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Those are really nice ties, jfrater. If you ever think "I have too many ties, I should get rid of a few", I'd be willing to help you out.
I think @in stitches point was, this thread was started by @EFV to post his photos of Pitti to share with us. And now it's been hijacked to complain about everything we don't like about Pitti and SF's coverage of it. Not very nice for the OP, maybe next time start a separate 'why I hate Pitti' thread...
Indeed it does, and you guys still haven't mastered the metric system. 171cm, 5cm cuffs for me.
 Thanks, man, that's really nice to hear!
   Agree with Ac2 that the 'general public' may not recognize the (to us) obvious menswear hobbyist signifiers like patch pockets, casual cuts or fabrics as such.For example, back in Holland it's happened to me more than once that someone (a teenage moron, usually) thought it was funny to call me 'waiter', while wearing a navy pinstripe suit. Most people just seem to think "tailored clothing  = formal, or at least professional clothing", i.e. not something that you choose...
 And don't forget Le conseguenze dell' amore, where he doesn't look to shabby either...    
 This. As already noted I do like them a lot and find that they're actually quite easy to combine. Of course, instead of a neutral canvas your shirt becomes a focus of attention, so adjust the rest of the outfit accordingly. And you're done.  (BTW, I LOL-ed at "Then there's pindot, paisley, and other p-words that require more cool than I have managed to accumulate.")
 Just kidding, buddy. On the contrary, interesting discussion this.
Looks like you're ready for the next level already!
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