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Please continue with your experiment a little longer. You've been posting some interesting and inspiring stuff lately!
 Nope, wool + cashmere blend (5%). More comfy than pyjamas
That's a great suit, @GMMcL, but I'm afraid it's a bit too small for you. So I suggest you send it to me, I'll PM you my address.
 It's not?!
 Muchas gracias, Chulillo! I also find myself agreeing with everything you said about Braddock's fit. That one's outstanding.  Thanks a lot! Hmmm, sorry if this sounds like some appalling brand whoring but the suit is Attolini MTM and the shirt is Kiton MTM. So I suppose it should look good. Then again, I derived some kind of perverse pleasure combining these with a knit tie I found at a cheap shop here in Jakarta for 250.000 rupiah, which is around € 16...   You're...
 Thanks Pliny. Tie is a cheapo no name number I picked up in a local store here.  Hey, hey, careful with what you're saying there      Thanks, guyz!  And welcome back Noodles. When are you going to post a fit pic of your new Formosa? @Braddock superb SC!
@kulata, more stripes on stripes (AND herringbones)... you be the judge whether it looks ok or not  
Apologies for the blurred full fit pic.
 And in Holland, "Berliner" means some kind of sausage to eat with your bread. The Berliner Berliner is called "Berliner Bol" Yeah, it's Sunday...   [[SPOILER]]
Very interesting subject, but I'm afraid I can't say anything constructive about your post while I'm on mobile. Pics are too small to see any patterns....
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