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Now this is superb!Thank you, you're too kind.
     Thank you, gentlemen.The donegal tie is from Moessmer, Northern Italy. Got it on Ebay for $7.00 Shirt was a little bit more expensive.... Close ups: 
Why? They're part of the fun.
I believe anything provided it sounds good enough.
LOL, you really believe that??
Very nice, Chris. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for all the feedback, gentlemen. I really appreciate it!
 Dankjewel Glad to see you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam.What do you think about the silhouette of the jacket, too short? Too blocky? With SB jackets/suits, I know exactly what look I'm aiming for and how to achieve that, but with DB I'm a complete n00b...
This. You guys had a deal with them, then they found an opportunity to sell full price and gave you some bullish*t that they 'thought you cancelled the order'? Why would you do that?I would never consider doing business with a company like that again. Nice ties can be had from many suppliers.
New Posts  All Forums: