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 I think what makes a good tie knot really stand out is if it looks like it's just thrown on, without trying too hard.
@Claghorn ain't bad either.
I see, so to compensate for the lack of balls, he went for peaks, is that it?
Justin as much as I like your Ring jackets and the fabrics you choose, most of your fits could be improved with less satured shirts, imo.
I've heard of Tom Ford, but who is Tom Brady?
 What is experimental about them? They look beautifully proportioned to me.
 You obviously haven't paid attention
 Since the front and back meet the shoulder seam at differing angles, it's impossible to line up the patterns. Certainly not over the full length of the shoulder.
I don't believe in god (Edit: apparently it happened before http://www.voxsartoria.com/post/101685016098/well-i-have-this-tie-that-was-made-from-tibetan)
Congrats choc, very good. If it wasn't such a lame pun, I'd say you were head and shoulders above the rest.Clag's idea was all solids but no suits, iirc.
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