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^ In my experience check on check only works if all variables (colour, scale and preferably texture too) are as different as possible. The examples above fall short (the first one more so than the second) because the checks in the shirts pickup colours in the jackets. Well, YMMV etc.
 I don't believe it's real.
 That sounds like an interesting experiment. But, wow, $1K... You must really trust your alterations tailor! I hope it will turn out well for you and am looking forward to see the result here on WAYWRN.
 Why not get another one in a different cloth instead of embarking on an uncertain bespoke adventure? Or is it the fun of the bespoke process that's appealing to you?
 I used to have a midgrey fresco suit with light grey windowpanes. Quarter lined, perfect summer suit with the lighter greys. Fresco has that dry finish that you're looking for?I liked it a lot, but unfortunately so did the moths.... (@The Noodles that's why I understand your picnic attack from a few days ago. They also ate my favourite flannel suit )
  Why u no like high collars, Cleav? (Seriously, I do think it will suit you better...)
 Wow, great photo! And you haven't changed that much...
Cox, perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but if I were you I'd be looking for a tailor who's located conveniently nearby, assuming overall style, quality and price level to be acceptable. Given the physical idiosyncracies you describe, it seems likely you'll need multiple fittings and adjustments to get everything just right. I'd even be hesitant to try B&T through Incontro, though I have no doubt he'll be doing the best job he can. But in the end, your suit will be made far...
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