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 I'd rather prefer my phone to do my work, so I can spend more time on purchase, fit coordination, pefect dimples and posting on SF
 Great looking suit, Amar. Can you tell us more about that tailor?  Well chosen user name.  Ah from Texas, ain't ya?
 Next: your phone actually taking the decision which one to purchase. Will save you a lot of picknick attacks
 What happened, SB? Too lazy to read the rest of my post? Here's what I wrote:  First, we were talking of shoes but even in the wider context of clothes in general, I still believe it holds true. Purely decorative items like ties and pocket squares did serve a function one day, at least in previous more utlitarian incarnations. The former as part of an army uniform (the Croation Army, hence the word cravatte) as an identification mark on the battlefield, the latter to...
 Wow, that's cool! Who'd have thought that? Thanks guys!   Thanks a lot Greg, very insightful. I learned something new today.
   Since I live in a climate like Thailand, I'm always on the lookout for lighter wearing garments. So how would half canvassed be lighter wearing than full canvassed? I'd never have thought that. 
   Indeed, that is my favourite Pliny tie.Great Frühling colours, Braddock!
 No need to say sorry. If my previous post sounded a bit curt, it's because I was typing on a phone and then I tend to be a bit economical with words So please  don't feel discouraged to post again.
Not much to see, @spike2015. If you're looking for feedback, please post better pics.
 Not that I know of. It won't surprise you that I don't like tassel loafers either....   Edit: though it may perhaps be a remnant of some string-like closure? Mocassins? I dunno... http://www.cigaraficionado.com/webfeatures/show/id/Tasseled-Loafers_7439/p/1
New Posts  All Forums: