could help a bit, since the bowing lapels suggest it's too small overall.Also, the fuchsia tie really clashes with your complexion.
Fwiw, I believe the suit from di Montezemolo a few posts ago is also by Caraceni.
An excellent question and excellent suits. Both look great, but the Steed seems to button slightly high and I don't like the typical Steed waist suppression. Just a bit too pronounced for my taste. So I prefer the Caraceni, even though its lines may not look quite as clean as the Steed's in these pics.
^ Very nice, but I would have liked that even better without tie, @Gerry Nelson 
 Very, very nice.I don't know if 6.9MB is too high quality for SF, but it's certainly too much for my crappy 3G phone connection.
 That silk 
 I said no such thing, please read my post again. 
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