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 Thanks, Pliny!  I wasn't so sure about these shoes, but I was afraid black would make it too sombre/severe. What would you suggest?
@BespokeKiwi that seems like a nice collection to start (over) with. But perhaps add some textural variety? OT, since you obviously have some history there, how do you view events in HK at the moment....?
Because it looks better.And Murl is right about grey suits, you know. You'll look fine in them as long as you provide ample contrast in your fit.
I usually agree with Murl, but in this case I don't. Ideally those trousers should be a bit shorter and the cuffs taller. 5cm or 2"
Happy Birthday, Sr. Crust!
Very nice, @TweedyProf!
Yup, also leave your shirt cuffs unbuttoned. I don't want to think about his trousers having a button fly or not.
Just get that PoW if you want it that badly and if it's a good deal. Plenty of time to get your staples.
The stripes are brown.That's because of all the navy blue you wear.
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