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 Really? How about the sky-high shirt collars of almost Karl Lagerfeld-like proportions, the very close fitting suits, the gargantuan wrist watches and the myriad of #menswear bracelets?Not exactly old-fart Italian industrialist CBD, if you ask me... But I agree with you, he sure does look good.
Grazie, Gianni!
Trying something different today...       Have a nice weekend, gents!
 I understand your annoyance, but can you please avoid quoting these posts. No offence, but it kinda beats the purpose of an ignore list. Edit: thanks for your editing
Very insightful, this. Thanks HF & AC2!
 LOL! However, if style can be considered as something more than just the clothes we wear (which it is, IMO), then your writing more than deserves to be included in the 20+ HOF thread, as an example for us all.
I still gave a thumbs up, would be fun to see that tie in the 20+ thread
 Thanks for the feedback! No need to be nice, I prefer straightforward ;-)I'll try to make better, frontal and side view pics. If it is indeed the front balance, is there anything that can be done to correct it?
I think Winkelmann's style is too polished and attention-grabbing to be considered Italian CBD, isn't it?
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