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 Hong Kong ≠ Seoul... Or did I miss something? 
 Congrats! When will you start? I will be in Hong Kong next month  
 That one's off. Another little kid got in the way 
Don't worry, I don't find you attractive.
 Fighting online battles is @Mynjorn's thing: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/141389743
 I was always under the impression that it was Plinius Maior who said that.
 I recently have moved to slightly fuller cut trousers because I've become a fat old bastard. Unfortunately I think they are less aesthetically pleasing. There, that's my guess   Edit: @Coxsackie that's a great pic!
Our friend @SeamasterLux is in the news: https://twitter.com/PaulLuxSartoria/status/712186979614588928 Hope you're alright, Paul
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