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You'll find that 'rules' and 'SF consensus' are essentially the same.
 A very strong attempt at that, AAS! Though I'd have preferred a simple white TV fold square. No need to buy a new watch, just swap the NATO strap for a dark leather one and you're good to go.   [[SPOILER]]
FWIW, I think the size is right. The problem is the sleeve pitch. It also looks the jacket is made for slightly forward pitched shoulders, while yours look quite straight. Can't say much about the back since it's so wrinkled.
 Unintentional sprezz = sloppiness.  [[SPOILER]]
On a somewhat more serious note, did you see this:http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.co.id/2015/06/sprezzatura-great-philological-debate.html ?
@Cleav that was hilarious!
 Why would you want that unlined?
 Thanks for the trigger warning, but next time spoiler those pics, please!   But... better not, or I would have missed your gorgeous Solaro suit!
 I'm also more into dimples than into knots.
 Excellent pics! Though the messy tie knot is somewhat uncharacteristic for Claghorn....
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