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 Very strong first post!
No. There's plenty of hand stitched RTW and machine made bespoke.
You see this quite often on DBs, where I understand it's done to save fabric. I don't know if the same economic reason applies here. I agree it's not so aesthetically pleasing. But Cox has been wise enough to pair it with a tie that has served as a toy for the neighbourhood cats, so I didn't even notice the lapels at first. AAS a plain white shirt and a slightly darker shade of grey for the tie might have saved that outfit. At least, the top half.
 At which point she'll have another fit and start lambasting him for paying that much for a pair of trousers....
 In greger's time, construction workers always wore a coat and tie. 
@greger must be @SartodiNapoli's grandpa.
   Might as well call it a cardigan with lapels How would you wear it?
Please go on loving them, they're beautiful. It's probably only visible in a top down pic like that. Not representative for real life situations.
^ The uneven toecaps on those Galways would freak me out. And I don't even have OCD.
 The shoulders are a bit too wide (and the sleeves too short, I notice just now), but for the rest I think it's ok. Though I know you prefer tighter fitting jackets.Trouser fit can indeed be a lot more problematic than expected. Especially if one has legs that aren't dead straight. Have you asked over on the tailors feedback thread already?
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