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@The_Foxx, it's been said before but since this is a particularly obvious example: your jackets are all too small. Especially around the shoulders and sleeves. That's what's causing these massive divots and it's messing up your shoulder line. On top of that, this jacket is also too short. It's a shame, because the quality of your stuff is all top notch.
So, what you're looking for is absolute top level quality and service for mid level prices? Hmm... A few loose threads and chalk marks are common, even from the best makers. Not an indication of cutting corners. Maybe your expectations are a bit unrealistic.
You don't even have to look at the label to know it's fake, because that stuff is f**king ugly and looks dirt cheap low quality. You can say many things about Kiton, but they don't make ugly shit.
 Tie is cashmere, actually. The direct sunlight makes it look a bit shiny.Lovely outfit today, mate! (Even though it looks even better with the Rubi)
  @Pliny the tie is from Bardelli, Milano.
 Ah yes, absolutely stunning. 
@Darkside nice shirt. Looked a bit dark in the first pic, so I was wondering how you'd wear a tie with that.  Some people say that cutaway collars and oxford cloth don't go together. I'm not one of them.
You like your pinstripes at a 45 degrees angle?
Don't fool yourself. You're not looking for quality in shoes, you're brand whoring. If you were looking for quality, you'd be looking for something else.All three pairs you showed are f***ing ugly and I bet you wouldn't give them a second look if they were from less famous brands.
New Posts  All Forums: