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Always like your outdoors pics, but this one beats all. You have my vote, Sir.
Would be a shame to spoiler. Great stuff!
What a load of politically correct bullshit. His posts are entertaining because his humour has an edge. People who are offended by what is obviously satire, shouldn't be on a forum for grown-ups.
Thanks for making my Monday morning start with a laugh!
As rare as the emperor showing his new clothes!
Now you know why the thread title is "Double Breasted Style"
New member@Brovsko (I hope he doesn't mind me using his pic here) has been posting some really nice low contrast stuff lately:
 Great stuff, my favourite poster at the moment. Great feel for colours, tastefully original. One minor nitpick: your tie knots leave something to be desired.
These brothers disagree:And so do I...
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