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Congrats, Murl!
Hmmm, starting to sound complicated.... Perhaps it's not such a good idea after all?
 I like that... and if the lights are dimmed enough and the wine flows abundantly, perhaps I can get away with that tie ;)
Definitely better. Now get that chair out of the way!
 I agree, everyone should be free to enter. Selecting teams randomly would be fairest, I think. And if perchance the level of two team members is very different, who knows, it may even lead to some useful coaching by the sharper dresser to the lesser god. Wishful thinking?
 So much for the timeless classics of menswear!
 That was indeed my reason for suggesting it. It's probably better to postpone this idea until we have more folks posting again, as you say.
I was thinking: let everyone who wants to enter register beforehand. Then, the teams are combined randomly. Might need more than one week, though....
 Looking great, man. Love the shoes!
New Posts  All Forums: