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 @lordsuperb 's criticism wasn't offensive. It's called humour. #unsolicitedlifelessons
 Cotechino con Lenticchie!  Happy New Year to all. You all look a lot more stylish than I did on New Year's Eve...
Luca wears his shoulders extended. Second pic shows a very pleasing balance of tie knot/shirt collar/jacket lapel proportions, IMO.
 These days I rarely show my knots in public. I believe you left out @Claghorn in your list. The master of the dimple.
This thread gives you that same pleasantly guilty feeling of watching porn in secret. Subscribed.
Congrats @jcmeyer!
 You did that on purpose to spite your fellow posters who have just been repeating for the umpteenth time the urgent request to spoiler pics, didn't you? 
That's because there's a body in it. Lapels are too narrow and the weird placement of the buttonhole would bother me.
Very elegant! That's a beautiful suit.
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