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 TBH, I don't like either of them. I'd say, follow mimo's advice. Also, I would be wary of buying ties to pair with a specific suit. You shouldn't think in set combos, but buy nice, versatile ties that you can combine at will.
Great fit, Noodles! And gorgeous lapel roll. Of course a suit with such voluptuous curves and 'personality' can never be worn in a CBD environment.
No urgency to spoiler. I have no problem seeing your pics again, @Cleav...
Very nice, @JHT652! I like single monks so much more than doubles.
 No, this thread can be...
I don't like shantungs because they look unfinished. I know,that's probably the point. But to me it is like this sentence, it just feels
@The Noodles, I'd say you need more textual variety. Grenadine grossa, knits and learn to appreciate wool,linen etc. Personally, I don't care for shantung, but YMMV.
This thread makes me feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, or if I were in a more elitist mood I'd say it reminds me of Nietschze's concept of die ewige Wiederkehr des Gleichen
 LOL @ the @Gerry Nelson versions Love your all blue fit, not so keen on the grey one. I don't like stripes that are set so close, but that's probably just personal preference.
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