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@rossoz just do as NOBD: wear a saturated blue shirt and you'll be fine. Pale blue will make you look washed out.
 Ha, I knew you wouldn't like it! You prefer your gorge to be high, isn't it?Slightly better shot. Though I like it that the low gorge creates an illusion of height, I'm not convinced about the overall silhouette. It's too blocky for my taste and perhaps a tad too short? Or maybe I'm just not used to DB yet...Obviously I have to let out the sleeves and exchange the buttons. It's definitely true blazer fabric (serge), but the buttons are too suitish, I think. 
 If you don't mind 2nd hand: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tie-ZADI-Made-Italy-silk-/221721699825?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item339fa4a5f1
Why not?
 Agreed, absolutely hate that phrase. 
 Ehmm, no, sorry man... I'm too attached to that tie (excuse the pun )
 I bought it quite a few years back, so I don't have a link and I don't even know if it's still available, TBH. I found a pic of me wearing it. As you can see the pattern is really small, maybe smaller than you're looking for? Anyway, micro pindot ties shouldn't be too hard to find, I guess.    Thanks!    Edit: @Caustic Man look: I've got my cuff buttons unbuttoned!
@bmwahba39 : this close enough?  
 This seems to be the question, indeed. I'd say certainly not fashion forward, but of course I want to avoid looking like an old man... From the comments so far, it seems acceptable. Now, I have to get used to it   Don, I think with a single breasted SC a low gorge is less desirable because of the downward pointing lines which leaves a sad and tired impression to my eyes. You don't have that with DB of course.FWIW, I think the lapels/gorges of the SC you posted are still...
 There's hardly any padding at all. Shoulders look rumply because the jacket has been packed in a box for 14 days. I'll try to take better pics when I have the time.Thanks for the feedback so far, gents!
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