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 I must have seen it around a 100 times now, I guess....
   Oh man, what to do now? I feel bad having to tell people that their fit doesn't comply with the rules, like a prissy school teacher. But on the other hand, I chose  this challenge precisely because apparently classic meanswear is so reliant on the colour blue and as you can see, it's not easy to put together a good fit without any blue whatsoever. And just like @EFV's, Crusty's fit is a very good one.... Do you think you'll have opportunity to post another fit this week?
Please do, I'm looking forward to see it. Hope you don't mind my being so strict.
@EFV, I'm really very sorry but I'm afraid the blue windowpane does not comply with the rules. And that's a shame because I absolutely love your fit, the audacious combination of a pink shirt and green tie is simply superb. Don't you have another jacket that you could use with this? Sorry, man...
 Ah yes, Group C cars of the 1980's & 90's...   [[SPOILER]]
 Really?! That's outrageous. Never experienced that, fortunately. On an intercontinental flight?
@upr_crust I just saw your post from today on WAYWRN after the one here for the FC and I have to say I'm always very impressed how you manage to adapt - seemingly effortless - to the requirements of each challenge, while still looking 100% yourself. That's style!
When I was still regularly travelling between Holland and SE Asia, Malaysian was my favourite airline. Better than the highly regarded Singapore Airlines. Not suer if I would do that again, though.... (Even though I know it's  not their fault etc.)
Looking good, DonC!
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